How to Make Your Room Glow in the Dark

In the world of Instagram and Pinterest, it seems like everyone is trying to create their own paradise in their homes.

Of course, there are many ways you can make your space uniquely yours, but one way that has been trending nowadays is how to make your room glow in the dark!


This blog post will give information and some tips to make your room glow without spending lot of money or time on it!

Things You’ll Need To Make Your Room Glow in the Dark

  1. Blacklights (can be found at any store, usually in the lighting section)
  2. Luminous paint (also called phosphorescent paint. You can find this at any craft store)
  3. Glow in the dark paint (any art store will have this, and it is also not hard to find online)
  4. Painting supplies: brushes, rollers, a ladder if you are doing a ceiling

Step by Step Guide: How to Make Your Room Glow in the Dark 

Step One: Preparation Work

Make sure your room is completely clean when painting. You don’t want any dust or dirt particles in the paint to mess up the effect later.

Also, if any of the walls are peeling, use some spackle to fill in the spaces. You want your room to be clean and smooth so that the paint will apply evenly.

Step Two: Paint Blacklights with Luminous Paint

The next thing you need to do is paint your black lights, whether a closet light or a lamps. The second item on this list is luminous paint, which glows under black lights.

It would be best to paint the walls and ceiling because blacklights don’t shine very well on floors or other surfaces.


Paint in an irregular shape so that the light will still look good when it is off. Leave a little space around your light source for the glow to shine through.

Step Three: Prep Your Glow in the Dark Paint

Your glow-in-the-dark paint will require some prep work. You don’t want to start slopping it around your walls because you won’t get a good effect, and the paint is costly.

Instead, what can you do is use a roller for the ceilings and brushes for the walls. Be sure to use a ladder if you are painting anything above the waist.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must apply luminous paint over a dark background. If you are painting light-colored walls, paint them black or another dark color before you start!

Step Four: Apply Your Glow Paint

When applying the glow paint, use as little water as possible. You will want the colors to be solid and bright, but you also want them to go on smoothly.

If there are any rough patches when the paint is dry, your glow won’t show through nicely, and it will look sloppy.

Also, be extra careful near edges that have been painted previously because your new layer of paint could get caught up in the old one.

Step Five: Let the Paint Dry

Give your paint a few hours to dry, then turn out all of the lights and enjoy! You will be amazed seeing how bright your room glows.

You can choose any colors for your glow paint that you would like. Some suggestions are blue for a night sky, red if you want a fire or lava lamp type look, or any other color you think would look good.

If you want a softer glow, use darker paint over a lighter background. For the best effect, don’t pair your colors up with ordinary paints on the walls in your room!

If your room isn’t big enough for all of these different paints, use some tape to mark off where you can paint. You don’t really want to ruin the paint job on your walls by overlapping!

Some Tips To Make Your Room Glow in the Dark

1. Invest in a string of fairy lights

2. Hang up some glow-in-the-dark stars on the walls and ceiling


3. Get creative with your lamps. Try using colored bulbs or putting a blacklight bulb over an old lamp to make it look different.

4. Add some plants to your room for extra life and brightness 

5. Try using blind curtains instead of decorative ones for more glow in blacklights and color in the dark.

6. Block out distractions by sticking up sticky notes and decorating them to look pretty.

7. If you’re feeling creative, paint one wall with any luminous paint so that you can draw pictures on it during the day, then it will glow each night before bed!


With all the advancements in LED and other lighting technologies, it’s easier than ever to make your room glow.

So if you’re looking to create an atmosphere that’s a little more festive, consider these tips for how to make your room glow in the dark!

We hope this information has been helpful. Please feel free to let us know if there are any questions or feedback about what we’ve shared here today.

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