How to Connect Wiz Lights to New Wifi

Do you want to spruce your home with cool and creative lighting? Though it may seem intimidating, connecting WiFi lights is surprisingly easy!

With Wiz lights, you can bring smart lighting into your home in just a few simple steps. By connecting the lights to your wifi network, you’ll be able to manage and control each bulb from anywhere using a smartphone app. 

How to Connect Wiz Lights to New Wifi

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to connect wiz lights to new wifi. With this guide, you can transform ordinary living rooms into spaces for entertainment and relaxation in no time at all.

We’ll also give advice on what types of lights work best for each room and explore the endless possibilities of customization that come from having connected lighting fixtures throughout your house. So let’s get started learning about connecting Wiz Lights – let the light-up fun begin!

What are the Benefits of Connecting Wiz Lights?

By connecting your Wiz lights to your wifi network, you can control each bulb individually or together with the tap of a button. This means you can easily adjust the brightness and color temperature for every room in your house. You also have access to all kinds of features, such as scheduling when you want the lights on and off.

With access to the Wiz app, you can also take advantage of voice commands and automation, depending on your setup.

What Will You Need?

Before you get started, you’ll need to have the following items:

  1. Wiz lights, bulbs and bridge (if necessary)
  2. A wifi router with an Internet connection
  3. A smartphone or tablet with an active data plan

Once you have all these pieces, you’re ready to begin connecting your Wiz lights.

10 Easy Steps on How to Connect Wiz Lights to New Wifi

Step 1. Download the Wiz App:

The first step is to download the Wiz app from your device’s respective app store. You can find the app for both iOS and Android devices. Be careful to select the correct app as other options have similar names.

Step 2. Create An Account:

Once you’ve downloaded the Wiz app, you’ll need to create an account. This step is necessary to add your lights and control them through the app. If you already have an account, simply log in.

Control Them Through the App

Step 3. Plug In Your Bridge or Bulb:

Depending on your setup, you’ll either have a Wiz bridge that needs to be plugged into your router or individual bulbs that are installed directly into sockets. If you have the bridge, plug it in near the router and wait for it to power up before continuing. Don’t forget to install the bulbs into their respective sockets, as this step is necessary for them to appear in the app.

Step 4. Connect To Your Wifi Network:

Open the Wiz app on your smartphone or tablet and navigate to the settings menu. Select “Connect To New Wifi” and enter your wifi network name and password when prompted. As long as your router is compatible, the app should recognize it, and you’ll be connected.

Step 5. Add Your Lights:

You can add your lights now that you’re connected to your wifi network. Navigate to the “Devices” section in the app and select “Add Lights.” This will search for any compatible Wiz lights that are attached to your network. Try to add each light one by one, as this will help ensure a successful connection.

Step 6. Connect Your Lights:

Once found, you need to connect each light individually. Select the one you want to add and tap “Connect” when prompted. The app will then walk you through connecting each light until they are successfully added and appear in the device list.

Step 7. Name Your Lights:

For convenience, give each Wi-Fi bulb its unique name, such as “Living Room Light” or “Kitchen Lamp.” To do this, simply navigate to the devices menu and tap on the bulb you want to rename. Enter the new name, and it will be saved for future use.

Step 8. Adjust Settings:

Now that you have your lights set up, you can start taking advantage of their features. In the app, go through each bulb and adjust its brightness, color temperature, or any other settings as needed. You can also use this time to test out voice commands (such as with Alexa) if applicable. Ensure that all the settings are to your liking before continuing.

Step 9. Create Groups and Scenes:

The Wiz app allows you to create “Groups,” which are collections of Wi-Fi bulbs that you can control together in one tap. You can also create custom “Scenes,” which act like pre-sets that respond to specific triggers. You can use these features to automate your lights, adjust their colors and brightness during specific times of day, and more.

Step 10. Enjoy Your New Lights:

Now that you’ve gone through all the steps of connecting Wiz lights to a new wifi network, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! With your lights now connected and voice commands ready to go (if applicable), you can start using them around the house for practical or decorative purposes. If any issues come up in the future, refer back to this guide as needed.

With these simple steps in hand, you should have no trouble connecting Wiz lights to a new wifi network. Whether you just moved into a new home or are simply upgrading your existing setup, you can rest assured that your new lights will be up and running in no time.

Simply Upgrading Your Existing Setup

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Change the default password for your new wifi network. This security measure ensures that no unauthorized access to your network is possible.

2. Try connecting your WIZ lights directly to your router rather than using an extender or repeater. This will help ensure the most reliable connection from your lights to the internet.

3. Check with the manufacturer of your WIZ lights to make sure they are compatible with your specific model of router/modem before attempting any connections.

4. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed on both devices – this will help guarantee a successful and secure connection between them.

5. If you’re having trouble establishing a connection, try resetting both devices and starting again from scratch. This will help ensure that all settings are correctly configured.

By following these simple steps, you can easily connect your WIZ lights to a new wifi network with ease! With the right preparation and setup, you’ll be able to control your lighting from anywhere in no time at all.

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid connecting your WIZ lights to a public network or unsecured WiFi. This could put your data and devices at risk of being hacked.

2. Don’t try to set up more than one device at the same time – doing so can complicate the connection process and potentially slow down speeds.

3. Don’t use an outdated firmware version on either device. This could prevent the connection from being established at all.

Do Not Use an Outdated Firmware Version

4. Don’t forget to change the default password for your new wifi network – this is a key security measure that should not be overlooked!

5. Avoid attempting any DIY installations or repairs on your WIZ lights yourself – always consult a professional electrician if you’re having any issues.

By avoiding these key mistakes and preparing properly, you can guarantee a secure and reliable connection between your WIZ lights and new wifi network! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your lights are up and running in no time at all.

Can You Control Wiz Lights With Bluetooth?

Yes, you can control Wiz Lights with Bluetooth. The WIZ app has a built-in Bluetooth feature that allows users to connect their lights to their phones or other devices and control them remotely. This is an invaluable feature for those who want to be able to adjust their lighting levels without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

Additionally, some WIZ lights are even compatible with voice commands through smart assistant devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. With this technology, you can set up your lights and create schedules with just your voice!

No matter what device you use to control your WIZ lights, it’s important to ensure that you have the latest version of the accompanying app installed so that you can take full advantage of all the features.

Can You Control Wiz Lights Away From Home?

Yes, you can control your Wiz lights from anywhere! The WIZ app allows users to access their lights remotely, no matter where they are. You can use the app to adjust light levels and set up schedules from any location with an internet connection.

No matter what method you choose to control your WIZ lights when you’re away from home, remember that installing the latest version of the accompanying app is essential for optimal performance. 

By ensuring that all of your devices are up to date, you can guarantee that your lights will work perfectly no matter how far away you are.

Your Lights Will Work Perfectly


In conclusion, how to connect wiz lights to new wifi network is really quite easy. It’s a great way to ensure that you can always stay connected when you’re out and about, but also just for convenience at home.

It can be done quickly and easily with only a few simple steps and the right information. Plus, wiz lights are incredibly efficient, meaning your energy bills won’t be through the roof!

Additionally, most wiz lights come with a warranty so that you can have peace of mind knowing that if something does go wrong, you will have access to replacement parts and help from experts. All in all, connecting wiz lights to your new wifi network is an efficient and cost-effective endeavor with plenty of benefits to work towards!

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