How to Hang Lights Around Garage

Are you looking to add some brightness to your garage? Whether you want more light while working on projects or just need a bit of extra illumination during the night, hanging lights around your garage is a simple way to brighten up the space.

How to Hang Lights Around Garage

Hanging lights around your garage is an easy and effective way to increase the attractiveness of your home’s exterior. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or just make your home look more inviting, lights can give it a warm, cozy feel that makes the space more welcoming.

They add a nice decorative touch and some extra style and provide needed illumination for when you’re out and about at night.

Get ready to find out how to hang lights around garage quickly and easily!

What Will You Need?

In order to hang lights around your garage, you will need the following:

  1. Extension cord (long enough to reach all of the light fixtures)
  2. Light fixtures (enough to reach around the perimeter of your garage)
  3. Ladder (to safely reach up high and install the lights)
  4. Screws or other mounting hardware (depending on the type of fixtures you purchased)
  5. Light bulbs (if you don’t already have them)
  6. Hammer and drill (for mounting the hardware to the walls of your garage)

Once you have all the supplies needed, you can start hanging lights around your garage.

10 Easy Steps on How to Hang Lights Around Garage

Step 1: Measuring and Planning

When hanging lights around your garage, the first step is to measure the area you need to cover. This will help you determine the number of light fixtures and the length of extension cord you will need for the job. If you have an overhead door, be sure to measure your ceiling height as well.

Step 2: Select Light Fixtures

Once you have determined the size of the area, it’s time to select light fixtures that are suitable for your space. You can purchase pre-made light fixtures or create custom ones out of wood and metal. Make sure they are rated for outdoor use so they can stand up against any moisture or changes in weather.

Determined the Size of the Area

Step 3: Install Extension Cord & Connect the Lights

Next, install an extension cord long enough to reach all of your light fixtures. Start at one end and work around the garage, ensuring each light is connected to the cord. You can use a combination of zip ties and tape to secure the cord in place.

Step 4: Mount Fixtures on Walls

Once the extension cord is in place, it’s time to mount the fixtures on the walls. Depending on which type of lights you purchased, this may involve screws or other mounting hardware. Use a hammer and drill to secure them firmly into place.

Step 5: Position Lights & Connect Bulbs

Now it’s time to position the lights where they need to go. Make sure they are evenly spaced out and pointing in the right direction for maximum illumination. Once they are all set up, connect bulbs and turn them on to ensure everything works properly.

Step 6: Test Lights

Once all the lights are in place, it’s time to test them out. Turn on each one and make sure they are all working properly. If any of them don’t seem to be working, check the wiring or replace the bulbs.

Step 7: Secure Wiring & Connectors

For added safety, you should also secure any exposed wiring or connectors with electrical tape so that they don’t become a hazard. This will help ensure your lights remain safe and functioning properly for years to come. Additionally, make sure to store any leftover bulbs and hardware in a safe place.

Step 8: Install the Light Switch

If you want to control when the lights turn on and off, you can install a light switch near your garage entrance. This will allow you to turn the lights on or off as needed. Don’t forget to connect the switch and lights before you turn on the power.

Step 9: Clean Up

Once all the wiring is secure, it’s time to clean up any mess you may have created during installation. Make sure you pick up any nails, screws, or other debris and dispose of them properly. It will also help vacuum the area to be clean and dust-free.

Vacuum the Area to Be Clean

Step 10: Enjoy Your New Lights!

Now that everything is installed appreciate your new lighting setup for a few moments. Stand back and admire how the light fixtures look around your garage. You should now enjoy a warm glow from your outdoor space that adds style and security.

By following these steps, you can easily and safely hang lights around your garage. Once the lights are in place, you will be amazed at how much an illuminated outdoor space can change the atmosphere of your home.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Make sure to measure your garage’s length before buying any lights. This will help ensure that you have enough lighting coverage for your entire space.
  2. Use a level when installing lights around your garage, as this will make it easier to hang them in a straight line.
  3. When mounting lights to the ceiling, always use screws that are meant for drywall and attach them securely to studs or other solid materials for better support.
  4. If possible, opt for motion sensors or dimmable LED light bulbs as they can save energy while providing adequate light when needed and can last up to 25,000 hours.
  5. Use weatherproof fixtures if you’re hanging lights outside of your garage; this will protect them from rain and other adverse weather conditions.

By following these tips, you can hang lights around your garage with ease!

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Do not hang lights too close to the floor, as this increases the risk of someone tripping over them.

2. Do not use flammable materials such as paper or cloth when wiring lights around your garage, as this can create a fire hazard.

3. Avoid using extension cords for outdoor lighting, as these are not designed to be used in wet conditions and can present a safety hazard if they become damaged by moisture.

4. Don’t overload outlets with multiple light fixtures; use separate cables for each fixture and connect them directly to their own outlet box or power source.

Overload Outlets With Multiple Light Fixtures

5. Never install more than one light on a single circuit breaker, as this could cause an electrical overload and even start a fire!

By following these tips and avoiding the pitfalls, you can safely hang lights around your garage to illuminate it with beauty and grace.

5 Different Decor Ideas

  1. Use string lights in a variety of shapes and sizes to create an interesting look around your garage.
  2. Hang pendant lights from the ceiling for an eye-catching accent.
  3. Add wall sconces to the walls for a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  4. Add recessed lighting in areas that require more illumination, such as workbenches or tool benches.
  5. Use light strips along the edges of your garage door to help create a stunning design feature.

By following these tips, you can make sure your garage is properly lit while incorporating decorative elements that enhance its overall look and feel! Hanging lights around your garage doesn’t have to be complicated — with the right knowledge, preparation, and supplies, you can easily create a beautiful space that you can enjoy for years to come!

What Color Light is Best for Garage?

When it comes to choosing lights for your garage, there are many colors and shades to choose from. Generally speaking, a cool white or daylight color temperature will provide the most natural-looking light, making it best suited for working and performing tasks in the space.

Additionally, choosing LED bulbs over incandescent bulbs can also help reduce energy consumption while providing superior lighting quality. Warm white or soft yellow tones may be more suitable for those looking to create a more cozy atmosphere.

Choosing LED Bulbs Over Incandescent Bulbs

Ultimately, the choice is yours, but no matter what color of light you decide on, make sure you’re using the highest quality fixtures and bulbs so that you can enjoy maximum brightness and longevity!


All in all, hanging lights for your garage is really not too difficult of a task. As long as you measure the length necessary for your project and have the proper tools, you can achieve amazing results! Remember that many local hardware stores offer helpful advice on hanging and securing your lights in their respective departments.

Additionally, you can find samples of various configurations in home improvement catalogs or by searching online. Of course, if all else fails, you can always call an electrician to help get the job done safely and correctly.

Hopefully, these tips on how to hang lights around garage will help you feel confident and prepared to add some light fixtures around your garage! With a few dazzling touches, soon enough, your space will look bright and inviting in no time – no matter what kind of lighting project you decide to tackle first.

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