18 Hot Tub Lighting Ideas

Hot tubs are one of the most luxurious outdoor amenities that a homeowner can purchase. They increase the value of your home and provide an excellent spot to relax and entertain friends, family, and neighbors. But what really makes hot tubs stand out is their unique aesthetic, which has been carefully crafted for comfort and beauty.

Hot Tub Lighting Ideas

The key to creating this special atmosphere is lighting – it adds character and provides just enough sparkle to make your hot tub look like a tropical paradise! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some great hot tub lighting ideas that you can use to bring warmth, sophistication, and style into your outdoor space.

Why Should You Use Lights on A Hot Tub?

Installing lights in your hot tub not only makes it easier to find your way through the steamy mist but can also provide an aura of relaxation and a calming ambiance. Lights come in various shapes and sizes and can even be made to change colors to reflect different moods or times of the day.

Having lights around a hot tub is especially important after dark or during winter when days are shorter. Letting your guests know where the steps are for entering and exiting the tub and providing gentle illumination for romance will surely make your experience extra special.

Lights also enhance safety by lightening any potential fall hazards from frolicking in and around water.

18 Hot Tub Lighting Ideas

1. LED String Lights

LED string lights are an exciting, cost-effective way to bring light and atmosphere to any space. From romantic backyards to festive hot tub lighting for a party, these flashy and flexible lights are easy to install and look great. Hot tub lighting is one of the most popular uses for LED strings because they create dramatic shimmering effects in the water.

LED String Lights

You can get them in any color or brightness level, so there’s an option that fits every need. Plus, if you don’t want them up all the time, you can simply remove them when not in use!

People love using LED string lights for their energy efficiency – they save money on electricity bills and last longer than traditional candle lighting. So, give your outdoor area a makeover and add some LED string lights — trust us, your guests will thank you!

2. Fiber Optic Lighting

Hot tub lighting can be a challenge to install, but fiber optic lighting offers a solution that sounds intimidating but is quite simple. Fiber optics are comprised of thin strands of glass, each about the size of a human hair, that carry light for lighting effects in both residential and commercial environments.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Hot tubs used to require large electric wiring boxes and outlets to support their lights; now, they can be powered with just one single cable created with multiple strands of these tiny fibers bundled together.

Most newer hot tubs come prepared with holes preset along their side panels specifically intended for this new lighting system, making installation of these lights a breeze.

Hot Tub owners looking for seamless aesthetics and efficient maintenance can gladly rejoice at the innovation brought by fiber optic solutions since it requires very little effort to upgrade an existing light setup or add on additional lighting.

3. Underwater Lighting

Hot tub lighting is a great way to add some ambiance to your underwater oasis. Hot tubs are an excellent place to relax after a long day, and adding beautiful, colorful lights to the bottom of your hot tub adds to the overall visual experience.

Underwater Lighting

Hot tub lights can be installed nearly anywhere and offer up a range of vibrant colors that help set the mood while you soak away all your troubles. Hot Tub lighting technology has improved dramatically over the years and now offers IP-rated systems that do not need complex wiring and provide LED bulbs that will last much longer than standard bulbs.

Hot Tub lighting makes for a great addition to any outdoor space as it adds that touch of sophistication and makes it more visually stimulating in the evening.

4. Floating Lights

Hot tub lighting can transform your outdoor space into a delightful oasis. With floating lights in your hot tub, you can enjoy an illuminated area’s convenience without adding any extra cords or electricity. Not only are they designed to be appealing and inviting, but these lights also provide gentle illumination that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Floating Lights

From starbursts to floating discs, Hot Tub Lights come in several sizes and colors to match whatever look you’re going for. So whether you want to spark white light or a soft colored glow, Hot Tub Lighting is the perfect way to create stunning visuals for your outdoor party or relax in your backyard’s natural beauty.

5. Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights are a great way to improve the ambiance of any outdoor living space. Hot tub lighting is made easy with these lights, which allow you to set the perfect mood for soaking in your hot tub. Never worry about leaving a light on all night again!

Solar Path Lights require no electricity or wiring; they use their own battery that is solar powered and recharged by the sun during the day, so it shines at night whether you’re there or not.

Solar Path Lights

Plus, they’re weather-resistant and will last longer than traditional bulbs – providing years of beautiful lighting in virtually any setting. So make a statement and take your outdoor experience to the next level with Solar Path Lights.

6. Color Changing Lights

Hot tub lighting has recently become even more exciting with the advent of color-changing bulbs. As a result, hot tub lights no longer have to be a simple, dull white and can be customized to fit any scene or mood.

