Flatbed Tail Light Ideas

Are you ready to take your flatbed truck to the next level? If so, it’s time to consider installing a set of aftermarket tail lights. Tail lights are essential to any vehicle and can help increase visibility or create a unique style. With so many different designs available for flatbed trucks, there’s bound to be an option that fits the look you’re going for.

Whether you want something flashy or subtle, we’ve got all the info you need about tail light ideas for your flatbed truck – read on to learn more about flatbed tail light ideas.

Flatbed Tail Light Ideas

Why Should You Use Flatbed Tail Light?

Flatbed tail lights are an essential accessory for anyone who drives a vehicle with a flatbed. Flatbed tail lights provide added security, visibility, and durability compared to standard tail lights. In addition, they increase the visibility of your vehicle, making it easier for other drivers to identify your whereabouts on busy roads.

Flatbed tail lights are made from durable materials that are resistant to most weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about them degrading due to exposure. In addition, they come with additional features such as built-in indicators and turn signals to further enhance safety and convenience while driving.

Flatbed tail lights also help facilitate quick loading and unloading from your flatbed, which can be extremely beneficial when hauling large loads. All these benefits make flatbed tail lights a worthy investment for anyone who drives a vehicle with a flatbed!

15 Flatbed Tail Light Ideas

1. LED Lights

LED Lights

LED lights have revolutionized the automotive industry with their superior performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability. Flatbed tail lights are no exception! Flatbed tail lights powered by LEDs provide a bright, consistent beam of light with much lower power consumption than traditional halogen bulbs.

The low current draw of LED lighting also enables flatbeds to stay visible on the roads longer between rest breaks because it lets them run longer without draining their batteries.

Flatbed trucks now make use of these reliable, efficient LED lights to pop up or remain stationary in renowned lighting displays around the world – bringing added safety and style to all types of transportation applications.

2. Halo Lights

Halo Lights

Halo lights, typically found in flatbed truck tail lights, are a modern take on traditional automotive lighting. These amazing headlights create a mesmerizing ring of light, which captures attention and stands out from other vehicles on the road.

When compared to older-style headlights, halo lights are much brighter and longer lasting. Plus, they often include extra features to help enhance your driving experiences, such as Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and colored accents for improved visibility. Flatbed vehicles outfitted with halo lights are sure to catch the eye of all those who pass by!

3. Tail Fins

Tail Fins

Tail fins were a popular design choice from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, when they featured prominently on most American automobiles. The Flatbed Tail Light’s flashy styling boasted an eye-catching chrome tail fin that was both modern and elegant.

With its unique shape, it boasted a bold and dramatic look. It certainly made those cars stand out in a crowd! Although tail fins went out of fashion soon after the 1950s, they remain an iconic part of automotive history and continue to be remembered as one of the gorgeous design trends of their time.

4. Projector Lights

Projector Lights

Flatbed Tail Lights are essential to projector technology and do much more than just emit light. Flatbed tail lights feature high-intensity LEDs that can be used as floodlights, spotlights, or a combination of both so that the projection light can be accurately calibrated to give life to a scene.

These lights come with dimming, strobing, and other adjustable settings for ultimate control over the light’s intensity and position. Flatbed Tail Lights are considered efficient and reliable tools for projectors since the light emitted is strong yet stable.

5. Magnetic Lights

Magnetic Lights

Flatbed tail lights are gaining in popularity due to their modern, efficient design. Flatbed tail lights come with a magnetic mounting system that makes them an ideal choice for any vehicle. In addition, they are easy to install, require no screws or bolts, and can be set up quickly in minutes.

Flatbed tail lights have an impressive range of LEDs, offering superior visibility and improved safety. In addition, the lights stay charged and remain illuminated even during long trips at night, saving time and hassle while ensuring your family is always visible on the road.

Flatbed tail lights provide an easily customizable light solution that helps you abide by all state laws without worrying about low power consumption or replacement bulbs. In addition, their magnetic mounting system makes them well-suited for off-road adventures, irrespective of weather conditions or terrain type—allowing you to explore with peace of mind.

