How to Hang a Blacklight

A blacklight can be a great addition to any party, dance or event. If you’re looking to add a touch of fun and excitement to your next party, consider adding a blacklight. 


Blacklights are perfect for creating a psychedelic atmosphere and can really make your party stand out. Here is everything you need to know about how to hang a blacklight.

First, make sure you have the right tools specifically, a drill with a bit large enough to fit your light fixture and a ladder. Once you have those, find an appropriate spot and mark the spot on the ceiling where you want to hang the light. Read on to know more!

Summary: To hang a blacklight, first ensure that the light is securely suspended from a ceiling or wall. Make sure to test the light with an appropriate voltage tester and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Place the light in its desired location, making sure it is stable and out of reach of children and pets. Use electrical tape to secure all exposed wires to prevent any potential shocks or hazards.

10 Steps To Follow: How to Hang a Blacklight 

Hanging a blacklight is no easy task. The fluorescent bulb has to be placed at the perfect height and angle so that it emits just enough light without blinding you. You also need to consider how your blacklight will be used.

If it’s for an art installation, then you’ll want more space between bulbs than if it’s being used as a party accessory or in a dance club setting. If you’re not sure where to start, follow these steps:  

1. Measure the Width of Your Wall

Measure the width of your wall from side to side and multiply by two (this will determine how many feet apart the bulbs should go). For example, if your wall is ten feet wide, then place each bulb five feet apart. 

2. Place Your Bulbs Up at Eye Level

Place your bulbs up at eye level using a wooden or metal crossbar you must have installed across each end of the wall.


It’s important that this structure be strong enough to support the weight of all fluorescent lights needed to cover the surface of your wall while not tipping over or leaning forward. 

3. Hang Two Chains With Blacklight Bulbs Attached

On each end of the bar, hang two chains with blacklight bulbs attached. One chain should go on the left side and one should go on the right.

Secure the chains with hooks or screws. You need to make sure that both chains are equal in length so that they hang at the same height from the blacklight bar. 

4. Make Sure the Wire Doesn’t Touch Anything Else

When hanging a blacklight, you should make sure that the wire does not touch anything else or get caught on anything while swinging back; this could cause damage to both the wire and whatever it hits, which is why you should anchor your wires with hooks or nails before beginning installation.

5. Position the Bulbs at the Right Angle

Now that you have your blacklight hanging high enough from the wall, it’s time to position the bulbs at just the right angle. By using a blacklight bulb, you can see the light much more clearly than if you were to look directly at it (it takes several minutes for your eyes to adjust).  

6. Use Masking Tape to Cover the Bulbs

Before you place your bulbs on the hooks that you secured to your blacklight bar, you must first use electric tape or masking tape to cover the bulbs in a way so that they still show light but are protected from touching anything else. 

7. Find the Right Spot

You probably don’t want a bulb blinding you if it’s too high, so finding just the right spot is important. To do this, you should take into several factors: the eye level of your guests, how bright you want your bulbs to be, and how high up you want it. 


8. Use an Industrial-strength Adhesive

Once you find the perfect height for all of your bulbs to shine at once, you’ll need to attach them firmly to the bar.

This is especially necessary if you have a large ceiling or multiple blacks lights. Using an industrial-strength adhesive will help keep them in place and prevent the blacklight from dropping off during use or bumping into anything. 

9. Test Out Your Bulb

Now that your blacklight is in place, you’ll want to plug it in and test it out! If the bulbs aren’t glowing with enough intensity, then consider adding more bulbs of varying sizes or moving certain ones farther apart. 

10. Make Sure Everything’s Hooked Up Properly

Once you have a satisfactory glow, make sure everything’s hooked up properly before turning off the lights and testing it out!

You can always add a little extra light with additional bulbs or have your guests bring glow sticks; whatever you choose, hanging a blacklight will add an appealing look to any room.

