How to Use Light Keeper Pro on Pre Lit Tree

Are you wondering how to use light keeper pro on pre lit tree? Lighting your Christmas tree brings cheer and festive spirit into the room, but it can be difficult to troubleshoot when it’s pre-lit. With the help of The LightKeeper Pro, you can easily make sure that all of your lights turn on and shine bright! In this blog post, we’ll show you exactly how to use this device so that your tree is perfect for the holidays.

How to Use Light Keeper Pro on Pre Lit Tree

Although many people look forward to the ease of decorating a pre-lit Christmas tree, they can also be quite tricky to assemble. But with the right tools and tips, setting up your pre lit Christmas tree doesn’t have to be stressful. The best way is by using a Light Keeper Pro – it’s an incredibly helpful tool that helps troubleshoot any lighting issues you might experience when installing or maintaining your Christmas Tree lights.

In this blog post we will show you how to use the Light Keeper Pro on a pre-lit tree in just five simple steps—explaining exactly what each tool does along the way so that you can keep your holiday spirit alive all season long! 

Why May You Want to Use Light Keeper Pro on Pre Lit Tree?

1. To Save Time

Before you can turn on a pre-lit tree, you may have to go through the process of untangling and replacing bulbs. With Light Keeper Pro, you can quickly identify which bulb is out and replace it in minutes. Also, make sure there are no shorts in the strand.

2. To Keep Your Tree Looking Its Best

Using Light Keeper Pro on your pre-lit tree allows you to keep it looking its best for years to come. The tool helps identify bulbs that need replacing and also detect faulty electrical connections which may cause damage if left unchecked.

3. To Maximize Your Tree’s Lifespan

With proper maintenance, pre-lit trees can last for many years to come. Light Keeper Pro allows you to quickly and easily identify which bulbs are burned out or faulty, ensuring that your tree stays looking its best for as long as possible.

4. To Ensure Safe Operation

Pre-lit trees use electrical components, so it’s important to make sure they are in proper working condition. Light Keeper Pro can detect any shorts in the strands and also identify faulty bulbs or connections that might become dangerous if left unchecked.

5. To Avoid The Hassle Of Stringing Lights

Need to String Lights on Your Tree

Lightkeeper Pro eliminates the need to string lights on your tree. Simply plug in the tool and it will quickly identify any issues, eliminating the need for manual troubleshooting. This saves you time and energy while ensuring that your pre-lit tree looks its best all season long.

By using Lightkeeper Pro on a pre-lit tree, you can save time, keep your tree looking its best, maximize its lifespan, ensure safe operation, and avoid the hassle of stringing lights. This powerful tool ensures that your pre-lit tree is in proper working condition so you can enjoy festive holiday decorations for many years to come.

How to Use Light Keeper Pro on Pre Lit Tree in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Gather All The Tools You Need

The very first step is to get all the necessary tools together: Light Keeper Pro, a ladder, and any extension cords or surge protectors you may need.

Step 2: Locate the Fuse Holder

Next, locate the fuse holder on your pre-lit tree. This should usually be near the base of the tree. Once located, step onto your ladder and unplug the fuse holder. Also make sure to unplug any other electrical devices connected to the pre-lit tree.

Step 3: Attach Light Keeper Pro

Attach your Light Keeper Pro to the fuse holder by plugging it in. Make sure that the tip of the Light Keeper Pro is inserted firmly into both ends of the fuse holders, with no remaining spaces for light strings to become disconnected.

Step 4: Test the Lights

Now press and hold down the trigger button on the Light Keeper Pro to test your tree. As it tests, you’ll notice that any section of light strings with a blown bulb or a loose connection will blink. 

Step 5: Fix The Lights

Once identified, replace any burned-out bulbs in those sections by pressing the trigger again to reset them. If the blinking continues, check for any bad connections and tighten up any loose wires. Once everything is secure, your tree should be fully lit and ready to enjoy!

Replace Any Burned Out Led Bulbs

By following these five steps, you can easily use your Light Keeper Pro on a pre-lit tree in just a few minutes! Enjoy!

