How to Hang Meteor Lights in Trees

Do you want to create a magical, starry-night atmosphere in your backyard? Meteor lights are the perfect way to do so. Here’s how to hang meteor lights in trees.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to give your garden, yard, or special event a unique touch, look no further than meteor lights! These out-of-this-world accents bring a bit of magic and sparkle whether they are hung on their own or used to decorate other items.

How to Hang Meteor Lights in Trees

Transform your backyard into an enchanted wonderland when you hang these twinkling stars from even the tallest branches – it’s easier than you think! With a few simple steps, you can easily hang meteor lights on trees and turn them into beacons of light that will wow your guests.

Read on to learn how easy it is to construct your very own tree accent with meteor lights!

What Will You Want?

To hang meteor lights in trees, you will need the following items:

  1. Meteor lights
  2. Ladder or step stool
  3. Extension cord
  4. Heavy duty zip ties or string

Once you have gathered your supplies, you’re ready to start!

10 Easy Steps on How to Hang Meteor Lights in Trees

Step 1. Prep Your Lights:

If you’re using string to hang the lights, measure how much length you’ll need for each light strand and then double that number. Cut the string and tie a loop on one end of the strand for hanging. Be careful not to pull too tight, as this could damage the string. For zip ties, pre-cut each one so that it’s ready for use.

Step 2. Position the Ladder:

Cut the String and Tie a Loop on One End

Use your ladder or step stool to reach the highest branches you’ll be decorating. Make sure it is safely positioned so that it won’t slip out from beneath you when you start decorating. Additionally, be mindful of any low-hanging branches that could get in the way.

Step 3. Test Out Your Lights:

Plug in your meteor lights and make sure they work properly before proceeding with tree decoration. Also, ensure that your extension cord is long enough to reach a power source while still allowing plenty of slack for movement around the area you are decorating. As you test out your lights, make sure to remain aware of any low-hanging branches or other potential safety hazards that could get in the way.

Step 4. Hang Your Lights:

Using the looped string or zip ties to hang each light strand, starting at the top of your tree. Make sure you leave enough slack for the lights to move naturally with the wind and create a magical, twinkling effect. If you’re using zip ties, make sure to secure them firmly but not too tightly, as this could damage the branches.

Step 5. Connect Your Lights:

Once all of your lights are hung, plug them into an extension cord that is connected to your power source. This will ensure they’re lit up and ready to dazzle once night falls! Don’t forget to safely and carefully secure the extension cord from any hazards.

Step 6. Check Your Work:

From a distance, make sure all lights are evenly spaced across your tree and check for any potential gaps between strands. There should be a consistent pattern of lights throughout the entire tree. Because meteor lights are quite delicate, make sure to check that each strand is securely hung.

Step 7. Secure Your Lights:

If you used string to hang your meteor lights, make sure it’s securely fastened around each branch. You can also use zip ties if you prefer a more permanent option. It’s important to double-check your work as you go to ensure each light strand is securely hung.

Step 8. Make Adjustments As Needed:

Once your lights are hung, take a few steps back and make any necessary adjustments to ensure evenly spaced lights and the desired effect you’re hoping for. Ensure that all of the lights are connected properly and securely, and make sure no low-hanging branches or other hazards will cause a safety issue. Otherwise, you’re ready to enjoy your beautiful meteor light display!

Use Your Ladder or Step Stool to Reach the Highest

Step 9. Clean Up Your Area:

Gently remove any debris from the ground or leave it in place if it adds to the ambience of your display! You can use the ladder and zip ties to keep any electrical wiring out of sight. If you used string, collect it and store it away until you’re ready to use it again.

Step 10. Enjoy Your Creation:

Finally, enjoy the beautiful display of meteor lights on your tree! Sit back and bask in the soft glow of starlight as they twinkle all night long beneath the stars. Remember, you can always adjust or add more lights to further your display. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of meteor lights on your tree!

Hanging meteor lights in trees is an easy and exciting way to add a unique touch of sparkle to any outdoor space. Follow these ten steps, and you’ll have your own dazzling display in no time!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure the meteor lights you purchase are equipped with long enough cords that can reach your power source to the tree.

2. Don’t forget to use a ladder or stool to reach the higher branches.

3. If you’re hanging up your meteor lights in outdoor areas with trees, make sure they are weatherproofed or covered with plastic or rubberized material to protect them from rain and snow.

4. Be sure to check your meteor lights regularly for signs of wear and tear that may need replacing before the holiday season.

5. Don’t overload any one branch with strings of meteor lights, as this could cause damage to the tree and create a potential fire hazard. Hang only as many strings of meteor lights as necessary so that you can enjoy their dazzling display without risking any danger!

With these tips and tricks in mind, you are now ready to create a festive and beautiful display of meteor lights for any holiday season! So get out there, hang those meteor lights, and make the holidays special with your own twinkling masterpiece. Happy decorating!

Using the Looped String or Zip Ties to Hang Light

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Avoid hanging your meteor lights too tightly around the tree. This could cause damage to the branches and leaves of the tree, making it difficult to remove the lights when you finish with them.

2. Be sure not to hang too many strings of meteor lights on one branch of a tree, as this can create a fire hazard or cause damage to the branch.

3. Don’t forget to turn off your meteor lights at night or while they are not in use, as this will help conserve energy and reduce potential fire hazards.

4. Ensure that any plugs and extension cords used are properly insulated before plugging them into an outlet for safety reasons.

5. Never hang your meteor lights in trees that may have branches or other materials that could easily catch fire. Be sure to check for any dry leaves or branches before decorating with meteor lights in a tree.

By taking these precautions, you can enjoy hanging meteor lights around your home and in the trees with fewer worries and ultimate safety!

5 Different Theme Ideas

1. Try Aful Theme: Hang strings of multi-colored meteor lights in your for a bright and cheerful holiday atmosphere.

2. Go Classic With White: For an elegant, traditional look, opt for white meteor lights to give your home an air of timelessness.

3. Be Bold With Red and Green: Create a festive scene by stringing up red and green meteor lights around the tree branches. It’s sure to be a hit!

4. Add Some Sparkle & Shine: Choose strings of silver or gold meteor lights to make your decorations shimmer and shine this holiday season!

5. Get Creative With Shapes: Have some fun by hanging star-, heart-, or snowflake-shaped meteor lights in the branches of trees! This is sure to be a conversation starter for your guests.

No matter which theme you choose, meteor lights are an easy way to add some sparkle and light up your holiday season. Whether you opt for a classic, bold, or creative look, your decorations are sure to be admired by everyone!

Avoid Hanging Your Meteor Lights Too Tightly


Although meteor lights have become popular and sought a form of lighting for special occasions or holidays, safely hanging them in trees can often feel like a daunting task. With the help of these steps, though, you should now be feeling confident in your ability to hang meteor lights in the way they were meant to be seen and appreciated.

And with that knowledge of how best to hang meteor lights comes the assurance that your final product will look beautiful and be of high quality and safe for you and your family during the holidays or other celebrations.

So take what you’ve learned on how to hang meteor lights in trees—about something like finding a sturdy branch and testing the lights before hanging—and put it into practice! When all is said and done, hopefully, you’ll get to enjoy an outdoor lighting display that everyone will love.

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