Chain Link Fence Lighting Ideas

If you are looking to light up your chain link fence in a unique way, then look no further! Whether it’s for adding security, highlighting the landscape of your home or business, or just making a statement with vibrant colors and textures, chain link fence lighting ideas have never been more plentiful. 

Chain Link Fence Lighting Ideas

And since most lights for outdoor use fit within a reasonable budget and are adjustable to fit many different styles of fencing, this is an easy project that can be completed quickly with minimal effort. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the best ways to light up your chain link fence with style and fun.

11 Cool Chain Link Fence Lighting Ideas

Chain Link Fence Lighting Ideas is a great way to add drama and ambiance to any outdoor space. Whether it’s a garden, patio, pool area, or business space, lighting can bring the right atmosphere and transform the look of your fencing. Here are 11 creative ideas for how to light up your chain link fence:

1. String Lights 

A classic choice that will always look beautiful. You can choose from white, multi-colored, or holiday-themed options that can be draped over the top of the fence or along its sides.

String Lights 

They’re easy to install and use minimal energy, so you won’t have to worry about a high electricity bill. If you’re looking for a classy, understated look, string lights are the way to go. Although string lights are a popular choice for chain link fences, they can also be used to light up other types of fencing.


  • Easy to install
  • Low cost and low energy use
  • Can be used for any type of fence


  • Not as bright or powerful as other lighting options
  • Need to be checked periodically to ensure they are still working properly.
  • Can be damaged easily.

2. Solar Lights –

These lights are perfect for those who want an eco-friendly option for their chain-link fence lighting needs. Many solar lights come with sensors that automatically turn them on when darkness falls, making them both convenient and energy efficient!

Solar Lights


  • Chain link fence lighting can create a unique outdoor ambiance, allowing you to enjoy your backyard in the evening.
  • They’re easy to install and don’t require much maintenance.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to add a unique touch to your fence lighting design.
  • Chain link fence lights are also generally easy to find in home improvement stores or online.


  • It can be difficult to determine the right amount of lighting for your fence.
  • The lights can be expensive, depending on the type you choose.
  • They may require additional wiring or electrical outlets if not powered by solar energy, which can also be costly.
  • Chain link fences are generally not very attractive, so adding lights could actually detract from their appearance if not done properly.
  • They may also attract insects, which can be a nuisance.

3. Color-Changing LED Strips –

Create stunning visual effects with color-changing LED strips. You can easily mount them onto the fence posts or string them across the top of your chain link fence and program them to transition through different colors, or even respond to music!

Color-Changing LED Strips


  • Chain link fence lighting is an effective way to add additional light to an outdoor space without the need for extensive renovations or installations.
  • It is relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for those on a budget.
  • Chain link fence lighting is also versatile and can be used to create both ambient and task lighting in outdoor areas.
  • The installation process is relatively straightforward, meaning that even those with limited DIY experience can easily install the fencing themselves.
  • It is also durable and weatherproof, meaning that it can withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking or corroding.


  • Chain link fence lighting is not as aesthetically pleasing as other fencing materials, such as wood or wrought iron.
  • It can be difficult to access the wiring and bulbs in order to make repairs or replacements.
  • The lighting can also produce glare, which may be a nuisance for people who live nearby.
  • The links of the chain link fence can become loose over time, making it less secure and potentially posing a safety risk.
  • It may also require frequent cleaning and maintenance in order to keep it looking its best.

4. Spotlights 

Add an extra level of security by illuminating dark areas around your home with spotlights. You could also use motion-activated spotlights that turn on when movement is detected in order to both act as a deterrent and help you navigate around at night without having to switch on all the lights in your house!



  • Lighting up a chain link fence can create an eye-catching feature in any outdoor space.
  • Chain link fence lighting is an easy way to improve the safety and security of your property, as well as to provide illumination that makes it easier to navigate at night.
  • Using solar lights or low voltage LED lighting on your chain link fence allows you to save on electricity costs. 
  • Chain link fence lighting can be used to highlight certain features in your garden, such as a pond or water feature, or to simply create an inviting atmosphere.


  • Although chain link fence lighting is a great way to light up your backyard, it does come with a few drawbacks.
  • Lights can be easily knocked down or damaged, resulting in a need for frequent repair or replacement.
  • Chain link fence lighting is also susceptible to water damage and rusting, which means it needs to be replaced more often than other types of outdoor lighting.
  • Some people find that the light from a chain link fence can be too bright and intrusive at night, so it’s important to use lighting that is not too harsh.

5. Post Cap Lights –

Illuminate each post with post cap lights for a professional-looking result, ideal if you’re using lighting as part of a landscaping project for your home or business premises. They’re easy to install, and you can choose from a range of designs to match your existing fence.

Post Cap Lights

Post-cap lights are energy-efficient, so they can help keep your costs down. If you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your fence, post-cap lights are a perfect choice. Though they may cost more initially, in the long run, they’re worth the investment.


  • Chain link fences can be easily customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Chain link fence lighting can provide extra security and peace of mind for homeowners who want to deter potential intruders from entering their space.
  • Chain link fence lighting can be used for aesthetic purposes as well, creating a beautiful ambiance in any outdoor area. 
  • With technological advancements, chain link fence lighting has become more energy efficient, making it an environmentally friendly option when choosing a lighting solution.


  • Chain link fences can be difficult to install and may require professional help.
  • If not properly installed, chain link fence lighting can be a fire hazard as the wiring has to be done correctly for it to work safely.
  • Chain link fence lighting may require regular maintenance and upkeep, as the lights can become dim over time or need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

6. Cloud Lights –

Add an enchanting glow with cloud lights which cast soft light onto surrounding surfaces such as walls and shrubbery. These lights are perfect for highlighting a section of your chain link fence or adding more depth to the area.