Some Tips to Use Light Keeper Pro on Pre Lit Tree

1. Do Not Overload the Circuit

Before using the Light Keeper Pro, make sure that you don’t overload the circuit. This is especially important if your pre-lit tree has more than one strand of lights. Be sure to spread out your light strands across multiple circuits or use a surge protector when plugging in your Christmas tree and other decorations.

2. Check Your Fuses

Most pre-lit Christmas trees come with built-in fuses that can prevent the lights from working properly if they are not checked and replaced regularly. To avoid this, be sure to check your fuses before using the Light Keeper Pro.

3. Test Each Bulb

Before using the light keeper pro, test each bulb in the pre-lit tree to make sure they are all operational. If any of the bulbs appear dim or not working, replace them before using the light keeper pro.

4. Replace Bulbs Before Using Light Keeper Pro

If you find that any of your bulbs need to be replaced, do so before using the light keeper pro. This will ensure that the tool is not used on faulty bulbs which could damage the lights or even cause a fire.

5. Follow the Instructions

Be sure to read and follow all instructions for using the light keeper pro carefully to avoid damaging your pre-lit tree or other decorations. Make sure you understand how to properly use each setting and how the tool works before using it.

6. Don’t Attach Too Many Lights

Using the light keeper pro on a pre-lit tree can damage the lights if too many are attached to the same strand. Be sure to check your lights and spread them out over multiple circuits or use a surge protector to avoid this issue. Follow these tips when using the Light Keeper Pro on your pre-lit tree and you’ll have beautiful, working Christmas lights in no time!

Use a Surge Protector

7. Replace Fuses Regularly

Fuses can be easily replaced and should be done so regularly to ensure that your pre-lit tree is properly lit. Be sure to replace any blown fuses before using the light keeper pro and only use the tool on strands with functioning fuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should I Take When Using the Light Keeper Pro?

When using the Light Keeper Pro on a pre-lit tree, you should always use caution and make sure to read all instructions that come with the device. Additionally, you should ensure that all of your lights comply with safety standards and are rated for indoor/outdoor use as specified by the manufacturer.

Always wear protective eyewear when using the Light Keeper Pro, and do not attempt to repair damaged bulbs or wires directly with the device. If there is a severe problem with your pre-lit tree, it is best to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

How Does Light Keeper Pro Work?

The Light Keeper Pro works by sending a surge of electricity through your light strings to reset the connections between bulbs and wires. This process is called “zapping” and is done by pressing the trigger button on the device. When zapping, you should make sure to follow all instructions included with the device and pay attention for any breaks in continuity which could indicate a damaged bulb or wire.

What Should I Do if the Light Keeper Pro Does Not Fix My Lights?

If the Light Keeper Pro does not fix your lights, it is important to inspect all of the bulbs and wires for any visible damage or breaks in continuity. If you find any damaged areas, they should be replaced before attempting to use the device again. Additionally, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your pre-lit tree for further assistance.

How Often Should I Use Light Keeper Pro on My Pre Lit Tree?

It is recommended that you use the Light Keeper Pro on your pre-lit tree as needed, such as when new bulbs or wires are added, or if a section of lights fails to light up during testing. Additionally, it can be useful to zap the lights periodically throughout the season as a preventative measure. However, you should never use the Light Keeper Pro if all of your lights appear normal and functioning correctly.

Successfully Using the Light Keeper Pro on a Pre Lit Tree


Now you know how to use light keeper pro on pre lit tree! In conclusion, light keeper pro is an invaluable tool for anyone trying to maintain the lights of their pre-lit tree. The process doesn’t require complex technical knowledge – just follow the instructions, press the “zap” button, and your strand of lights should start glowing. This low-cost solution should help make one of the most magical times of year easier. 

So feel free to ask questions if you’re still unsure about how to use lightkeeper pro, and have a joyous season with a sparkling treetop! Enjoy this time of year with family and friends, and relish in the beauty that comes with brightening up your home. Have a wonderful holiday season making your decorating dreams come true!

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