Backyard Ice Rink Lighting Ideas

Whether you’re planning to use your backyard ice rink for hockey practice or just want to spend some time skating with friends and family, the right lighting is essential. 

Not only can it help keep you safe and prevent injuries, but lighting also adds a fun and exciting vibe to your outdoor rink. So here are some backyard ice rink lighting ideas.

Backyard Ice Rink Lighting Ideas

Why Should You Use Lights for Backyard Ice Rink?

Backyard ice rink lighting is essential for a safe and enjoyable skating experience. Lighting the area with bright lights can prevent accidents from occurring because skaters cannot see certain obstacles in the dark.

Lights are also important for increasing visibility when setting up safety nets, boards, and other protective gear surrounding the rink. In addition, backyard ice rinks need appropriate lighting duration that allows skaters daytime and nighttime skating sessions.

Additionally, backyard lights make for beautiful visuals each day – allowing friends, family, and passersby to enjoy your beloved winter sports activity. Backyard rink lighting helps your activity stand out and increases the overall joy of participating in winter pond hockey or figure skating activities.

20 Backyard Ice Rink Lighting Ideas

1. String Lights

String Lights

Backyard ice rinks are always a winter favorite, but they can require extra lighting to make them fun and safe. String lights are the perfect way to illuminate any outdoor skating space — they provide enough light at night to keep skaters visible and make the rink look incredibly festive!

Hang the lights around the perimeter or across individual trees for a spooky or romantic effect. Plus, string lights are easy to install and remove on your timeline. Backyard ice rinks will be easy to navigate and beautiful all winter long with the help of string lights!

2. LED Lights

LED Lights

Backyards can be transformed into skating rinks with the help of LED lights as a cost-effective lighting solution. Not only do LED lights provide bright illumination for optimal skating conditions, but they also make it possible to enjoy the outdoors on evenings and nights that would otherwise be too dark.

LED lights are energy efficient and don’t generate much heat, saving household power costs while bringing families together around outdoor fun. For example, backyard ice rinks lit by LED lights provide the perfect winter activity on cold days and nights!

3. Spotlights


Backyard ice rinks are a great way to enjoy cold weather activities, and now you can light them up with spotlights! Installing spotlights in your backyard rink not only allows for nighttime skating sessions but also provides a dazzling show.

During the day, the sun’s rays will sparkle off the ice, creating a truly magical effect for those brave enough to hit the rink. These powerful lights will allow for year-round use of any outdoor ice hockey or figure skating arena in any season – whether it’s a hot summer night or a freezing winter day.

With spotlights lighting up your backyard rink, you’ll have an outdoor oasis that showcases winter fun all year long!

4. Floodlights


Floodlights have revolutionized outdoor activities, sports, and celebrations. For example, homeowners can now light up their backyard hockey rinks for night skating by installing a few floodlights. This gives them more time to be outside, enjoying the winter weather with family and friends.

No more running out of daylight before they’re done; they can now enjoy the skating experience when it’s most convenient. Floodlights offer an enjoyable atmosphere while providing safety in these areas as well. Backyard ice rink lighting is one of the best solutions when looking to enhance your property during the cold months!

5.  Path Lights

Path Lights

Backyard ice rink lighting is a great way to make the most of a winter wonderland. Path lights can be conveniently set up along the edges of outdoor ice rinks, providing maximum visibility and safety for those skating at night. Decorative models are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles to help create the perfect atmosphere for your ice rink.

Designs range from modern LED lights to classic traditional fixtures, allowing you to customize your space accordingly. For example, with path lights in place, your backyard ice rink will always be illuminated with inviting light throughout the cold winter.

6. Post Lights

Post Lights

Backyard ice rink lighting is an important part of making sure everyone on the rink is safe and can get around without tripping or skating into something. Post lights are especially useful when lighting a backyard ice rink, as they provide bright and reliable visibility from all areas of the rink.

Post lights can be attached to posts in between rinks, along boards, underneath rafters, and anywhere else that could use increased lighting on the rink. The best post lights for backyard ice rinks are usually LED bulbs because of their longevity and power savings compared to other light sources.

Backyard ice rink post lights help create the perfect outdoor skating experience by helping keep everyone safe and allowing people to enjoy winter activities late into the night!

7. Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great way to add lighting to an outdoor space, like a backyard ice rink. Not only do they offer enough light for skating safely at night, but they also provide ambiance and add an aesthetic touch. Wall sconces can be set up around the rink strategically for maximum effect.