Cloud Lights

They’re also available in different colors and types, so you can customize them to fit the look and feel of your backyard. Choose from LED bulbs, rope lighting, and fairy string lights for a truly magical effect.


  • Chain link fence lighting can provide a functional and decorative purpose to any outdoor area, from gardens to patios.
  • Chain link fencing is one of the most economical fencing materials, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who are on a budget.
  • Installation of chain link fence lighting is relatively simple, requiring only basic tools and skills.


  • Chain link fence lighting may not provide as much light coverage or ambiance as other lighting solutions, such as string lights or landscape lighting.
  • Chain link fencing is not the most aesthetically pleasing choice for some homeowners and may require additional decorative touches to help it stand out from the rest of the landscaping.
  • Chain link fence lighting can be more prone to damage from the elements, such as wind and rain.

7. Stained Glass Lanterns –

Create an atmosphere of luxury by hanging stained glass lanterns from the top railings of your chain link fence. With their intricate designs and bright colors, they will add a touch of elegance to the exterior of your home.

Stained Glass Lanterns

These lanterns also have the advantage of providing light that is soft and ambient, making them perfect for outdoor entertaining. You can find a wide variety of stained glass lanterns online or in home improvement stores. If you choose to make your own, you can customize the design and size to fit your chain link fence.


  • Chain link fence lighting can be a great way to add curb appeal to your property.
  • It is low maintenance and requires minimal upkeep compared to other fence lighting options.
  • Chain link fence lighting is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit different aesthetics or design needs.
  • It is an affordable option for homeowners who are looking to add a touch of style to their outdoor space.


  • While chain link fence lighting is low maintenance, it can still require occasional repairs and maintenance.
  • Chain link fence lighting may not be as durable or long-lasting as other types of outdoor lighting.
  • It can also be difficult to install, especially for homeowners who don’t have experience with electrical wiring.
  • Depending on the type and style chosen, chain link fence lighting can be more expensive than other outdoor lighting options.

8. Globe Bulbs

Hang globe bulbs from anywhere along your chain link fence for a warm romantic glow during evening entertaining. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to create the perfect atmosphere.

Globe Bulbs

If you are looking for energy efficiency, try using LED bulbs with solar charging capabilities; they will keep your electric bill low and your outdoor lighting beautiful and inviting.


  • Long-lasting
  • Energy efficient
  • Versatile and colorful
  • Variety of sizes available


  • Requires a power source to operate
  • Can be expensive depending on the type of bulb chosen
  • Installation may require professional help, depending on your setup.

9. Low Voltage Systems –

Set up low voltage systems along your fence line; this type of system is best suited for larger properties where more complex lighting solutions may be needed. Low voltage systems are simple to install, economical, and require little maintenance.

Low Voltage Systems

The lights can be positioned along the fence line to provide adequate lighting while still being discreet. Some options include solar-powered lights, LED rope lights, string lights, and more. Low voltage systems also give you more control over your lighting environment as they allow for timers and dimmers to be used.


  • Chain link fences provide an ideal surface to attach lighting fixtures
  • Chain link fencing is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fencing materials, making it a cost-effective way to add lighting
  • Chain link fences are relatively easy to work with, even for novice DIYers, which makes it a great option for those who want to install their own lighting fixtures
  • Chain link fencing is available in different heights, so you can customize the amount of light that is desired


  • Chain link fencing is not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing type of fencing, so it may not fit with all landscaping designs
  • Chain link fences are not very durable and can be prone to damage from weathering or other factors, making the lighting fixtures susceptible to damage as well
  • Lighting installation on chain link fences can be quite labor-intensive, especially if you are installing multiple fixtures
  • Chain link fences can also be more susceptible to theft than other types of fencing materials, so the lighting fixtures may need to be secured with additional locks or other security measures.

10. Flood Lights –

For added security around larger properties such as businesses or schools, floodlights provide bright illumination throughout any area they are installed in.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are typically mounted to the top of tall poles and can be adjusted to cover a wide area. This type of lighting is great for deterring potential trespassers, as it will make them easily visible from a distance away.


  • Chain link fence lighting is a cost-effective way to illuminate your outdoor space and provide extra security.
  • Chain link fences are incredibly durable and easy to maintain, making them a great choice for long-term solutions.
  • The ease of installation makes it possible to quickly and easily add lighting to existing chain link fences without needing major renovations or construction work.


  • Chain link fence lighting can be susceptible to power outages and weather damage, which can make it unreliable in certain conditions.
  • Installing the lights yourself may require specialized tools that you may not have access to, making it difficult to complete the job without professional help.
  • Chain link fences are not usually an attractive choice for decorative outdoor lighting, as the bare metal is not particularly attractive and can be difficult to match with home decor.

11. Hanging Planters –

Use hanging planters filled with fairy lights wrapped around foliage as an alternative form of decoration that doubles up as ambient lighting.

Hanging Planters

This option is great for large chain link fences, as it allows you to cover a larger area with light and plants. You can also play around with various heights to create interesting shapes that stand out even more at night.


  • Brightens up your fence with live plants and lights
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Provides a unique look that stands out


  • It may take more time and effort to install
  • Can be expensive, depending on the number of plants you purchase
  • Can attract bugs if not maintained properly.


There are a variety of ways that you can light up your chain link fence. From solar-powered lanterns to string lights, there is an option for every budget and style. 

With a little bit of planning, you can create a beautiful and inviting space that will be the talk of the neighborhood. So get creative and start planning your own chain link fence lighting ideas today!

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