Pool Lanai Lighting Ideas

No matter how big or small your outdoor space may be, effective and appropriate lighting can help take your pool lanai area from drab to fab in no time. Not only will the correct lights help create a magical evening atmosphere around the swimming pool, they can also provide practical usefulness, allowing you and your guests to move safely around the patio area when darkness falls.

In this blog post, we’re going to introduce a range of stylish pool lanai lighting ideas that are sure to transform any backyard space into a vibrant oasis right out of a five-star resort!

Pool Lanai Lighting Ideas

From gorgeous pendant pieces for larger backyards to cleverly integrated pathways embedded into decks for smaller alcoves – whichever type of pool lanai resounds with you most – we have something special in store just for you. So get inspired and start seeing beyond just one single style; let’s uncover some wilder possibilities together!

What Kind of Lights Do You Use around a Pool?

The types of lights used around a pool vary depending on the desired look and feel. Depending on where the lights are located, you may want to opt for traditional lightings such as wall sconces, pendant lights, or recessed canisters.

If you have a lanai (covered patio) near your pool area, string lighting is a popular choice that adds sophistication and ambiance. String lighting typically consists of festoon bulbs hung from poles with exposed cabling running in between, although some newer designs may include built-in wiring systems for a more discreet look.

For added glamour, you can also choose chandeliers or wireframe baskets for an eye-catching effect. Finally, low-voltage fixtures with LEDs provide energy-efficient illumination without sacrificing style. There’s a wide range of fixtures available, so you can find the perfect lighting solution to fit your pool lanai and individual taste.

In addition to these traditional lighting options, solar-powered lanterns are becoming increasingly popular for pool areas due to their convenience and ease of installation. Solar lanterns are an environmentally friendly solution that requires no wiring or electricity, making them a great choice for those who prefer minimalistic aesthetics.

They come in a variety of colors and styles and add subtle illumination throughout the area while giving off a warm ambiance during evening gatherings.

14 Pool Lanai Lighting Ideas

1. Ambient Lighting:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is a great way to add an inviting, cozy feel to your pool lanai. You can use soft, indirect light from hanging lanterns, string lights, or wall sconces for a subtle and ambient effect.

This type of lighting is perfect for adding a comfortable atmosphere and creating a relaxing space for entertaining or enjoying a night by the pool. If you’re looking to add a bit of flair, you can also choose from various colors and styles of light fixtures.

2. Task Lighting:

Task Lighting

If your pool lanai doubles as an outdoor living room, task lighting is essential for providing more focused lighting while you are reading or performing tasks such as grilling or barbecuing in the area. Track lighting and directional lamps are great options that provide bright illumination without taking up too much space on your lanai.

If you are looking for a more decorative option, consider hanging string lights or paper lanterns to add ambiance to your pool lanai. Not only are these lights aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide just enough light to allow you to complete any nighttime activities.

3. Accent Lighting:

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting helps to create an artful and unique atmosphere in your outdoor space by highlighting certain areas of interest, such as architectural features of the lanai, special artwork, plants and trees, and more. Recessed downlighting is a popular choice for accentuating focal points while also providing illumination throughout the area.

Wall sconces, post or pillar lights, and other lighting fixtures can also be used to bring attention to certain areas. Placing the accent lighting strategically throughout the lanai will help to create a visually interesting and inviting atmosphere.

4. Colored Lights:

Colored Lights

To take your outdoor decorating to the next level, consider using colored lights around your pool lanai! String lights with color-changing LED bulbs are a stunning option because you can adjust the hue depending on your mood or event theme for that evening.

You can even install LED strips under deck railings for a subtle but eye-catching effect that will last all night long! If you’re feeling extra creative, there are a number of ways to incorporate colored lights into your pool lanai design. For example, try using a dimmable light strip to create an ambient atmosphere or hang Chinese lanterns for a whimsical and romantic touch.

5. Waterproof Fixtures:

Waterproof Fixtures

When selecting fixtures near pools or other water bodies, it’s important to make sure they are completely sealed against moisture – choose only waterproof fixtures when shopping around! This will ensure durability over time so that you don’t have to worry about them rusting out after just one season of use!

However, these fixtures are typically more expensive, so it’s a good idea to shop around for the best deals. Additionally, many of these waterproof fixtures can be used with LED bulbs to make them energy-efficient and cost-effective.

