Camper Lighting Ideas

Are you ready to take your camping evenings up a notch? Lighting can be an important part of the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of your campsite – adding some extra sparkle, safety, comfort, and fun. 

Whether you’re sofa-camping in a hotel room or dropped way off the grid for full immersion, lighting options are readily available to spruce up -or tone down- your outdoor living experience. 

Camper Lighting Ideas

From simple battery-powered task lights to solar lanterns that recharge from the sun and come equipped with Bluetooth speakers for entertainment – today, we have plenty of choices when it comes to outside illumination! Let’s explore some camper lighting ideas that are sure to bring new life into any nighttime adventure.

Are Led Lights Better for Camping?

When it comes to camper lighting, one of the most popular options is LED lights. LEDs offer a number of advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs when camping.

First, LED lights are much more efficient than conventional incandescent lights, resulting in far less energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Additionally, they produce significantly less heat, making them a much safer option in confined spaces such as campers and tents. LED lights also have an incredibly long life span, with some lasting up to 50 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Moreover, LED lighting provides better visibility for the campers. LEDs are renowned for producing a bright white light that is easy on the eyes and makes it much easier to see in low-light situations. This improved illumination can help ensure the safety of campers during nighttime activities.

Finally, LED lights are also more durable than conventional lighting options, making them ideal for camping trips that can involve rough terrain and other elements.

Overall, LED lights offer significant advantages compared to traditional incandescent bulbs for camping, allowing campers to enjoy their trips more safely and efficiently. With their long-term durability, lower energy consumption, and improved visibility, LED lights are an ideal choice for all types of camping.

16 Awesome Camper Lighting Ideas

Nothing brightens up a dark corner like the perfect lighting fixture. Whether you’re looking for something to make your camper shine or something functional to light up your living space, there are countless ways to add illumination to your mobile home. 

From rustic touches to modern elements, here are 15 awesome camper lighting ideas that will bring sparkle and style to any RV.

1. String Lights:

For a warm, inviting ambiance, string lights are the way to go. Hang them from the ceiling or wrap them around furniture for an easy illumination solution. They come in different colors and shapes for an added touch of personality in any room. 

String Lights

If you’re looking for more light without overpowering the area, try battery-powered LED string lights. Try to find ones with a timer or dimmer switch to help conserve battery life.

2. Wall Sconces:

Wall sconces can be used in both interior and exterior applications, and they come in various styles ranging from traditional lanterns to more modern fixtures. Add a touch of elegance with these decorative pieces that offer both beauty and functionality. While they may be more expensive than some other lighting options, their classic look will last for years to come. Consider installing wall sconces at each corner of the camper for a tasteful, soft glow throughout.

Wall Sconces

To further enhance their aesthetic impact, consider adding shades or colored glass to give the light more of a personal touch. This type of lighting also provides great task lighting for cooking and reading, as it is focused on a specific area. It’s also easy to install, making it ideal for anyone looking to upgrade the look of their camper interior.

3. Pendant Lights:

These lights hang from the ceiling on a single cord or metal rod, making them ideal for smaller spaces like RVs and campers where floor space is limited. They provide direct overhead lighting with adjustable height options, so you can customize their location depending on the task at hand.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights pair well with warm white LED bulbs and can be complemented by other lighting sources like table lamps or wall sconces. They are available in a variety of styles, so you can find one to suit your camper décor. Be sure to measure the area and verify the wattage requirements for your lights before purchasing.

4. Track Lighting:

A great way to brighten up any work surface or kitchen countertop is track lighting, which uses multiple bulbs connected by one electrical source along a single track system mounted onto walls or ceilings. This type of lighting offers adjustable illumination from multiple angles which makes it ideal for areas where you’ll be doing multiple tasks at once.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is also great for creating an ambient atmosphere or just brightening up any corner of your camper. Track lighting is available in a variety of finishes and designs, so you can find something that fits the overall style of your camper. Although it is slightly more expensive than regular lighting, the adjustability and amount of light track lighting provides makes it a great investment for camper owners.

5. Recessed Lighting:

Recessed lights blend into ceilings, giving off natural light without taking up much space or creating too much glare. Choose between halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs depending on your needs and energy-saving goals. This type of lighting works great in bathrooms where more intense light is needed as well as other parts of the camper where softer illumination is desired.

Recessed Lighting

Install recessed lighting on the ceiling of your camper to instantly open and brighten up the space. This is a great way to bring light into the camper without taking up too much space. However, due to the construction of some campers, recessed lighting might not be an option. If this is the case for you, there are still plenty of other options available.

6. Outdoor Lanterns:

Outdoor lanterns offer maximum flexibility when it comes to designing exterior lighting solutions because they’re available in many shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, materials, and styles. Place some solar-powered versions near doorways for convenience, mount wall-mounted ones next to steps for safety reasons, or hang pendant lanterns over seating areas outside of your RV for cozy evening gatherings.

