How to Reset Pentair Pool Lights

Having your pool lights not working correctly can be a major headache when it comes to enjoying the pool. Not being able to see what is going on below the surface can make swimming difficult and unsafe. That’s why it’s important to know to Reset Pentair Pool Lights if they malfunction.

How to Reset Pentair Pool Lights

Knowing how to reset them can save time and money, as you won’t have to call in a professional to do it for you. It’s also a good skill to have just in case your lights go out suddenly and unexpectedly for whatever reason.

The advantages of knowing to reset Pentair pool lights are numerous. First, it is a relatively simple process that can be done with minimal tools and help save time and money for the homeowner.

Secondly, resetting the pool lights will restore their proper lighting intensity and color, allowing you to enjoy your swimming pool day or night without any issues. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to reset pentair pool lights in this blog article.

Step-by-Step Processes for How to Reset Pentair Pool Lights

Step 1: Inspect the Light Assembly

You will need to locate the light and access the power source. Make sure that the light is properly functioning. Before resetting a Pentair pool light, it is important to turn off the power supply to avoid potential hazards. Unplug or switch off the breaker connected to your pool’s lighting system.

Step 2: Remove the Light Fixture

Gently unscrew or remove the Pentair pool light from its mounting surface. Carefully remove all components attached to the fixture, such as lenses and covers. Inspect for any signs of water damage to determine whether or not a replacement is necessary.

Remove the Pentair Pool Light

Reinstall the Pentair pool light in its original position and ensure it is securely fastened. Reattach all components to the fixture, such as lenses and covers, if necessary.

Step 3: Reset Power Source

Once the light has been reinstalled, you can reset the power to the light. Turn on the breaker or plug in the power cord, depending on your pool’s lighting system. Once powered up, test the light by turning it on and off a few times. If it functions correctly, you can reset your Pentair pool light.

Step 4: Reset the Light’s Timer

If your Pentair pool light features a timer, reset it according to your owner’s manual instructions. The timer will allow you to set lighting schedules to come on and off automatically at predetermined times. Pentair pool lights feature adjustable brightness settings. You can adjust the intensity of the light by turning the knob accordingly. Make sure to save your desired settings before continuing.

Step 5: Check Color Selector

If your Pentair pool light has a color selector, you can select from multiple colors using the knobs. Experiment with different colors to create the desired effect. Be sure to save your settings before moving on. Pentair pool lights offer multiple preset color programs that can be used for special occasions or simply for everyday use.

For example, you can select from “Romantic,” “Party,” “Underwater,” or “Twinkle” lighting programs.

Step 6: Save Settings

Finally, saving all settings is important after resetting your Pentair pool light. This will ensure that the light works properly and that you can access any changed settings in the future. After saving your preferences, you can now enjoy your newly-reset lighting system.

Resetting Your Pentair Pool Light

By following these simple steps, you can easily reset your Pentair pool light and create the perfect ambiance for pool parties or other special events. Have fun, and stay safe.

Safety Tips for How to Reset Pentair Pool Lights

  1. Shut off the power to the pool lights before attempting any maintenance or resetting tasks. This should include both the breaker and main switch, if applicable.
  2. Wear protective clothing such as safety goggles and gloves when handling electrical wiring near water.
  3. Utilize a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) for added safety. This will help prevent potential electric shock hazards and should be used when working with any pool light systems.
  4. Check that the wiring and fixtures have been properly installed and inspected to ensure there are no loose connections or frayed wires.
  5. Ensure there is the proper grounding of all electrical components and that the wiring is correctly connected to the light fixture.
  6. Ensure all connections are tight before restoring power to the pool lights.
  7. Be aware of any potential dangers, such as water near electrical components, hazardous chemical environments (such as chlorine), and combustible materials in the proximity of electric appliances or wiring.
  8. Be cautious and aware of any potential fire hazards when dealing with electricity in an outdoor environment, especially near a pool. Pay attention to the location of hoses, sprinklers, or any other combustible material that may be in close contact with electrical components.