Low-voltage options make for a great choice as they are both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Plus, their placement around the edges opens up other yard areas for seating or other activities during the day. With the right setup, wall sconces can be the perfect addition to any backyard ice rink.

8. Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland, then deck lighting might just be the perfect solution! Backyard ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular, and deck lighting can bring that magical touch of night-time skating to your home.

Deck lighting takes what could otherwise be an ordinary backyard rink and transforms it into a dazzling spectacle that your family and friends will enjoy. Whether enhancing a simple rink or adding effects to new creative designs, deck lighting can take your game up a notch—allowing you to enjoy skating outdoors at night.

9. Lanterns


Backyard ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular, making lanterns necessary to bring visibility and fun to nighttime skating sessions. They can create a beautiful atmosphere and provide some illumination, so that evening skaters don’t miss any of the action.

Lanterns come in various shapes and sizes, from mason jar versions to those with intricate designs and patterns that are sure to add some visual interest to any outdoor space.

Whether strung along a backyard railing or placed on tables around the rink, these festive fixtures create an inviting ambiance that is perfect for any winter night.

10. Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Candle holders make a wonderful addition to any occasion. Whether you’re looking to adorn your home or need some decor for a special event, they offer an air of elegance and sophistication.

Candles can especially add to the atmosphere of a backyard ice rink when hung from a wire or rope and strung across the length of the rink, lighting up the night’s play with a warm glow.

Candle holders provide additional charm to the skaters as they glimmer in the snow, adding more magic and beauty to your sheet of ice. With so many styles, materials, and sizes available, candle holders will surely bring light and joy to any wintery rink and its visitors!

11. Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Solar lights are becoming increasingly popular for various uses, and their convenience and affordability make them an ideal option for those looking to light up their backyard ice rink.

Not only will solar lights provide a safe, well-lit space to enjoy your own private ice rink, but they don’t require any additional wiring or setup since they are powered by the sun.

Solar lights come in wide varieties and sizes, so it’s easy to find the right fixture for your needs. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other lighting solutions, and the savings keep increasing since they eliminate the need to buy electric power.

Solar lights can let you enjoy a safe spending time outside during evening hours, so why not give them a try today?

12. Underwater Lights

Underwater Lights

Backyard ice rink lighting can add a spark of bright color to any winter activity. Underwater lights are the perfect addition to backyard ice rinks; they offer a unique light pattern with multiple colors that enliven the cold atmosphere of a frozen pond or lake.

Not only do these lights create an inviting atmosphere, but they will often attract natural wildlife of all kinds to view the area. The vibrant brilliance of underwater lights on a backyard ice rink allows families and friends to experience winter in an entirely new way, where the stars bring their special light show right into your backyard.

13. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns create a beautiful and transformative atmosphere, perfect for any occasion. Whether it is in an outdoor wedding venue or your own backyard Ice Rink lighting, the warm glow of these fixtures makes everyone feel like they are living amongst the stars.

With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, you can create your own arrangement and design to ensure no matter where you hang them; you’ll be sure to get plenty of compliments for your welcoming environment.

14. Chandeliers


Backyard ice rinks have become increasingly popular, and what better way to light up the rink’s atmosphere than with a sparkling chandelier. Not only do these timeless pieces bring a sense of elegance, but they can also provide a much-needed light source to help you and your kids glide along in the evening hours.

Whether you install an outdoor chandelier or go for something inside your home, it’ll instantly add a touch of sophistication to any setting. Whatever style your space calls for, you’re sure to find a stunning chandelier guaranteed to make your backyard rink an unforgettable experience.

15. Icicle lights

Icicle lights

Backyard ice rink lighting is a great way to up the game when creating an outdoor skating rink. Icicle lights create a magical and festive effect on any area they illuminate while brightening up darker nights.

Installing icicle lights along the perimeter wall or strung from roof to roof can provide the perfect illumination for nighttime skating. A surefire way for your home rink to be the envy of friends and family, adding icicle lights can help create wonderful memories in the years to come.

16. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights have become a practical and versatile tool for homeowners in recent years. They are well-suited for various applications, from adding security to outdoor areas to illuminating pathways. Innovative uses for motion sensors can also provide added convenience and even turn ordinary tasks into enjoyable experiences.

Backyard ice rink lighting is a great example of the benefits of motion sensor lights. Installing these lights around the perimeter of an ice rink can simplify the process of turning on and off multiple lights, making it easier to light up the ice rink in the evening hours without worrying about manually switching things on or off.

Not only that, but motion sensor lights help create an exciting atmosphere with their motion detection capabilities – they make skating outdoors more enjoyable and add an extra layer of ambiance to the experience!

