How to Hang Christmas Lights when You Have Gutter Guards

Christmas lights are a great way to bring the holiday cheer to your home. However, if you have gutter guards installed, you may be wondering how to hang your lights without damaging the guards or the roof. Gutter guards are designed to prevent debris from entering your gutters and causing clogs, but they can also make it more challenging to hang decorations.

How to Hang Christmas Lights When You Have Gutter Guards

Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to safely and effectively hang Christmas lights when you have gutter guards. These include using clips that attach to the gutter guards, using adhesive hooks on the fascia board, or using a light-hanging pole.

By taking the time to plan out your decorating strategy and selecting the right tools for the job, you can ensure that your holiday lights look beautiful and festive without compromising the integrity of your gutter guards or your roof. In this article, we will explore how to hang christmas lights when you have gutter guards, so you can enjoy a beautiful and safe holiday season.

Do You Hang Christmas Lights on Roof or Gutter?

It’s always best to hang Christmas lights on your roof or gutter rather than directly on the guards themselves. While some gutter guards are designed to be strong and durable enough to handle light decorations, it’s still not recommended as a long-term solution. Hanging Christmas lights anywhere other than your roof or gutter can put unnecessary strain on the guards, potentially damaging them and requiring you to replace them before intended.

If you need extra support for your lights, look into using clips specifically designed for roofs and gutters with guards. These clips won’t put too much strain on the guards while providing a sturdy base for the lights. Make sure to start by finding locations on your roof that will be able to handle the extra weight of your lights and decorations.

If you’re unable to hang lights on your roof or gutter, consider alternatives like attaching them to existing features of your home, such as balconies, windows, and railings. Doing so will minimize the impact that hanging your Christmas lights will have on your gutter guards and help preserve their quality over time.

If none of these options are available to you, then it may be necessary to use clips designed for a specific type of guard or simply attach them directly to the guard itself. Just remember that this should only be done in cases where no other options are available and not as a primary method of decoration.

10 Methods How to Hang Christmas Lights when You Have Gutter Guards

1. Use Gutter Clips:

One of the simplest ways to hang Christmas lights on gutters with guards is to use gutter clips. These clips come in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of gutters and guards. They easily slide over the lip of the gutter and hold the lights securely in place.

Use Gutter Clips

This method is quick and easy, and the clips can be reused from year to year. Although not as secure as other methods, they are still a great way to hang Christmas lights with gutter guards. To ensure the lights remain secure, it is important to use a ladder and be careful when installing the clips.

2. Attach Clips to Guard Mesh:

Another option is to attach the clips directly to the guard mesh. This method can work well if the mesh is strong enough to support the weight of the lights. You can use plastic zip ties or wire to attach the clips to the mesh. Be sure to space the clips evenly to prevent sagging. If the guard is a solid sheet, you may need to drill small holes into it in order to attach the clips.

Secure any loose wiring or cords away from the clips to prevent them from coming loose. Once the clips are in place, attach your lights and plug them into an outdoor outlet. If you don’t have an outdoor outlet, you may need to hire an electrician to install one.

3. Use Adhesive Hooks:

If your gutter guards have a smooth surface, you may be able to use adhesive hooks to hang your lights. These hooks are easy to install and can hold a surprising amount of weight. Just be sure to choose hooks that are rated for outdoor use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Be sure to test the hooks with a few strands of lights before attempting to hang your entire display. This will help you to determine if the adhesive is strong enough to hold your decorations.

4. Install Light-Hanging Brackets:

Light-hanging brackets are designed to hold string lights securely in place on roofs, gutters, and eaves. They typically attach to the fascia board with screws and can be adjusted to accommodate different types of gutters and guards. This method requires a bit more effort to install, but it provides a secure and long-lasting solution.

Attach to the Fascia Board With Screws

The brackets should be spaced evenly along the length of your gutters and at least every two feet in between each one. Although they can be bought in packages, the exact number of brackets you need will depend on the size of your home and how many lights you plan to hang. Be sure to measure twice and buy enough brackets for the job.

5. Use a Light-Hanging Pole:

If you have a two-story home or don’t want to climb a ladder to hang your lights, a light-hanging pole can be a lifesaver. These poles extend up to 20 feet and have a hook or clip on the end for attaching lights. You can easily position the lights exactly where you want them without risking a fall. Just make the pole is long enough to reach the gutter guards, and the lights are securely fastened.