Outdoor Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns also make a great accent piece to any outdoor space, so consider adding some unique style to your campground by installing modern or vintage-inspired lanterns. Whatever type of outdoor lantern you choose, it will definitely add a touch of sophistication to your camping experience!

7. Under Cabinet Lights:

Install LED under cabinet lights beneath kitchen cabinets and counters for task lighting when cooking meals. The slim profile won’t take up much space while providing enough light when prepping meals or cleaning dishes after dinner. With motion sensors available on some models, these lights save energy by turning off when not in use.

Under Cabinet Lights

They also provide a warm and inviting atmosphere when entertaining guests. Add an extra touch of style by choosing colored LED light strips that add ambiance to any room. Although LED lights are a considerable investment upfront, the energy savings over time make it worth the cost.

8. Motion Sensor Lights:

Installing motion sensor lights can help keep your camper safe by alerting you whenever someone approaches it at night — perfect if you’re parked far away from other campers/amenities while camping outdoors. Some models also come with dimming settings, so they don’t stay too bright, conserving power while still providing adequate illumination levels during nighttime activities.

Motion Sensor Lights

For additional safety, consider purchasing a security system with motion sensors as part of your camper lighting setup. That way, you’ll always be aware of any activity around your campsite. Although they typically require more energy to operate, these lights are an ideal solution for anyone who wants a secure and well-lit campsite.

9. Task Lights:

Task lights are ideal when extra visibility is needed inside an RV — think lamps with flexible arms mounted onto desks or walls near bedside tables so you can easily read books before dozing off or small clip-on lights that attach to headboards for late-night snack runs. Be sure to choose options that have low-wattage bulbs so as not to overload electrical systems within the vehicle’s structure.

Task Lights

LED bulbs are ideal, as they last longer and use less energy than standard incandescent lightbulbs. Additionally, be sure to check that any wiring used is RV-rated and compliant with the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) standards. Though they can initially be a bit pricey, task lights are well worth the investment due to their efficiency and safety.

10. Accent Lights:

Nothing sets a mood quite like accent lighting! Accentuate architectural features like windowsills, window frames, doorways, alcoves, etc., with carefully placed wall sconces, floating LED strips (for closets ), spotlights (for paintings), and even decorative string lights (for stairwells). All of these sources create ambient mood Lighting that evokes feelings of comfort & relaxation, perfect after long days spent exploring nature trails!

Accent Lights

Though not as strong as task lighting, accent lights are a great way to dress up any camper space. Make sure to check out all the different types of accent light fixtures available to fit your taste & budget.

11. Cabinet Lights:

Increase visibility inside storage compartments like cabinets & drawers by installing miniature led strip lights along edges & shelves – these mini LEDs provide just enough light without being overly obtrusive & consuming too much power at once – plus, they look really cool! With waterproof strips available, this type of lightning works great inside damp areas such as bathrooms & kitchens too! Perfect for camper lighting ideas!

Cabinet Lights

Although these lights are generally self-adhesive, it’s always a good idea to use additional mounting brackets where possible for extra stability. However, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions first before purchasing or installing. With cabinet lights, you can safely find items in your compartments even with the lights off!

12. Spotlights:

Highlight parts of your RV with directional spotlights that focus beams onto specific architectural features such as walls, nooks & crannies — just make sure the fixtures you choose are heat resistant since spots generate concentrated heat over time! This type of illumination will highlight not only interesting bits but also create distinct focal points throughout rooms! Don’t do too much, though, as you don’t want to create a ‘museum-like’ atmosphere; use spots in moderation.


However, you can also use this technique to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere if placed strategically. Just be sure the spotlights are low-voltage options, as they are safer and more energy efficient.  Additionally, you can make sure your lights are dimmable so that you can adjust the mood of your space as desired.

13. Step Lights:

Keep stairs illuminated overnight by installing step lights underneath each tread – this is especially useful if your camper has a lofted bed and you have to access it regularly during the night! Choose warm white LEDs or motion-sensing lights that turn on & off when they detect movement – both are great energy-saving ideas!

Step Lights

While they can be a bit of an investment, they’re well worth it in the long run as they provide safe passage through your camper while keeping electricity usage to a minimum. You can easily install step lights yourself in a few simple steps – just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

14. LED Strip Lights:

LED strip lights are an extremely versatile lighting source because they can be cut into any length, shaped around curves, and easily moved around since they’re lightweight! Use them inside cabinets to light up hard-to-reach items, along furniture edges for soft illumination, or in clusters around wall art as a decorative accent.

LED Strip Lights

They’re also available in multi-color options if you want something more dynamic. You can’t go wrong with LED strip lights! Additionally, they’re very energy efficient and won’t drain your power supply.

15. Ceiling Lights:

Don’t forget about overhead lighting, either! Choose a pendant light or chandelier to hang over dining tables, lanterns for kitchen islands & flush mount fixtures to illuminate hallways – all of these options help create a cozy ambiance while consuming very little electricity.