6. Low-Voltage Lighting:

Low-Voltage Lighting

Low-voltage lighting is ideal for outdoor spaces because it uses less energy than traditional fixtures, lasts longer, and also offers safety benefits due to its lower wattage output (which reduces the risk of fire).

Most low-voltage systems use 12-volt bulbs which require their own transformer box in order to run correctly – so be sure to check compatibility before making any purchases! Low-voltage lighting is great for a variety of purposes, such as lighting up pathways, accentuating landscaping elements, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

7. Solar-Powered Lights:

Solar-Powered Lights

If budget is an issue when it comes to illuminating your pool lanai area, then consider investing in solar-powered lights – they’re inexpensive yet efficient and run completely off of solar energy, which makes them ideal if you’d like to reduce energy costs while also keeping up appearances outdoors!

There are many different shapes and sizes available, so choose what works best with your existing landscape design!

8. Motion Sensor Lights:

Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights around areas where people walk frequently is both convenient and safe – they turn on automatically when movement is detected at night, giving peace of mind knowing everyone has access to some light no matter where they are going around the property! Plus, this type of illumination will save you money on electricity bills, too, since it only runs when needed!

9. Recessed Step Lights:

Recessed Step Lights

Tucked into corners along steps or staircases leading up into the pool lanai area, these recessed step lights offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal with their sleek design that blends nicely with most landscape designs without being too obvious – perfect if you’re looking for subtlety in terms of nighttime ambiance! For a uniform look, opt for round step lights. For an eclectic vibe, mix and match differently shaped recessed fixtures. Choose from various colors and finishes to best coordinate with your existing decor.

10. Soft Glow Pathway Lights:

Soft Glow Pathway Lights

For those who want something slightly more dramatic than ambient lighting but still want an elegant look then why not opt for soft glow pathway lights? These enchanting fixtures cast just enough illumination along pathways leading into your pool area without being overwhelming, so everyone can move around safely at night without feeling like they’re in complete darkness!

Pathway lighting can be very affordable too, and they’re easy to install. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that your fixtures are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. Once you have the fixtures in place, you can enjoy a soft and inviting glow that makes your pool lanai area look even more inviting after dark.

11. Torches & Flameless Candles:

Torches & Flameless Candles

Even though natural flame torches have been used outdoors since ancient times, there are now flameless candles available too – they offer all the same benefits as regular torches (ambiance!) but without having to worry about open flames near pools or other water sources – the win-win situation here folks!

Some flameless candles even come with brightness settings and can be used to create a lovely, twinkling effect. They are usually battery-operated, so you don’t have to run around for extension chords. Place some of these around your pool lanai, and you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.

12. Uplights & Downlights:

Uplights & Downlights

Uplighting helps draw attention upwards towards taller structures such as pergolas and gazebos while downlighting does exactly what its name implies – casts light downwards onto surfaces below, creating beautiful shadows across patio decks, etc., perfect if you want some extra drama outdoors, come dusktime. Uplights and downlights can be set up around the edge of your pool lanai to create a stunning ambiance during nighttime gatherings.

13. Spotlights & Floodlights:

Spotlights & Floodlights

Spotlights & floodlights offer high levels of illumination and should be used sparingly as they tend to be quite powerful – however, they’re great options if you need intense amounts of light concentrated onto specific objects such as sculptures, art pieces, etc.

Spotlights are usually used to highlight a specific area, while floodlights can be used to light up an entire pool lanai area. The types of lights used range from halogen and incandescent bulbs to LED, fluorescent, and HID lamps – so you’re sure to find the perfect lighting option for your pool lanai. 

14 Stretched Canopy Lights:

Stretched Canopy Lights

If you’re looking for something fun yet functional, stretched canopy lights are a great option to light up your pool lanai. These strings of lights come in different shapes and sizes and can be hung from the ceiling or draped over furniture pieces.

They create a nice ambiance and make it easy to find your way around when swimming after dark. Plus, they’re energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about adding too much to your electricity bill.

Things To Look for When Lighting for Pool Lanai

When adding lighting to your pool lanai, there are a few key features you should consider:

1. Durability

Look for lights that can withstand the elements. Choose options that are designed to resist rust and corrosion and have a weatherproof rating, so they will last in any conditions.