17. Lighted Snowflakes or Stars

Lighted Snowflakes or Stars

Backyard ice rinks provide hours of outdoor fun for all ages and can become a winter wonderland with the addition of lighted snowflakes or stars. These decorations light up in colors that bring a little sparkle to a nighttime skate session.

More than being festive, these decorations can also be used to illuminate the ice so the participants can more easily maneuver and have even greater visibility while they skate.

Instead of splurging on traditional outdoor landscape lighting, invest in some lighted snowflakes or stars this winter and transform your backyard into a magical place!

18. Uplighting


Backyard ice rinks are a great addition to every winter wonderland. A popular feature of these rinks is when they are illuminated by uplighting. These lights are placed around the rink’s perimeter in a subtle yet beautiful way, creating the perfect outdoor skating experience on a crisp winter’s night.

Whether you’re skating alone or with friends and family, uplighting your backyard ice rink gives off an inviting ambiance that everyone can enjoy. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re looking to turn your outdoor winter landscape into an unforgettable experience!

19. Wall Washers

Wall Washers

Backyard ice rinks can provide a great source of fun and entertainment during cold winter months. However, proper lighting is necessary for the rink to be enjoyed safely. Wall washers are an efficient solution for ensuring all areas are properly illuminated for nighttime skating.

By directly mounting them onto walls surrounding the rink, wall washers help to distribute light evenly so the whole area is visible and safe. They also provide flexibility and customization options that make it easy to adjust brightness and color, setting the perfect backdrop no matter when or how often you’re using your backyard ice rink.

20. Color Changing LEDs

Color Changing LEDs

Backyard ice rinks are a great way to enjoy outdoor recreation, especially during winter. However, with color-changing LED technology, backyard ice rink lighting can be taken to the next level. Red, blue, and green LEDs give a subtle change of colors in the evening air that is perfect for any ice skating party or a romantic evening out on the town.

These color-changing LEDs are great for setting an ambiance and provide better visibility and illuminating areas not typically reached with traditional white light bulbs. In addition, these energy-efficient lights last up to 20 times longer than regular lights, making them cost-efficient too!

Backyard ice rink lighting has never been more fun or convenient – invest in LED color-changing lights today and make your outdoor ice skating experience even more special!

That’s it! You’ve now learned about backyard ice rink lighting ideas that will transform your backyard into a winter wonderland.

From motion sensor lights to uplighting and color-changing LEDs, these options will make it easier to turn on and off multiple lights, create an exciting atmosphere with their motion detection capabilities, add a festive atmosphere with lighted snowflakes or stars, and provide even better visibility.

Things You Need to Know Before Using Light on Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard ice rink lighting can provide outdoor playing surfaces with the visibility necessary for safe and enjoyable hockey and figure skating. However, there are a few things you need to know before using light on your backyard ice rink to ensure that it is adequately lit while not over-illuminating or causing glare issues.

It’s important to understand the benefits of different lighting setups and the optimal placement of lights to improve visibility and create an enjoyable experience with minimal energy usage.

Remember, appropriate lighting can make all the difference in how people enjoy their time on the ice, so researching what kind of backyard ice rink lighting setup is right for you should be at the top of your list!

Benefits of Using Light on Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard ice rinks can be a great addition to your outdoor space in the winter months. Adding lighting to your rink can extend the safe and enjoyable use of the rink into evening hours and make it safer by providing increased visibility while skating.

Backyard ice rink lighting also adds to the overall ambiance and visual enjoyment of your outdoor area while providing better conditions for Zamboni cleaning and general maintenance at all times.

Installing lights on your backyard ice rink will improve your skating or hockey experience so that you can take full advantage of the natural beauty of winter activities even after sundown.

Some Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Use Light on Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard ice rink lighting can be a tricky thing to get right; otherwise, you can end up wasting money and time on inadequate lighting. Unfortunately, this is because many people overlook certain important elements when deciding where to install lights for their outdoor rinks.

Common mistakes people make include using too few lights which leads to poor visibility, improper placement of lights resulting in unneeded glare, and failing to factor in the type of light they are purchasing. To ensure your rink remains lit throughout the evenings and nights, it’s best to remember these three points when tackling backyard ice rink lighting!


No matter what kind of lighting setup you choose for your backyard ice rink – from string lights to floodlights – making sure that it’s properly lit will help keep everyone safe while also adding some extra fun and excitement into the mix!

With these ideas in mind, you’ll be ready to light up your own backyard ice rink like a pro! Thanks for reading our post about backyard ice rink lighting ideas.

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