By following these safety tips, you can be confident when resetting Pentair pool lights and help ensure there are no unfortunate accidents. After following the above steps, you should now be able to safely and successfully reset your Pentair pool lights.

How Can You Prevent Damage to Your Pentair Pool Lights While Resetting Them?

  • Make sure your Pentair pool lights are off before resetting them. This will prevent any accidental electric shocks or damage to the light fixtures.
  • Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet and shut off the circuit breaker. This will ensure that no current is running through the lights when you’re resetting them.
  • Use a non-conductive tool, such as a wooden or plastic stick, to press the reset button on the back of the lights. This will reset the light system and restore its normal operation.
  • If your Pentair pool lights are still not working after being reset, ensure all connections are properly secured and the power cord is plugged into an appropriate electrical outlet.
  • Once you have successfully reset the lights, remember to turn off the circuit breaker and unplug the power cord again before leaving the area. This will ensure that no current is running through the lights when not in use and help prevent any potential damage from occurring.
Pentair Pool Lights Are Properly Reset

Following these simple steps will help ensure that your Pentair pool lights are properly reset without causing any damage. Avoid using metal tools, and always remember to shut off the circuit breaker before attempting to reset the lights. Doing so will prevent electric shocks or other potential hazards.

How Often Should You Reset Your Pentair Pool Lights for Optimal Performance? 

For newer LED models, you will typically only have to reset them every one to three years. However, it’s a good idea to reset older incandescent lights every six months or so. This will help keep them running optimally and can prevent any potential problems from arising. No matter what type of Pentair pool light you have, it’s best to perform regular maintenance on it.

Reset Older Incandescent Lights

This includes wiping down the surface with a damp cloth and checking for any broken or worn components. Additionally, ensure the light receives adequate power and that all wiring is securely connected.

When it comes to resetting your Pentair pool lights, there are several steps involved. First, ensure that the power to the light has been disabled by unplugging it from the circuit breaker. Next, remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on the light’s surface and inspect it for any cracked or worn components. Finally, reset the light by pressing its reset button (on some models) and then restoring power to the light.

How Much Does It Cost to Reset Your Pentair Pool Lights? 

The cost of resetting your Pentair pool lights will depend on the type and size of light you have. Generally, most LED and incandescent lights can be reset for a relatively low cost. However, more advanced lighting systems, such as fiber-optic or special effects lighting, may require more extensive work and incur additional labor costs.

Before resetting your lights, you should contact a qualified technician to get an estimate of the total cost. This will ensure that you are not surprised by any unexpected costs and have a better understanding of what is involved in the reset process.

If you decide to reset your Pentair pool lights yourself, follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely so as not to cause any damage. Finally, always use the proper safety equipment and take extra care when dealing with electricity near water.

Is There a Warranty on the Pentair Pool Lights That Covers Resetting Them?  

Yes, the Pentair pool lights are covered by a one-year warranty. If your lights need to be reset during this period, you can contact Pentair, who will assist with resetting your lights.

It’s important to note that if any damage has been caused to the lighting system due to improper installation or misuse, the warranty may not be honored. It’s important to read through the terms and conditions of your warranty before resetting your lights to ensure that you are covered.

If the pool lights need resetting after the one-year warranty period ends, then you will need to contact an authorized Pentair technician or electrician. They will be able to assess the issue and help determine what needs to be done to reset your lights.

Keep in mind that additional costs may be involved for parts and labor depending on the repair’s extent. It’s important to ask about these fees before you agree to have any work done.


In conclusion, resetting your Pentair pool lights can be a straightforward and simple process, depending on the type of lighting you have installed. If you want to reset your existing lights, start by identifying the type of lights you have installed in your pool and then follow the steps outlined in this blog to reset them. 

For those with colored lights, it may require you to reset them manually. If that is the case, consult your manual or call a professional for assistance. I hope reading this post has helped you learn how to reset pentair pool lights. Make sure the safety precautions are carried out in the order listed.

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