How to Connect Daybetter Led Lights to App

Having your Daybetter LED lights connected to an app provides many advantages. You can control the lighting from anywhere, create schedules and scenes, dim the lights or turn them off remotely, and even group multiple devices for synchronization. With just a few steps, you can easily set up your Daybetter LED lights with an app to enjoy endless convenience and comfort.

How to Connect Daybetter Led Lights to App

Connecting your Daybetter LED lights to the App provides a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows you to adjust the brightness and color temperature of your lighting from anywhere in your home. You can also create pre-set scenes with lighting that changes gradually or turn off all lights at once when you are away from home. Additionally, connecting your lights to the App allows you to save energy and money by automatically scheduling when your lights turn on or off. In this blog post, You will learn in detail how to connect daybetter led lights to app.

Step by Step Processes for How to Connect Daybetter Led Lights to App

Step 1: Inspect and Familiarize

Take some time to inspect the Daybetter LED lights. Determine which light fixtures you want to connect and make sure that they’re compatible with the app.  Before continuing, make sure you understand the features and functions available for each fixture.

Take some time to inspect the Daybetter LED lights

Step 2: Install the Day better App

Download the app from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your device. The app allows you to easily control, adjust, and customize all of your LED lights. After downloading, open up the app and create an account.

Step 3: Connect the Lights to a Wi-Fi network

In order to control your Daybetter LED lights using the app, they must first be connected to a Wi-Fi network. First, make sure that your router is activated and in reach of all of the fixtures you plan on connecting. Then, power on the lights and begin the connection process.

Step 4: Select your Light Fixtures

Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can now select which fixtures you want to connect. On the app interface, select the ‘lights’ icon and choose each light you wish to control. Make sure all of the fixtures are selected before moving on.

connected to a Wi-Fi network

Step 5: Assign Each Light a Name and Room

Once you have chosen which lights to connect, you can assign each one a name and a room based on where it is located in your home. This makes it easier to manage all of the connected fixtures through the app interface. Using the app, you can now adjust each light fixture’s brightness and color settings. To do so, select the ‘brightness and color’ icon located on the app home page. From here, you can customize individual lights or rooms with the desired settings.

Step 6: Set Up Timers and Schedules

You can also create timers and schedules for each light fixture to turn them on or off at designated times. To do this, select the ‘timer’ icon on the app’s home page and configure your desired settings. You can also add connected devices to your app interface to control multiple lights simultaneously. This is helpful for scenarios like setting holiday decorations or adding a dimmer switch. To do this, select the ‘add device’ icon and follow the instructions provided.

Step 7: Create Scenes

You can create ‘scenes’, which are pre-set lighting configurations. For example, you can set up a reading scene that dims the lights to a comfortable brightness for nighttime reading. To do this, select the ‘scene’ icon and name your desired scene before setting up its configurations.

You can now enjoy controlling your Daybetter LED lights using the app. Take some time to explore the features and customize your connected lights however you like. With a few simple steps, you will be able to create an immersive lighting experience in no time.

Safety Precautions for How to Connect Daybetter Led Lights to App

  1. Before connecting Daybetter Led Lights to the App, make sure that all circuit breakers are off and no power is running through the lights.
  2. It is important to read through the user manual before attempting to connect the LED lights to the app. Familiarizing yourself with how to use it properly will prevent any surprises.
  3. Check your LED lights for any damage or signs of wear and tear before connecting them to the app. Make sure that all screws and bolts are securely fastened.
  4. When installing, make sure that the area is free from objects that could obstruct or interfere with the signal when in operation.
  5. Do not exceed the wattage limits of the Daybetter LED lights when connecting to the app. Doing so may cause a fire hazard.
  6. Ensure all connections are secure and tight before switching on the power for your LED lights.
  7. Do not overload circuits or connect too many devices in one outlet as it could cause a short circuit or power failure.
  8. It is important to regularly check if the LED lights are functioning properly and that there have been no settings or connection status changes. Make sure to take extra care and caution when doing so.
Ensure all connections are secure

It is important to ensure safety precautions are taken when connecting Daybetter Led Lights to an App. Doing so will help prevent any unpleasant surprises and avoid any potential risks, ensuring that your experience with the lights is positive.

What Other Features Does the Daybetter Led Light App Offer? 

The Daybetter Led Light App offers a range of features to allow you to make the most out of your lighting setup. You can adjust brightness, color temperature, and more with just a few taps. The app also has a scheduling feature so you can set specific times for lights to turn on and off and manual overrides if needed. You can even create groups to manage multiple lights at once easily.

Daybetter is also compatible with most major voice assistants, so you can control your lights using Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit. With the Daybetter Led Light App, you have full control over your lighting setup from the convenience of your phone. Now that you know how to connect Daybetter Led Lights to the app, why not take advantage of all these great features? You’ll be sure to enjoy having full control over your lighting setup with just a few taps.

How Can You Monitor and Track Power Consumption for Your Led Lighting Setup With the App?

The Daybetter Led Lights App gives you the power to monitor and track your LED lighting setup’s power consumption. With this feature, you’ll be able to identify how much energy is being used by each of your LED lights while they are in operation. This data can help inform decisions on when to adjust individual lights or turn them off if their power consumption is too high. You’ll need to connect your LED lighting system to the app to get started. This can be done by setting up a Wi-Fi network and using it to link the lights with the app.

Once connected, you’ll be able to view real-time data about how much power each of your lights is using. You’ll be able to use this information better to manage the energy consumption of your LED lighting setup and make more informed decisions when it comes to turning lights on or off. The Daybetter Led Lights App also features a number of other features that can help you maximize the efficiency of your LED lighting setup. With the app, you can easily schedule when each light should be turned on and off; adjust brightness levels; set timers for lights to turn on or off at a certain time, and create custom scenes with different settings for various areas of your home.

you’ll be able to view real-time data

Do You Need to Purchase Any Additional Hardware or Components in Order to Control Your Led Lights With the App? 

No, you do not need to purchase additional hardware or components to control your Daybetter Led Lights with the App. The Daybetter Smart LED Light Strips are already supplied with the necessary Bluetooth technology and software to connect them to the App. All you have to do is install the Daybetter LED app on your smartphone device, and you will be able to control your lights through the app.

You may need additional accessories or components if you are planning on doing more complex tasks, such as creating custom scenes with multiple color options or connecting the lights to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. For those scenarios, you will need additional devices and components in order to achieve the desired effect. However, if you are looking for more complex features and effects, you may need additional accessories or components depending on the customization you wish to do.


In conclusion,  connecting your Daybetter led lights to the app is easy and straightforward. All you need is a compatible smartphone, the Daybetter app installed on it, and a few minutes of your time. With just a few clicks, you can control your lighting from anywhere with your phone. From setting schedules for when you want a certain light to come on or off to dimming or brightening the brightness of a light, it’s all possible with Daybetter. I hope reading this post has helped you learn how to connect daybetter led lights to app. Make sure the safety precautions are carried out in the order listed.

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