Whether it’s a relaxing dip beneath vibrant shades of blue or an invigorating jump into a splash of red and yellow, color-changing hot tub lights can help you create an atmosphere that is out of this world.

Color Changing Lights

With multiple settings and the ability to switch up the colors at any time, these lights add an extra layer of luxury and comfort to your hot tub experience that cannot be replicated. Just imagine how alluring a night soak will be with color-changing lights shimmering all around!

7. Spotlights and Recessed Lighting

Hot tub lighting is an important, albeit often overlooked, part of hot tub decor. Spotlights and recessed lighting can be an easy way to create ambiance and make your hot tub stand out from the crowd. Hot tub decor gems can be highlighted with strategically placed spotlights for a touch of sparkle that friends and family will surely admire.

Spotlights and Recessed Lighting

And for more subdued atmospheres, recessed lighting allows you to enjoy your hot tub without the bright glare of traditional bulbs or LEDs. Whether you’re having a casual gathering or hosting a romantic evening, spotlights and recessed lighting are a great addition to any hot tub experience.

8. Hang String Lights Over the Hot Tub

Lighting up your hot tub area is a great way to create an inviting and calming atmosphere. Hanging string lights around it is a unique and clever idea that will make your spa time even more special.

Hang String Lights Over the Hot Tub

Soft yet vibrant, these tiny twinkling bulbs can add a touch of charm and character to any outdoor space. The possibilities are endless, from a romantic ambiance for couples to beautiful backdrops for pictures.

Whether alone or with the company, adding string lights will surely spark conversations with special memories and stories shared in an exceptional setting.

9. Lanterns on a Post or Shepherds Hooks

Hot tub lighting is a great way to set the mood while enjoying your outdoor hot tub or spa. Lanterns on posts or shepherd hooks provide both an effective and beautiful solution. Adding beautiful lanterns can create visuals around your spa, providing a gentle and graceful atmosphere.

Lanterns on a Post or Shepherds Hooks

Illuminating your outdoor hot tub with lanterns can help provide a sense of safety, allowing you to feel more secure when using it during night hours. Additionally, hanging lanterns on posts or shepherd hooks adds a touch of charm to the area that can be enjoyed day or night.

10. Fire Pit Illumination Station

Hot tub lighting is an important part of the ambiance for many homeowners. But what about those looking to add a little magic and mystery to their fire pit? With Fire Pit Illumination Station, you can choose from various stylish and safe LED lighting fixtures specifically made for your fire pit.

Fire Pit Illumination Station

Whether you prefer soft illumination or bolder colors, you can customize the perfect environment to show off your backyard oasis. And with the energy-efficient design, your electric bill will thank you too!

11. Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are a fantastic way to add a little bit of ambiance and romance to any setting. Hot tub lighting is no exception- these beautiful candles are the perfect addition to your hot tub escape.

Whether you’re cuddling up with your special someone or just enjoying the night sky by your lonesome, pillar candles make the perfect accessory for lighting up the evening.

Pillar Candles

Compared to traditional forms of lighting, pillar candles also provide a warmer light that helps set the mood for an even more relaxing experience. So next time you embark on an outdoor spa session, don’t forget to bring along some pillar candles to enhance your stay!

12. Stained Glass Lamps

Hot tub lighting options are plentiful nowadays, but none provide the charm and allure of a stained glass lamp. Placed gently in and around the water, these exquisite lamps bring a touch of class to your hot tub experience while beautifully illuminating the area.

Stained Glass Lamps

Stained glass lamps create an ethereal atmosphere with their brilliantly colored glass panes and distinctive shapes. Hot tub users can customize this unique lighting by adding nuances of color traced upon the lenses that blend and match any existing décor in your outdoor living space.

Jazz up any night swim by adding a different kind of light to your hot tub – one that is guaranteed to brighten up even the gloomiest summer evening.

13. LED Light Strips

LED light strips can make a modern, relaxing atmosphere for any home. Hot tubs are one area in particular that can benefit from LED light strips. Imagine ending your day soaking in a hot tub illuminated with cool and calming colorful lights.

LED Light Strips

Hot tub lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to take your backyard relaxation spot to the next level, with no setup required! LEDs are renowned for their energy efficiency, meaning they won’t send your power bill through the roof.

It’s not hard to see why LED hot tub lighting has become increasingly popular – it adds inviting illumination without having to break out some electrical tools or wires.

14. Wall-Mounted Sconces

Hot tub lighting often doesn’t get the attention it deserves, but wall-mounted sconces can help make it a focal point of the backyard. Not only do they provide the needed light for an outdoor late-night soak, but they also add elegance and charm to any hot tub area.

