How to Keep Cat Away from Salt Lamp

Salt lamps are a popular home decor item that can add a warm, ambient glow to any room. However, if you have a curious cat who likes to explore and play with household items, you may need to take precautions to keep your feline friend away from your salt lamp.

How to Keep Cat Away from Salt Lamp

Cats are naturally drawn to salt lamps due to their unique appearance and enticing scent. In this article, we will provide some tips and methods on how to keep cat away from salt lamp to ensure the safety and longevity of your salt lamp.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Calm Cats?

Cats are curious creatures and often love to explore, even if it means getting into places they shouldn’t. Himalayan salt lamps can be a great addition to any home, but sometimes cats may find these lamps irresistible! While some people believe that Himalayan salt lamps can help calm cats due to their calming properties, there is no scientific evidence that suggests this is true.

It’s important that care is taken when placing a salt lamp in the home and ensuring cats have limited access to them. Salt itself can be toxic to animals if ingested in large amounts, so it’s important to take measures to keep your cat away from the lamp or restrict their access at all times.

If you decide you want a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, the best thing you can do is place it somewhere cats are unable to reach or jump onto. This could be on a high shelf, inside a glass cabinet, or behind furniture that’s too tall for them to jump over. You should also avoid placing the lamp on any low surfaces where cats may be tempted to investigate further.

10 Methods How to Keep Cat Away from Salt Lamp

1. Elevated Placement:

Place your salt lamp on a high surface, such as a tall bookshelf or a sturdy table, where your cat cannot reach it. Cats are less likely to jump onto high surfaces to access the salt lamp. If you are worried about protecting your salt lamp from potential accidental knocks, secure it to the surface for extra safety.

on a high surface

However, you should bear in mind that salt lamps require airflow to remain effective, so do not place them inside a closed cabinet or otherwise restrict their ventilation. Too much heat and humidity can damage the lamp.

2. Secure Enclosure:

Create a barrier around your salt lamp using a pet gate or a mesh barrier to prevent your cat from getting close to it. This way, you can ensure that your cat won’t be able to get close enough to the salt lamp to knock it over or tamper with it in any way.

Be sure to check the enclosure frequently to make sure that your cat has not managed to find a way through or around it. You can also make sure to place your salt lamp in a location that is not easily accessible by your cat, such as on a high shelf or a space that is blocked off from your pet.

3. Citrus Scent:

Cats are known to dislike the smell of citrus. You can place citrus peels or use citrus-scented essential oils around your salt lamp to deter your cat from approaching it. Place these near the lamp and around your home to help keep cats away.

You can also use a citrus spray or rub the peels directly onto the salt lamp to deter cats further. Be sure not to use too much as it can be overwhelming for the cat and you! Additionally, citrus peels can help keep other insects away from your salt lamp as well.

4. Double-Sided Tape:

Cats generally do not like the sticky feeling of double-sided tape on their paws. Place strips of double-sided tape around the base of your salt lamp to discourage your cat from touching or playing with it.

If the cat keeps returning to the salt lamp, put more double-sided tape around it. Be sure to check and replace the tape regularly, as cats can be persistent. While this method may not be aesthetically pleasing, it is an effective way to keep cats away from your salt lamp.

5. Pet Repellent Sprays:

There are pet repellent sprays available in the market that are specifically formulated to keep cats away from certain areas. Spray a pet repellent spray around your salt lamp to deter your cat from approaching it.

pet repellent sprays available

However, these pet repellent sprays have limited effectiveness and may not work on all cats. Additionally, these sprays are often made with strong fragrances, so if your salt lamp is placed in an area where you are spending a lot of time, it’s best to use something else.

6. Loud Noise:

Cats are sensitive to loud and sudden noises. You can use a noise-making device or a motion-activated alarm near your salt lamp to startle your cat and discourage them from getting close to it. Just make sure to set the volume of your device at a level that won’t harm the cat’s hearing.

You can also use a “scat” mat or vibration mats, which are specially designed to create vibrations that cats find uncomfortable. Lastly, you can also try using a citronella spray or air horns to keep your cat away from the salt lamp.

7. Bitter Taste:

Cats dislike bitter tastes. Apply a bitter-tasting deterrent spray or gel on the base or cords of your salt lamp to discourage your cat from licking or biting it. You can also use this method to protect other items in your home that your cat may be attracted to.

Make sure the deterrent is 100% safe for cats and any other animals in your home. Keep an eye out for signs of irritation, such as redness or rashes to ensure the product isn’t causing any harm. Although it won’t necessarily keep your cat from interacting with the salt lamp altogether, it should be enough to deter them from licking or biting it.

8. Distractions:

Provide your cat with alternative toys, scratching posts, or play areas to redirect their attention away from your salt lamp. You can also try giving them treats or rewards when they stay away from the lamp. If your cat loves to nap, then set up a comfortable bed for them in a different area near the lamp.

This will help keep them from feeling tempted to spend time around it. Additionally, if you have other pets in the home, like a dog or bird, you can create an interesting play space for them that your cat may find too exciting to ignore.

9. Training:

Use positive reinforcement techniques to train your cat to stay away from your salt lamp. Reward your cat with treats or praise when they avoid the salt lamp. Don’t scold or punish them when they approach the lamp, as this can cause fear and anxiety.

If your cat is particularly curious, you can also try using scent deterrents, such as citronella or lavender oil. Spray these in the area surrounding the lamp to discourage your cat from coming close to it. You can also try covering the lamp with a cloth or box when not in use.

to train your cat

10. Supervision:

Keep an eye on your cat when they are near your salt lamp, and gently redirect them if they show interest in it. Providing constant supervision can help prevent any unwanted interactions between your cat and the salt lamp. This can also help you spot any potential dangers that approach your salt lamps, like water or children.

Some Common Mistakes When Keep Cat Away from Salt Lamp

1. Keeping the Salt Lamp Too Close to Your Cat:

Placing a salt lamp near your cat can be dangerous as cats may be tempted to lick or consume the salt. This can lead to an electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, and digestive issues. It’s best to keep your salt lamp at least 3 feet away from your cat and any other pets in your home.

2. Not Cleaning the Salt Lamp Regularly:

Salt lamps are known to attract dust, which can be a hazard if your cat accidentally inhales it. Make sure to clean the lamp regularly with a damp cloth and keep an eye on any buildup that may occur around the base of the lamp.

3. Not Supervising Your Cat Around Salt Lamp:

It’s important to always keep an eye on your cat if you have a salt lamp in the home. Not only do cats like to explore and investigate things, but some may also be tempted to play with the lamp and take it off its base.

keep an eye on your cat


In conclusion, keeping a cat away from a salt lamp requires a combination of physical and behavioral strategies. Placing the salt lamp in a location that is inaccessible to the cat, using deterrents such as citrus scents or aluminum foil, providing alternative scratching surfaces, and redirecting the cat’s attention to other toys or activities can all be effective in preventing the cat from getting too close to the salt lamp. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to keep cat away from salt lamp!

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