6. Tube Lights

Tube Lights

Tube lights are a versatile, low-cost lighting alternative widely used in the home, business, and public venues. One of their unique features is that they are often flatbed tail light designs, meaning the bulbs inside of them can be long but still maintain a slim profile.

This reduces the amount of space needed to contain them and increases visibility since more line-of-sight exists between them when installed. Additionally, tube lights are often highly customizable, as you can pick any color or intensity to fit whatever environment you have in mind.

With their easy installation capabilities, affordability, and brightness options, tube lights have become increasingly popular.

7. Fiber Optic Strips

Fiber Optic Strips

Flatbed tail lights utilizing fiber optic strips provide an eye-catching light show like no other. Not only are they bright and vibrant, but they also consume very little power while delivering a maximum brightness output.

With better lighting options available at reduced costs, flatbed truck owners can easily bring their vehicles to life with these strips. Not only do they provide a safer nighttime driving experience, but the light output from these strips also allows for more visibility during the day.

No more dull trucking experience in bad weather; with fiber optic strips, every drive can be illuminated with vivid colors that deliver maximum performance and an attractive look to admire.

8. Sunburst Designs

Sunburst Designs

Sunburst designs are a great way to add some modern and unique style to any room. Flatbed tail lights are beginning to become popular in sunburst designs thanks to their warm properties of lighting up whatever area they’re placed in.

Not only that, but they provide an eye-catching effect with their overlapping metal beads, which helps break up the monotony of any room. Sunburst designs featuring flatbed tail lights can truly give any space a unique look that will draw people in.

9. Cage Lights

Cage Lights

Flatbed tail lights are an important part of a safe driving experience. They warn other drivers when vehicles ahead or beside them on the road are slowing down or coming to a stop. Flatbed cage lights, in particular, ensure the highest level of visibility and allow other drivers to react accordingly.

Flatbed cage lights come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties, making it easy to find an option that fits your vehicle’s style while still offering superior brightness.

Overall, they make sure everyone on the road can stay safe and take full advantage of their structural design and viewing angle for maximum lighting capabilities.

10. Multi-Color Lighting Options

Multi-Color Lighting Options

Flatbed tail lights come in various multi-color lighting options, perfect for anyone looking to add an extra layer of personality and vibrancy to their vehicle. Not only do these lights come in every color imaginable, but they can also be combined in various patterns and sequences, providing you with endless customization possibilities.

Flatbed tail lights provide high visibility so that drivers can always be seen day and night, ensuring that your ride stands out from the pack.

11. RGB Light Bars

 RGB Light Bars

A new kind of Flatbed Tail light is taking the trucking world by storm, and that’s the RGB Light Bar. With ultra-bright and vivid colors, these revolutionary lights bring a stylish and sophisticated look to any Flatbed Tail light.

Not only do they look sleek, but they also keep Flatbeds very visible in low-visibility driving conditions due to their powerful yet energy-efficient LEDs. One of the key advantages of these Light Bars is that they can be easily customized according to your individual design preferences, making them infinitely more versatile.

They are ideal for various purposes, including maintaining safety on roads in poor lighting conditions, increasing visibility from increased hill-climbing angles, and even adding a unique aesthetic flair to your FlatbedTail-light setup.

12. Strip Propellers

Strip Propellers

Strip propellers are the flatbed tail lights of the aviation world. With wing-shaped blades, these propellers provide more lift and less drag than traditional designs. Thanks to their superior technology, strip propellers allow pilots greater control in all conditions, from light winds to strong turbulence.

Although there’s no doubt that you’ll have smoother flying with one of these propellers, they come with a commensurate price tag compared to others on the market. So only those serious about their air travel should invest in this cutting-edge technology!