Ceiling Lights

Plus, they can be easily replaced with more energy-efficient alternatives in the future if necessary! Though they may weigh a bit more than other options, the added touch of class and style they bring to your camper make them well worth it.

16. Novelty Lights:

Last but not least, why not add some fun & personality with novelty lights? Strings of starburst fairy lights make great accent touches around windowsills and door frames, vintage-style filament bulbs look stylish inside living room areas, and glow-in-the-dark neon signs are eye-catching ways to welcome guests when parked outside!

Novelty Lights

With so many options available today, you’re sure to find something that suits your camper’s unique style! If you’re feeling crafty, you can even create your own custom light design to give your camper a truly unique look. However you choose to lighten up your camper this season, you’ll be sure to have a fun and enjoyable time doing it!

There are countless ways to give your RV an upgrade with lighting! Creating a well-lit environment doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it just takes a little bit of creativity and careful planning. Now you can enjoy the beauty of camping without having to sacrifice comfort & convenience – don’t forget to share photos of your favorite camper lighting ideas in the comments below!  Have fun & safe travels!  

Things you need to Know Before Lighting for Camping

1. Know about Your Local Camping Regulations:

Some campsites have their own regulations for lighting, and it’s important to follow these rules to avoid any fines or hassle. Make sure you know what these regulations are, and check with your local campground to find out if they have any specific requirements.

2. Choose the Right Lighting:

Make your camping trip as enjoyable and safe as possible with the right lighting choice for your needs. There are several different lighting options to choose from, such as string lights, portable lanterns, solar-powered lamps, and battery-operated flashlights. Consider factors like weather conditions, the size of your campsite, and the number of people in your group when selecting a light source that’s most suitable for you.

3. Take Safety Precautions:

When using any type of lighting at night while camping, always takes safety precautions by keeping flammable items away from open flames or heat sources. Also, be aware of wild animals who may be drawn to the light and food, and keep your items stored away from their reach. Finally, it’s always important to follow basic electrical safety rules when using any type of lighting outside.

4. Have Fun with Your Camper Lighting:

Once you understand the regulations of your campground and have taken all necessary safety precautions, there are plenty of ways to make your lighting fun and creative! Hang string lights around the campsite for a festive atmosphere or get creative with battery-operated LED lights in different shapes or colors. Alternatively, use solar-powered lamps to add warmth and ambiance to your evening gathering. The possibilities are endless!

Battery-operated LED Lights

Benefits of Lighting While Camping

Lighting is an essential component of any camping trip. It not only helps to provide a safe environment, but it also helps create the right atmosphere for a successful outdoor experience. With lighting, you can increase your chances of having a successful and enjoyable camping adventure. Here are some benefits of using lights while camping:

1. Create Ambiance:

Lights can help set the mood on any given night. Soft lighting can be used to create a romantic atmosphere by the campfire, or bright lighting can be used around your campsite to keep things lively and fun.

2. Improve Safety:

Having light in your area can make all the difference when it comes to safety at night. Choose motion-sensor lights that will come on when you need them and turn off when you don’t, so you can enjoy the peace of nature without worrying about intruders.

3. Increase Visibility:

Good lighting also increases visibility around your campsite. You’ll be able to easily spot hazards like rocks or fallen branches that might otherwise go unnoticed in the dark.

4. Extend Your Day:

Camping is all about making the most of your time outdoors, and having lights can help extend your day by giving you more hours to explore and play after dark.

By using camping lights, you can create a safer, more enjoyable atmosphere for yourself and those who are joining you on your camping trip. 

From romantic ambiance to improved safety, there are plenty of reasons to include lighting in your camping plans. Be sure to choose the right type of light for your needs and enjoy the added benefits that it can bring.

Some Common Mistakes for Camper Lights

1. Not Using the Right Wattage Bulb –

It is essential to use bulbs that are rated for outdoor use and have the correct wattage for your lighting fixtures. Using too many watts can lead to the lights burning out faster or even causing a fire hazard.

Bulbs That Are Rated for Outdoor Use

2. Not Using Proper Shielding –

Outdoor lighting needs to be protected from the elements. Make sure that you are using fixtures that are designed to be used outdoors and that they have proper shielding from rain, snow, wind, etc.

3. Not Considering Energy Efficiency –

Energy-efficient light bulbs can help save you money in the long run. Look for LED lights or other types of bulbs with lower wattage but still provide enough light output to meet your needs.

4. Not Placing Lights in Safe Areas –

Be sure to place your camper lights away from flammable materials and out of reach of children and pets. Make sure any extension cords used for lighting are rated for outdoor use as well and placed properly away from traffic areas.


Hopefully this list of camper lighting ideas has inspired you to try something new on your next camping trip! Whether you’re going for a rustic feel with mason jars or want to add some fun and personality with string lights, there are endless possibilities when it comes to campground illumination. 

With a little creativity, you can transform your campsite into an oasis in the woods. So gather up your supplies and get ready for a glow-tastic adventure!

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