How to Adjust Led Projector Headlights

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your car’s headlights? Many drivers are opting for projector headlights because they offer more light and visibility on the road.

The headlights on your car are responsible for illuminating the road ahead and preventing potential accidents.


However, if the light is too far up, you may blind other drivers and cause accidents, which is why it’s essential to adjust your headlights so that they are at a comfortable level.

When these headlights become dim, it is important to adjust them or replace them with new ones. We’ll show you how to adjust led projector headlights so that they work better in any situation! 

How Led Projector Headlights Work?

Led projector headlights are easily adjusted. If your car didn’t come equipped with them, you can buy led projector headlight kits reasonably at a lower price today.

Their primary function is to eliminate the blinding lights that we sometimes see on vehicles by allowing drivers and their passengers to control the brightness of their vehicle’s light beams.

The beam is not focused in one place. Instead, it is spread out in a fan-shaped formation that allows you to see the road ahead of you.


That also means that other vehicles don’t get blinded by your headlights as some drivers come from the opposite side directly towards you.

In addition, the driver can customize the beams and adapt them to different lighting situations on the road.

Five Benefits of Using Led Projector Headlights

1. The light beam’s shape can be adjusted, providing you with a clearer view of the road (more profound and broader).

2. They offer greater visibility because they provide high-intensity illumination.

3. Led headlights have a higher lifespan than halogen bulbs. Which means that you’ll have to change them less frequently.

4. Their bright glare helps improve your safety when driving at night.

5. Engineered to last, these headlights are warrantied for up to 5 years (some even longer).

Because led headlights have so many benefits, it’s important that you find out how to adjust them correctly to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Step by Step Guide: How to Adjust Led Projector Headlights 

Step 1: Turn off the Headlights

If your headlights are already malfunctioning, turn them off and prepare to adjust the lights. Remove all the screws that hold the headlight in place, and pop out projector the headlights from their casing.

You might want to wear gloves for protection while handling such bulbs because they can get extremely hot when turned on.

Step 2: Open the Hood of Your Vehicle

Then, you’ll have to get inside the car and look at them from the front. The hood needs to be opened before adjusting your projector headlight so that you can access them easily without having any problems.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Headlights with a Screwdriver

To adjust your headlights with a screwdriver, turn the bulb socket counterclockwise, then slightly bend the metal tabs to expose it.


Next, use a screwdriver to gently nudge the bulb into one place and turn in a clockwise direction until you hear it click.

Finally, when your projector headlight is in its proper position, pop it back into its casing in reverse order as you have taken them out!

Step 4: Inspect the Headlights

To make sure your projector headlights are correctly aligned, we recommend taking a test drive at night so that you can check to see whether or not they’re working!

Also, you may want to double-check in different lighting conditions because some colors affect the intensity of your lights. Finally, if you notice any problems with your headlights, adjust them again until they’re just right!

Step 5: Repeat for the Other Headlight

If you have two projector headlights on your vehicle, it’s essential to perform this step to ensure that both lights are correctly adjusted.

You can do that by keeping them aligned. It will protect your vehicle from any potential issues with visibility and safety during nighttime driving.

7 Tips to Get Higher Beam From Your Headlight 

1. When removing bulbs, make sure to remove the rubber grommets under the headlights before unscrewing the bulb.

When installing new ones, it is important to give light and not cause dark spots on your led headlight.

2. You need to install a 60 watt 6000K HID Xenon White Ballast resistor for each bulb. Modify for proper wattage and voltage your led headlight bulbs as needed.

3. The way to mount the headlights up is to get it at a right angle (not 90 degrees) so that light is also deflected downwards in front of your car and not blinding oncoming vehicles and vice versa.


4. Viewing the angle of your headlights. Most people don’t realize that the more off-center the light is, or the part of the led headlight projector you are looking at, the lower the beam you will get. So make sure to do mounting for proper viewing angle.

5. Save money by making a hid kit yourself. You can save about 50% of the cost this way.

6. The best-led headlights for your car come down to a few components, including led headlight kits, ballasts, and bulbs.

There are many different sizes and options, but they all fall into these general categories. This makes it difficult to find which products will work for you if you’re new to installing a led headlight kit.

7. If you want a straightforward install that offers the most bang for your buck, go with hid projector retrofit headlights.

These headlights will come with everything needed to install them on any car and give maximum beam projection while being cost-effective.

Final Word

This post has given you a few guidelines on how to adjust led projector headlights for the best viewing experience.

As you can see, adjusting your headlights is a simple task. You only need to remember when changing the lights on your car they should be aligned with each other and not too close or far away from one another.

Once adjusted correctly, these new lights will start to provide better visibility for you while driving at night.

With this information above, it will be easier to make sure that both the drivers and pedestrians can see what’s in front of them during their travels at night.

Whether you need help with installation or want some guidance on adjusting the settings for optimal visibility, feel free to leave a comment below!

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