How to Change Light in Inflatable Decorations

Do you ever see those unique inflatable decorations used to cover and decorate anything from furniture to buildings? Inflatable decorations are a great way to add pizzazz and life to any event or room. We all love them, but how do you change the light that glows within these incredible decorations? Whether it’s for a holiday event or just making your home a little more special, changing the light inside an inflatable decoration is easy.

How to Change Light in Inflatable Decorations

With their unique shapes and festive designs, these decorations can turn an ordinary space into a fun one! They are also incredibly easy and affordable to use—so even for those on a budget, they’re ideal. But what if you want something different? What if you want to change the light in your inflatable decorations? Read on below as we discuss how this is possible with just some simple tools and instructions. We’ll show you how in this blog post with our step-by-step guide on how to change light in inflatable decorations for updating your own LED lighting display in no time!

Things to Consider While Changing Light in Inflatable Decorations

Before starting to change the light in inflatable decorations, there are a few things to consider.

1. Indoor Use

First, be sure that the lights you are using are safe for indoor use. While some may be rated for outdoor use, it’s best to double-check—especially if your decor is near an electrical outlet or under any sort of roofing material.

2. Power Sources

Second, consider the power source for your lights. Some inflatable decorations come with their own batteries or direct current plugs to be used as a power source, while many others require a separate adapter and/or transformer in order to function properly. Be sure you know what type of power supply is necessary for your particular light source.

3. Bulb Types

Finally, be sure you know what type of bulb your inflatable decoration requires before you begin changing them out. Different types of bulbs will require different power sources and wattages, so be sure to properly research the correct bulb for your particular light source.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you’re ready to begin changing the light in your inflatable decorations!

Required Items for Changing Lights in Inflatable Decorations

Different Types of Bulbs Will Require Different Power

In order to change the light in your inflatable decorations, you will need a few items.

  • A screwdriver (for most models) or a small pry bar (for more complex ones).
  • The correct type of bulb and wattage are needed for your particular light source.
  • A ladder and/or step stool, depending on the height of your decorations.
  • Wire cutters (if needed to remove any existing wires).
  • Electrical tape (for reattaching any exposed wires).

Instructions for Changing Light in Inflatable Decorations

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5 Ways How to Change Light in Inflatable Decorations

1. Unplug and Disconnect

First, disconnect any power sources or batteries that are connected to your inflatable decoration. Make sure all of the connections are secure before continuing on to the next step. Also, be sure to unplug any power sources that are connected to the decoration.

2. Remove Old Bulb or Light Fixture

Using a screwdriver (for most basic models) or a small pry bar (for more complex ones), remove the old bulb or light fixture from the inflatable decoration. Once removed, discard it properly. Old bulb fixtures and bulbs should never be reused.

3. Insert New Bulb or Light Fixture

Carefully insert the new bulb or light fixture into the decoration, making sure all connections are secure before powering it on. Be sure to use the correct type of bulb and wattage for your particular light source. If you happen to accidentally break off any wires, be sure to use electrical tape to reattach them.

4. Plug In and Turn On

Now that the new bulb or light fixture is in place plug it in and turn it on! If the lights are still not working properly, check all of your connections one more time for any loose wires or plugs that may need to be reattached.

Carefully Insert the New Bulb or Light Fixture

5. Enjoy the Light Show!

Now that everything is in working order sit back and enjoy the light show! With just a few simple tools and instructions, you’ve successfully changed the light in your inflatable decorations with ease. Congratulations on taking control of your own LED lighting display!

It’s that simple! By following these steps, you can now change the light in any of your inflatable decorations with ease. Whether it be for a special celebration or just to add a bit of extra flair to your decor, LED lighting is a great way to enjoy any space. So go ahead and get creative—your possibilities are endless!

7 Safety Measures to Follow

Inflatable decorations often require a light to be changed at some point. This process requires certain safety measures to ensure the safe replacement of the light. Below are seven safety measures to consider when changing lights in inflatable decorations:

1. Unplug the power cord. Always make sure to unplug the power cord before changing the light. This will prevent any electrical shocks or other potential hazards. The power cord should be disconnected from both the inflatable and the power outlet.

2. Wear protective gear. This includes wearing non-flammable gloves, a pair of safety goggles, and insulated shoes. This will protect you from potential electrical shocks or injuries caused by broken glass or sharp edges.

3. Inspect the light fixture carefully before beginning to change the light. Inspect both the interior and exterior of the light fixture for any potential safety hazards, including frayed wires, exposed or faulty electrical components, broken glass, etc.

4. Use a light bulb holder if possible. If available, use a purpose-made light bulb holder when changing the bulb in order to ensure that the electrical contacts are held in place and not exposed to potential hazards.

5. Make sure the wattage of the new light bulb is appropriate for the inflatable decoration. Read and understand all safety instructions on the packaging before purchasing any light bulb replacements, as using an incompatible wattage can damage your inflatable decoration or cause a fire hazard.

6. Secure the light bulb firmly in place. Make sure that the new light bulb is securely fastened in its socket before plugging the power cord back into an outlet.

Use a Tested and Certified Electrical Source

7. Use a tested and certified electrical source when using inflatable decorations with lights. Always use a tested and certified electrical source (such as a safety-tested power strip) when operating inflatable decorations with lights, as this will help ensure that the electrical current is stable and consistent.

By following these seven safety measures, you can replace the light in your inflatable decoration safely and without incident. If you have any doubts or questions about how to change the light in your inflatable decoration, contact a professional for further advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take to Finish the Project?

The time it takes to complete a project is largely dependent on the complexity of the inflatable decoration and the type of light you are using. Generally, changing out lights in an inflatable decoration can take between 15 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the skill level of the individual doing the work. If you have any doubts about your ability to change out lights, it is best to seek the help of a professional.

What Types of Lights Are Typically Used in Inflatable Decorations?

Inflatables typically come with standard incandescent or LED bulbs that are easy to change. It is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations when selecting a new bulb for your inflatable, as some types of lights may not be compatible with the inflatable’s material.

What Are Some Other Tips for Changing Lights in Inflatable Decorations?

When swapping out lights, it is important to remember to unplug the power source before beginning work and use caution when handling electrical components. Additionally, it is important to wear protective eyewear and gloves, as some fittings can be sharp. It is also wise to check the bulbs for any signs of damage before installation.

Unplug the Power Source Before Beginning Work


To wrap things up, changing lights in your inflatable decorations is a relatively easy process. All you need to do is remember to keep your incandescent bulb away from the fan and make sure to go through the setup steps one by one for a seamless installation. When done properly, this can add a whole new level of sparkle and sparkling energy to your display that will leave your guests in awe and admiration.

Furthermore, mending or replacing old bulbs when needed will help ensure that you have the lighting and decorations of your dreams, no matter how much time passes or how many storms you must endure. So no matter what type of decoration you choose for your outdoor living space, you’ll be able to breathe life into it with suitable lighting changes. With these tips on how to change light in inflatable decorations in mind, why not give it a try and step up your home décor game? Then there’s nothing left but to arrange it perfectly and make it an even more beautiful craft item worthy of party-goers’ attention!

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