13. UV Black Lights

UV Black Lights

Flatbed tail lights are increasingly being built with ultraviolet (UV) black light technology due to their circuit protection benefits. Flatbeds, which often carry large materials under hot and humid conditions, are particularly vulnerable to corrosion on electronics such as brake lights or marker lamps.

UV black light technology prevents wear and tear from oxidation and other corrosion caused by humidity. Additionally, when used properly in conjunction with the right type of bulbs, these UV lights can last for up to 20 years, drastically reducing the need for replacement over time.

Flatbed owners recognize just how important this technology is in ensuring their truck is safe on the road and compliant with regulations.

14. Glow in The Dark Accents

 Glow in The Dark Accents

Flatbed tail lights are the perfect way to make your vehicle stand out. With the technology of glow-in-the-dark accents, you can add a unique and stylish look to even the most ordinary truck or trailer.

The accents are easy to install on any flatbed and are designed to protect your cargo by illuminating it throughout the night. Choose from a variety of colors that will make sure your vehicle stands apart from the crowd while also providing efficient lighting at all times.

Whether you want an eye-catching look or safe road visibility, glow-in-the-dark accents are a great option for any Flatbed tail light.

15. Color Changing Options

Color Changing Options

Flatbed tail lights provide a unique way to add color to your ride! With options for LED illumination, these tail lights enhance your automobile’s exterior with a spectrum of customizable colors.

Set the mood and highlight its personality however you want by changing from warm reds to cool blues – endless possibilities. Flatbed tail lights also add an extra layer of safety in low-light conditions, so why not enjoy the added benefits while customizing your car?

That’s it! You’ve now learned about flatbed tail light ideas and are ready to take your flatbed lighting game up a notch. Don’t forget – go bold or go home! With these cutting-edge flatbed tail lights, let the world know that you’re serious about your flatbed’s look and safety.

Benefits of Using Flatbed Tail Light?

Flatbed tail lights are becoming an increasingly popular lighting option for many truck drivers because of their versatile benefits. Flatbed tail lights offer excellent visibility and maximum safety when driving, as the bright LED technology of these lights gives drivers better nighttime visibility and improved peripheral illumination.

Flatbed tail lights are also capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow, making them a reliable long-term solution for most trucks.

Flatbed tail lights are also incredibly simple to install and require minimal maintenance from the driver, which can further save on both costs and work hours in the long run.

Flatbed Tail Lights offer a great combination of visibility enhancements, durability, and easy maintenance that makes them an invaluable asset to any truck driver.

Flatbed Tail Lights Offer a Great Combination

5 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Use Flatbed Tail Light?

1. Not Checking the Bulbs Regularly

One of the most common mistakes people make when using flatbed tail lights is not checking the bulbs regularly. Over time, the bulbs can burn out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if you do not check the bulbs regularly, you may not realize that they need to be replaced until it is too late.

2. Not Adjusting the Lights

Another common mistake people make is not adjusting the lights properly. Flatbed tail lights need to be adjusted to point in the right direction. If they are not properly adjusted, they will not provide adequate illumination, which could lead to an accident.

3. Not Cleaning the Lights

Another mistake people make is not cleaning the lights regularly. Flatbed tail lights can get dirty over time, reducing their effectiveness. Be sure to clean your lights regularly with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt or debris.

4. Not Replacing Damaged Lights

If a flatbed tail light is damaged, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. Driving with a damaged light can decrease your visibility and increase your chances of being involved in an accident.

5. Not Using Covers

The last mistake people make is not using flatbed tail light covers. These covers protect the lights from dirt, debris, and moisture, ensuring that they remain in good condition for longer.

Flatbed tail lights are invaluable to truck drivers who want to stay safe and visible on the road. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure that your flatbed tail lights are always functioning properly.


No matter what type of truck you have, customizing its tail lights is one way to give it an eye-catching upgrade that will turn heads wherever you go! With these five flatbed tail light ideas in mind, you should be able to find something that fits both your style preference as well as budget needs when selecting the perfect lighting setup for your pickup truck. Good luck!

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