How to Connect Geeni Light

Are you looking for an easy, affordable way to brighten your home? Do you want to add a modern touch of style or perhaps create a relaxing atmosphere? With Geeni light, connecting lights that can be used to cover or decorate any item in your home are easier than ever. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, lengths, and brightnesses – no matter which looks you’re going for! 

How to Connect Geeni Light

Geeni is a great way to add some color, brightness, and vibrancy to any room. You can use it as an accent light or fully integrate it into your existing décor.

This blog post will show you how to connect geeni light. Whether you want to use your light as a centerpiece for your room or decorate another item, such as furniture or art pieces – you can easily do so with this wonderful product!

What are the Use Cases for Geeni Light?

Geeni light has many uses. It can be used to highlight artwork, furniture, and other objects in your home or office. You can use it to create a more modern look and even add some ambiance to the room.

It is also great for illuminating dark areas, such as hallways and staircases. You can also use it to create a special atmosphere for parties and other even;ts, to bring life into any environment.

Another use of geeni light is to connect it to other devices. You can use it to control your music, adjust the temperature in your home or office, and even monitor how much energy you are using.

What Will You Need?

To connect geeni light, you will need the following items:

  1. Geeni Connected Smart LED
  2. Wi-Fi Router
  3. Power outlet or adapter
  4. Smartphone with internet connection

Once you have all your items, you’re ready to go!

10 Easy Steps on How to Connect Geeni Light

Step 1. Plug in the Light:

Start by plugging in the Geeni connected smart LED in an outlet near your router. You can also use a power adapter if the outlet is not close enough. If you plan to use the light outdoors, you should use a weatherproof adapter. Because the light runs on Wi-Fi, ensure you are within range of your router.

Use a Power Adapter

Step 2. Download the Geeni App:

Download the Geeni app on your mobile device. This will allow you to control and customize your lights and check how much energy you are using. You can find it easily in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 3. Connect to Wi-Fi Network:

Open up the Geeni app and click “Connect”. Choose your home network from the list of available networks and enter your password when prompted. Once connected, you’ll see a confirmation message on the screen indicating that your light is now ready for use!

Step 4. Discover Devices:

Within the app, select “Discover Device,” which will search for any compatible devices nearby – in this case, your Geeni light. Once the device is discovered, you will see a list of devices available for connection. Be careful to select the correct device.

Step 5. Choose Your Light:

Select your light from the list and tap “Connect” to pair it with your Wi-Fi network. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process, which should take less than two minutes. If successful, you will receive confirmation that your light is connected.

Step 6. Name Your Light:

Once the connection is established, you can name your light. This will make it easier to identify which lights are connected to your network. Additionally, you can also assign it to a room or specific area within your home.

Step 7. Start Customizing:

Once you have named and assigned the light, you can now begin customizing how it works. You can dim it, change its color, and even set up schedules for when the light will turn on and off automatically. When you are done, you’ll have a custom lighting system that works how you want it!

Step 8. Connect Your Smart Home Devices:

From the Geeni app, you can also connect and control any other smart home devices, such as thermostats, speakers, and security cameras, that are compatible with the Geeni system. This allows you to automate your home or office space with ease fully! Ensure that all devices are within range of the router for optimal performance.

Control Any Other Smart Home Devices

Step 9. Create Scenes:

You can now create scenes that allow you to control multiple lights or devices at once. This is great for setting the perfect atmosphere for a party or gathering. You can also create custom scenes that you can save and activate with just one tap!

Step 10. Monitor Energy Usage:

Using the Geeni app, you can monitor how much energy each device uses. This will allow you to see how efficient your setup is and how much money you save on your utility bills. You can also set up notifications alerting you when a certain energy usage threshold has been reached.

Following these ten easy steps, you can make the most out of your Geeni connected smart LED. With its powerful features and simple setup, it is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any home or office space!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. If you’re trying to connect multiple lights in one room, make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the lights. This will allow your device to detect all of the Geeni lights in range.
  2. Make sure that the Bluetooth on your phone is turned on before attempting to connect your Geeni light. If it is turned off, the light won’t be able to sync with your device.
  3. When connecting a new Geeni light, place it close (1-2 feet) to your device so it can quickly and easily pick up its signal.
  4. After downloading and installing the app, ensure you have opened it before connecting your Geeni light. This will ensure that the app runs in the background and is ready to detect your device.
  5. If you have multiple Geeni lights in one room, be sure to name each one differently so that you can easily identify which light is lit up or dimmed. This will help you track how each light functions in your home or office space.
Connect Multiple Geeni Lights

Following these tips and tricks can make the most out of your Geeni connected lights. With these powerful features and straightforward setup, it is easy to create a custom lighting system that works how you want!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Don’t power on the Geeni light before connecting it to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure you connect it first.
  2. Don’t use a mobile hotspot or other insecure networks when setting up the Geeni light. Only use secure, password protected networks for best results.
  3. Don’t forget to turn off Bluetooth on your device before attempting to set up the device with the Geeni app.
  4. Don’t forget to have the latest version of the Geeni app installed and running on your device to be able to connect successfully with the light bulb.
  5. Don’t attempt to reset or reconnect your Geeni light until you have completely disconnected it from the app. This will help ensure that your device can connect and function as expected properly.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your Geeni light is connected successfully and working how you want it to. With its powerful features and easy setup, the Geeni system is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to any home!

Latest Version of the Geeni App

Can You Use Geeni Light All Day?

Yes, you can use Geeni light all day. The Geeni app allows you to set schedules and timers for the LED lights so that they come on or off at certain times of the day or week. This is great for those who want their lights to be on during certain hours but also have them turned off when no one is home.

You can also dim or brighten the lights from your smartphone or tablet, giving you complete control over how bright or how dark your space is.

With its powerful features and simple setup, it’s easy to create a custom lighting system with Geeni!


The Geeni app is free for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can also find it by searching for “Geeni” in your device’s app store. Once the app is downloaded, open it and sign up for an account. After you have an account, select “Add a Device” from the menu, then choose “Light Bulbs.” From there, follow the instructions to connect your light bulb to your home Wi-Fi network.

Whether you’re just moving in or are looking to switch up your home’s style, these tips on How to Connect Geeni Light will help you get started. With a few easy steps, you can be well on your way to completing your perfect vision for your home.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in showing you how easy it is to set up and use your Geeni light. Now get out there and enjoy the convenience of connected lighting!

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