Wall-Mounted Sconces

With so many attractive styles and finishes available, you can easily find sconces that match your existing furniture and decorations. Plus, with their durable materials, you can relax knowing your light fixtures will last for many warm nights in the hot tub by your side.

15. Candle Votives

Candle votives are the perfect way to add ambiance and elegance to any space. For Hot Tub Lighting, dip votives in a waterproof medium such as paint or wax before using them around wet areas. These votives create a beautiful glow that will make Hot Tub Lighting a valuable design choice.

Candle Votives

With various sizes and endless colors, you can customize just how much light you want for Hot Tub Lighting, as well as match with existing decor aesthetic in the area.

They also provide a safe alternative for outdoor Hot Tub Lighting in areas without electricity or outlets nearby. Add some style to your Hot Tub this summer with candle votives!

16. Flickering Flame Bulbs

Hot tub lighting is a popular outdoor feature that many homeowners love. Hot tubs are equipped with special flickering flame bulbs that enhance the atmosphere of any backyard setting.

Flickering Flame Bulbs

The bulbs provide ambient and charming lighting, creating an inviting space for individuals to relax or socialize. Hot tubs illuminated by these incredible flame bulbs have become a staple in backyards across the nation, elevating their comfort and style beyond the ordinary.

Flickering flame bulbs offer a unique and impressive addition to any hot tub for those wanting to experience something extra special in their own backyard oasis.

17. Hot Tub Lights on the Steps or Seats

Hot tub lighting can easily elevate your backyard hot tub experience, making it feel like a real oasis. Hot tub lights come in various styles, including lights placed on the steps or seats of the hot tub.

Hot Tub Lights on the Steps or Seats

Installing these types of lights ensures that the water is illuminated with a soft glow and makes it convenient for you to move around without losing your footing. Hot tub lighting has never been easier, and with the right type of light installation, you’ll make your hot tub look up-to-date and more stylish than ever before.

18. Brightly Colored Umbrella

Hot tub lighting can be an important part of any backyard get-together. In particular, brightly colored umbrellas provide a fun and inviting atmosphere for people to relax and socialize around the hot tub.

Brightly Colored Umbrella

The bright colors create a cheery atmosphere that can transport you out of your home and into an exotic paradise. Imagine laying in a hot tub with floating umbrella handles and the water glowing in pinks, purples, blues, greens, and yellows.

A tranquil night sky frames all the vibrancy of the color spectrum over your head. Hot tub owners agree: it’s worth it to add brightly colored umbrellas to your spa to enjoy a truly unique experience.

That’s it! You’ve now learned some hot tub lighting ideas that you can use to give your hot tub area a fresh, modern look.

Whether you choose wall-mounted sconces, candle votives, flickering flame bulbs, hot tub lights on the steps or seats, or brightly colored umbrellas to create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury, hot tub lighting has never been more stylish. So start planning your hot tub lighting today!  

Things You Need to Know Before Using Lights on A Hot Tub

Hot tub lighting can turn a regular soak into a special occasion. So whether you’re looking for an atmosphere for a romantic evening or some fun with friends, the right lights will create the ambiance you want.

Before purchasing and installing any sort of hot tub lights, it is important to understand the safety risks involved and be sure that you have the correct equipment to withstand a significant amount of moisture.

Talk with your hot tub installer to get advice about the types of materials for the light enclosure and whether additional wiring might be necessary. Hot tub lighting has come a long way in recent years, so rest assured that you can add some glitz to your soak without endangering yourself or your equipment – as long as you know what safety precautions need to take place.

Benefits of Using Lights on A Hot Tub

Hot tub lighting can be the perfect addition to any hot tub experience. Hot tub lighting provides a relaxing atmosphere for users and can also help enhance safety by providing added visibility to areas of the hot tub that might otherwise be difficult to see at night.

Hot tub lights come in multiple styles and colors and can either be placed inside or outside of the hot tub. Hot tub lights add a unique ambiance that makes soaking in your hot tub even more enjoyable and illuminates your underwater seating area for social gatherings or simple relaxation.

Provides a Relaxing Atmosphere

Hot tub lighting is easy to install and can often last up to 20 years with proper care, making it an excellent long-term investment in your home’s fun and enjoyment.


Hot Tub lighting doesn’t have to be boring—there are plenty of creative ways to make sure yours stands out from the crowd! From simple LED string lights to dramatic underwater fixtures, there’s something out there for everyone’s taste and budget.

With careful planning and research, you’ll find the perfect combination of lights that will take your hot tub experience up a notch! So get creative with your lighting and discover how truly special your outdoor space can become! Thanks for reading our post about hot tub lighting ideas.

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