To make sure your Christmas lights stay up all season long, use a light-hanging pole with durable materials and secure clips. While they may cost more than a ladder, their convenience and safety can be worth the extra investment. To make setup even simpler, pre-attach the lights to the pole before you start hanging them on the gutter guards.

6. Hang Lights on Trees:

If you have trees near your home, you can use them to hang your lights. Wrap the lights around the trunk or branches, and secure them with zip ties or twist ties. This method can create a beautiful effect, especially if you have several trees to decorate. Be sure to use the appropriate type of lights for outdoor trees, and make sure they are rated for weather resistance.

Also, be aware of any low-hanging branches that could be a hazard. If necessary, use a ladder to get to the higher branches. Finally, don’t forget to unplug the lights before you come down from the ladder. With a little extra care and effort, you can have a beautiful tree lit up with Christmas lights.

7. Use Suction Cups:

If your gutters have a smooth surface, you may be able to use suction cups to hang your lights. These cups create a strong vacuum seal and can hold a surprising amount of weight. Just be sure to choose cups that are rated for outdoor use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Use Suction Cups to Hang Your Lights

Be careful to evenly distribute the weight of the lights between each cup, and check periodically for signs of loosening. If at any point you feel like the cups are not secure, discontinue use and try a different method of hanging lights. While using suction cups is a relatively easy and straightforward solution, there are other options for hanging lights on gutter guards.

8. Use Magnetic Hooks:

If your gutter guards are made of metal, you can use magnetic hooks to hang your lights. These hooks have a strong magnet that can hold the weight of the lights. Just be sure to choose hooks that are rated for outdoor use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

You can also use adhesive-backed magnetic hooks, which you simply adhere to the gutter guard and hang your lights. However, these may not be as strong as the traditional magnetic hooks. If you opt for adhesive-backed magnetic hooks, be sure to use a few extra to ensure that the lights stay up.

9. Hang Lights on Railings:

If you have railings or banisters on your home, you can use them to hang your lights. Wrap the lights around the railing or use clips to attach them. This method can create a festive look and is a great option for homes with a lot of stairs or balconies. Make sure the lights are secure and won’t slip off.

If you don’t have gutter guards, you can also use this technique on gutters to hang your lights. When hanging lights on railings, use zip ties instead of nails or screws to avoid damaging the railing. When attaching to a gutter, make sure you use hooks and clips that won’t damage the gutters.

10. Hire a Professional:

Ensure Your Christmas Lights Are Hung Correctly

If you don’t feel comfortable hanging your own Christmas lights or don’t have the time or equipment to do so, you can always hire a professional. Many landscaping and holiday decorating companies offer this service and can create a beautiful and festive display for your home.

Hiring a professional can be expensive, but it may be worth it if you want to ensure your Christmas lights are hung correctly and safely. With the help of a professional, you can get the look you want without having to worry about getting your gutter guards damaged in the process.

Should I Tape Christmas Lights?

When it comes to hanging Christmas lights safely and securely, taping is an important part of the process. However, when you have gutter guards installed on your home, you will need to take extra care to make sure that they are not damaged when using tape.

The best way to hang up Christmas lights with gutter guards is to use clips specifically designed for the job. There are several different types of clips available, including ones that clip onto the gutter guard itself and those that attach directly to the shingles on your roof. When using either type, you should make sure that they are securely attached so that they don’t fall off during the season.

Gutter Guards is to Use Clips Specifically


Overall, hanging Christmas lights when you have gutter guards can be a challenge during the holiday season. However, using these practice tips can help make sure it’s successful and gorgeous. Follow the steps to measure each side of your home for accurate spacing, and use zip ties or special hooks to hang string lights along the gutters – figure out what works best for each installation.

Be sure to ask a handyman or someone knowledgeable about outdoor installations to lend a hand if needed! And remember, still make sure you turn off your lights before going to bed every night. Now that you know how to hang Christmas lights when you have gutter guards, put on some carols and get into the holiday spirit by beautifying your home! It’ll be worth all the effort in the end – happy decorating!

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