Some Black Light Lighting Tips To Add More Artistic Looks:

Tip 1: Add Black Light Wall Art

Blacklight wall art is a cool, unique way to add more artistic touches to your home or party. To do this, simply find good quality blacklight reactive paints and paint the walls however you see fit!


By adding your own artwork or designs with glow-in-the-dark paints, you can make even common places seem extraordinary.

Tip 2: Add Black Lights Under the Kitchen Sink

One of the most overlooked areas in home improvement is under your kitchen sink. This is a dark, confined space that usually doesn’t see much light unless you’re unpacking something or updating your plumbing lines. However, if you add some black light fixtures, it’ll be just as easy to use as an entryway with lights on!

Tip 3: Make Ceiling into a Black Light Skylight

Another little-known but very effective trick is to paint your ceiling all black before putting your black light fixtures up.

This will make the room even brighter and more inviting than you’d think! For those who live in cooler climes, it’s one of the best ways to turn your home into a tropical paradise that’ll make you feel like summer year-round.

Tip 4: Decorate with Glowing Colours

It’s easy to go crazy with bright and vibrant colors under a blacklight! These colors can be just as eye-catching as anything you’d buy at a party store; however, they’ll do the job without hurting your budget.


The thing about these reactive paints is that they’re not super thick or opaque, which means you can use them on just about anything.

Tip 5: Use Glow in the Dark Object

A neat trick you can use to your advantage is buying a few glow-in-the-dark object kits. For example, you could buy some fluorescent lettering and put it on the walls or with other party supplies as decorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Put My Blacklight in My Room?

When it comes to blacklights, there is no one answer that fits everyone. Some people prefer to place their blacklights near the ceiling, while others prefer to place them on the floor. Ultimately, the placement of your blacklight is up to you and your personal preferences.

If you are looking for a blacklight that has a more intense light, then you may want to consider placing it higher up in the room. However, if you are just looking for a light that is fun and easy to use, then you can place it on the floor. Whichever placement you choose, make sure that it is safe and won’t cause any damage to your furniture or walls.

Is It Ok to Have a Black Light in Your Room?

Yes, it is generally safe to have a black light in your room. Black lights are used to see objects and colors that are invisible to the naked eye, and they are often used in nightclubs and other entertainment venues to make performers and costumes look more colorful and luminous. While there is some potential for harm if exposure to black lights is prolonged or excessive, the vast majority of people who use black lights do not experience any negative effects. In general, black lights are considered safe to use within the guidelines set by the FDA. If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of black lights, it is always best to speak with a doctor or health professional.

How Do You Make a Blacklight Portable?

blacklights can vary in size and shape, depending on the specific needs of the user. However, some general tips for making a blacklight portable include:

1. Choose a sturdy container that can hold the blacklight and all the necessary accessories. The container should be both large enough to accommodate the blacklight and small enough to be easily transported.

2. Choose a light source that is easy to use and portable. Some popular options include LED lights and flashlights with built-in blacklights.

3. Choose an appropriate lighting environment for using the blacklight. The best lighting environment for using a blacklight generally includes plenty of natural light and few distractions.

4. Make sure to properly assemble and attach the blacklight to the container. This includes installing the batteries, connecting the power cord, and securing the lid or cover of the container.

5. Store the blacklight and all accessories in a safe place when not in use. This includes keeping them away from children and pets, as they may be curious about the light source.

Can You Install a Blacklight on Your Phone?

Yes, it is possible to install a blacklight on your phone. This type of light can be used to see in the dark or to see objects and materials that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Blacklights are available in a variety of different colors, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as crime scene investigation or entertainment. Before installing a blacklight on your phone, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and abide by all safety precautions.


So, now you know how to hang a blacklight! It’s time for you to put this knowledge into practice and start creating your own masterpiece.

Whether it’s a living room or dormitory space, the impact of lighting can be seen everywhere. But if you want that extra something special, we recommend adding in some moody tunes and getting creative with color schemes.

We hope you found this article useful! If you want more information on anything related to blacklights, just let us know in the comments below or send us an email. We’re always happy to help!

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