2. Brightness

You’ll want to make sure the lights are bright enough to illuminate your pool lanai at night. Choose fixtures that have a high lumens-per-watt ratio so they will provide plenty of light while being energy efficient.

3. Design

Think about the overall design of your lighting when selecting fixtures. Consider the finish, sizes, and shapes that fit best with your outdoor space, and choose options that will enhance its look.

4. Easy installation

Look for lights that can be easily installed, whether you’re a DIYer or hiring an electrician. Make sure they have all necessary hardware included and are compatible with any existing wiring setup in your pool lanai.

By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to find the perfect lighting for your pool lanai. With a little research, you can create an inviting outdoor space that’s both beautiful and functional. Let these tips help you choose the best lights for your pool lanai.

Benefits Of Pool Lanai Lighting

1. Safety

Pool lanai lighting provides much-needed illumination for those who use the pool or spend time in the lanai area. Improved visibility helps reduce the chances of slipping, tripping or falling in the pool.

2. Security

Having adequate lighting around your pool area enhances security by deterring any potential intruders from entering the space after dark. It also helps make it easier to identify visitors who may come over at night.

3. Ambiance

Pool lanai lighting helps to create an inviting ambiance that makes the space feel more inviting and cozy. It’s also a great way to add a touch of style or personality to the area with various decorative lighting options.

4. Functionality

Having proper lighting around your pool lanai makes it easier for you to use the area at night for entertaining, swimming, or other activities. The light can help you find items in the area without having to turn on bright overhead lights.

5. Energy savings

Using energy-efficient LED lights around your pool lanai can help save money on electricity bills while still providing adequate illumination when needed. This is important as it will allow you to enjoy your pool lanai during nighttime hours without worrying about high energy costs.

Pool lanai lighting can be an important addition to any outdoor living space, providing safety, security, ambiance, and energy savings. With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to these lighting solutions for their pool lanais.

Some Common Mistakes When Pool Lanai Lighting

1. Not accounting for the environment. It’s important to take into consideration the environment when choosing lighting for your pool lanai area. Consider the size of the space, the type of atmosphere you are going for, and any nearby trees or plants that could be affected.

2. Overdoing it with too many lights. Too many lights in one spot can create a very harsh and overbearing effect. Instead, focus on fewer but higher quality fixtures spread around strategically to create an even lighting effect throughout the area.

3. Not considering safety when selecting pool lanai lighting options. Make sure your chosen fixtures don’t put people at risk; from tripping hazards to glare issues – safety should always come first!

4. Not accounting for the angle of light when purchasing fixtures for pool lanai areas. It’s important to select fixtures that are able to direct light in the direction you need it to go – whether that be up, down, or somewhere in between.

5. Not considering energy efficiency when selecting pool lanai lighting fixtures. Look for LED and other energy-efficient options whenever possible to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on electricity costs.

Taking these considerations into account will help you create a beautiful, safe, and energy-efficient outdoor space that can be enjoyed for years to come!

How Much Uv Does a Lanai Block?

The amount of UV protection provided by a lanai varies depending on the type of material used for the enclosure. For example, aluminum, metal or vinyl enclosures may block most UV rays; however, if there is any mesh material used in the design, some UV light can still get through.

Additionally, many lanais are made with windows and doors that can be opened to let additional sunlight into the area – these openings would not provide any protection from UV radiation. Therefore, it is important to consider how much sun your location receives when selecting an enclosure material for your lanai in order to ensure adequate UV protection.

Pool lanai lighting also plays an important role in providing shade and protecting against excessive exposure to harmful UV rays. LED lights are a great option for pool lanai lighting, as they provide bright illumination without generating any heat and are typically energy efficient.

Furthermore, outdoor lighting fixtures or bulbs that have been specifically designed to filter out UV light can be used to further reduce the amount of radiation reaching your lanai area. This is an especially important consideration for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun.


Switching up pool lanai lighting can drastically change the environment and aesthetic of a space. Installing low-wattage LED lights or solar-powered lights are great options for turning an ordinary area into something spectacular.

With these helpful tips in mind, you can create the perfect wedding night vibes or electrify your evening swim sessions with amazing pool lanai lighting ideas! If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space with refreshing new lighting,

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