How to Reset Twinkly Lights

Do your twinkly Christmas lights suddenly stop working, and you have no idea why? You are not alone! While LED Christmas string lights are some of the most popular lighting decorations during the holiday season, they can sometimes be tricky to manage. If you’re faced with twinkly light troubles this year, don’t worry – resetting them is often a simple process.

How to Reset Twinkly Lights

With a few easy steps that can be done in just minutes, resetting your festive twinkly lights will become second nature, and you’ll get those sparkling sights up again in no time! Read on for tips and tricks on how to reset Twinkly Lights like a pro.

Is There a Reset Button on Twinkly Lights?

In most cases, Twinkly lights do not come with a dedicated reset button. If your Twinkly lights are not responding to commands, there are two simple steps you can take to try and reset them.

The first step is to unplug the power source from the wall outlet or power strip and plug it back in again after 10-15 seconds. This will restart the system and may solve any potential issues.

The second step is to make sure that your device has the latest firmware version installed. You can check this by going into the settings menu of your app or website on which you control your Twinkly lights, then checking for updates. Make sure that all relevant devices have been updated before attempting any further troubleshooting.

If you are still having trouble resetting your Twinkly lights, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer’s customer service team for assistance. They will be able to provide more tailored advice as well as any additional instructions which may be necessary to complete a successful reset.

Regardless of whether you have succeeded in resetting your Twinkly lights or not, make sure that all other devices and apps associated with controlling them are also up-to-date. This will help reduce the chances of running into similar issues in the future.

10 Methods How to Reset Twinkly Lights

1. Power Cycle the Lights

The first method for resetting Twinkly lights is to power cycle them. This involves unplugging the lights from the power source and waiting for at least 30 seconds before plugging them back in. This can often resolve connectivity issues and other technical problems.

Unplug the Power Source From the Wall

If this doesn’t work, you can try the following methods. If any of these methods work, be sure to check that your lights are connected properly before using them. However, if none of these methods work, you may need to contact Twinkly’s customer service.

2. Reset the Lights Using the Mobile App

If you have connected your Twinkly lights to the mobile app, you can reset them by accessing the app and navigating to the settings menu. Look for an option to reset the lights and follow the instructions provided. This will usually involve unplugging the lights from the power outlet and then plugging them back in.

When you reconnect the lights, they should be reset and ready to use. While resetting the lights using the mobile app may be a bit more convenient, bear in mind that this method can take a few minutes longer than resetting the lights directly in their physical settings.

3. Reset the Lights Using the Remote Control

If you have a remote control for your Twinkly lights, you can reset them by pressing and holding the power button for at least 5 seconds. This should cause the lights to flash, indicating that they have been reset. You can then use the remote to configure your Twinkly lights as desired.

Make sure to keep the remote in a safe place when not in use, as this is the only way to reset your lights if you ever need to do so in the future. However, if you misplaced or lost your remote control, the next step will help you reset your lights.

4. Check the WiFi Connectivity

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your Twinkly lights, check to make sure that your WiFi network is functioning properly. Try resetting your router or modem and connecting the lights to a different WiFi network to see if the issue persists.

If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider to troubleshoot the issue. While you wait for the service provider to help, you can use a wired connection to temporarily connect your lights. Once your wireless connection is restored, you can switch back to wireless mode.

5. Reset the Lights Using the Button on the Controller

If your Twinkly lights are not responding to the remote control or mobile app, you can reset them using the button on the controller. Look for a small reset button on the controller and press it with a paperclip or other small object.

Connected Your Twinkly Lights to the Mobile App

Hold the button down for at least 5 seconds and release. The lights should begin cycling through their startup sequence. This will reset the controller, and you can then re-pair it with your remote or app.

6. Reset the Lights Using the Reset Button on the Power Supply

If your Twinkly lights are connected to a power supply, you can reset them using the reset button on the power supply. Look for a small button on the power supply and press it with a paperclip or other small object. Hold the button down for at least 5 seconds and release.

The lights will reset, and you can start up the Twinkly app again. You may need to reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network if necessary. Be sure to save any changes you make in the app before disconnecting or resetting the lights. That way, your lights will be back up and running in no time.

7. Check the Firmware Version

If your Twinkly lights are not functioning properly, check to make sure that you have the latest firmware version installed. You can do this by accessing the mobile app and navigating to the settings menu. Here, you will find an option to check and install the latest firmware if necessary.

This is important as new updates may contain fixes for any lingering issues that you might be experiencing. However, if you recently installed a new firmware version and the lights are still not functioning properly, try resetting them. If that doesn’t work, contact customer support.

8. Factory Reset the Lights

If none of the above methods resolve the issue with your Twinkly lights, you can perform a factory reset. This will erase all settings and data associated with the lights, so proceed with caution. Look for instructions on how to perform a factory reset in the user manual or on the Twinkly website.

Once you’ve completed the factory reset, you can reconnect your Twinkly lights to your Wi-Fi network and begin setting up the lights from scratch. This time, be sure to double-check all of your settings and configurations to make sure everything is correct before continuing.

Pressing and Holding the Power Button

9. Contact Customer Support

If you have tried all of the above methods and your Twinkly lights still do not function properly, contact customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or offer a replacement if the lights are still under warranty.

You can usually find contact information on the product packaging or website. Be sure to have your device’s serial number, purchase date and any other pertinent information ready when you call. If your lights are still covered by warranty, customer support should be able to provide a replacement or additional assistance.

10. Replace the Lights

If none of the above methods work and your Twinkly lights are no longer under warranty, you may need to replace them. Look for a new set of Twinkly lights or consider switching to a different type of decorative lighting.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Resetting the Lights Correctly:

When resetting Twinkly lights, always ensure that the product is powered off and unplugged before attempting to reset the lights. If there is any power running through it, this may cause unexpected results and could damage your product.

2. Not Keeping the Lights Dry:

Twinkly lights must always be kept dry to prevent any damage or malfunction. If they get wet, unplug them immediately and let them dry before attempting to reset them.

3. Not Restoring the Default Settings:

When resetting Twinkly lights, it is important to restore the default settings. This will ensure that your product operates in its original form and that any third-party settings will be reset.

New Set of Twinkly Lights or Consider Switching


Now that you have completed the steps to reset your Twinkly lights, you should be prepared in case they stop working again. Regularly check on your decoders and do routine maintenance if needed. It is also helpful to keep extra replacement parts to tackle any potential issues down the line.

If a close examination of these hardware pieces doesn’t solve the problem, then resetting your lights back to factory default settings can solve many technical snags. Follow this guide on How to Reset Twinkly Lights, and enjoy being able to work with your creative display year after year.

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