How to Make Black Lights More Effective

Black lights are a great way to add an exciting atmosphere to your party or event. However, they can be tricky to use and often and don’t work as well as you may hope.

How to Make Black Lights More Effective

The following blog post will teach you how to make black lights more effective for your event by placing them in the right location and setting up other lighting sources around them so that they complement the black light’s UV rays instead of competing with them. 

16 Ways on How to Make Black Lights More Effective 

1. Make the Room Completely Dark

For maximum effect, make sure that the room where the black lights are located is completely dark.

This technique will ensure that the only light emitting from the area is UV light instead of other forms of lighting that would wash out the effects of a blacklight.

2.Place Black Lights in Corners

There are several reasons why corners should be avoided when placing black lights.

However, if you have a light in the corner of a room, put it on a wall across from another wall rather than adjacent to it.

The corners must be dark so that your guests get the best effect when they gaze upon the walls with blacklights placed near them.

3. Use White or Fluorescent Posters 

Using fluorescent or white posters is another way to make black lights more effective.

Fluorescent colors are similar in makeup to many Blacklights (a type of light that emits only UV rays) and will appear brighter under them than traditional party decorations.

4. Use Black Lights on the Ceiling

When you use black lights on the Ceiling, they will attract particles in the air and cause them to glow. Sometimes, your party guests may not notice this since it will look like stars on the Ceiling.


5. Use Glow in the Dark Paint: 

Using glow-in-the-dark paint on or near black lights allows you to take advantage of another property of UV light.

Which is a great way to make a very potent combination that will help your black lights stand out and shine above any other lighting in the area.

6. Use Black Lights in Shallow Pools 

Puddles with shallow pools of water are also a great place to position black lights.

The puddles attract particles in the air that cause them to glow and reflect off the pool of water, creating an effect where your guests will be able to see their reflection but will also notice particles on the wall surrounding the pool glowing as well!

7. Use Black Light Candles

Using black light candles can be a great way to add a natural atmosphere to your party at night.

Black lights will cause their flames to glow, and the movement of the candle will provide intermittent illumination that provides a cool effect. 

8. Consider Adding Glow-in-the-dark Object

Another great way to make black lights more effective is to use glow-in-the-dark objects. For example, if you are having a neon-themed party, glowing objects might fit in perfectly!

You can use stars and planets on your ceiling or walls, light-up toys that have a reflective surface, and add some cool glow fun decorations.

9. Use Light Up Beverage Glasses

Light-up beverage glasses are a great way to add some neon flare to your party and give it that “black light” feel. These are very easy to find, but you can also create them yourself.

10. Use Black Lights in Tubes

Interior lighting tubes are a great way to get the UV effect without adding a traditional blacklight bulb.

These kinds of tubes are especially convenient if you don’t have easy access to a power outlet or already have plenty of lighting in your room that will compete with your black lights.

11.Decoration with Glowing Flowers 

Decoration with Glowing Flowers is also a good idea. This one will surely delight your guests when they see the flowers growing, and the best part is that it will add some freshness to your decorations. 

12. Use Black Light Chandelier

A chandelier can provide an interesting effect if you use a black light bulb.

This interior tip is especially effective if you use a dark chandelier because the UV lighting will reflect off it for maximum effect.

13.Use Glow-in-the-dark Tape to Create Boundaries

Glow in the dark tape is a simple way to create cool blacklight effects. You can use the tape on high-contrast areas or edges of your party room to enhance the UV lighting.


It will also help everyone stay in one place and prevent collisions from happening!

14.Buy Propane Fireworks

Another way to achieve an extraordinary cool effect outside is to use blacklights and propane fireworks together.

The UV lighting will enhance the neon colors on these fireworks, creating an excellent effect when they light up in the sky!

15. Use UV Stickers

UV stickers can be a cheap way to get black lights for your party.

They provide high levels of UV lighting on the area where they stick, and you can put them anywhere in your home!

16. Block Any Incoming and Unwanted Light Sources 

When you have blacklights, you must block out all unwanted and incoming light sources.

Blocking the unwanted light sources will ensure your party has a darker feel to it so that your room’s black lights can stand out more effectively.

How Does Blacklight Actually Work?

To make the black lights more effective, we must understand how they work. So when a blacklight is shined on a substance, that material absorbs all the wavelengths except for one.

Then the wavelength that remains can be viewed as being emitted from the object.

This phenomenon is called fluorescence and has been used to create both blacklights and ultraviolet lamps.


Fluorescent materials such as paints or plastics will absorb these photons of energy but give off visible light with longer wavelengths than those that initially were put into them.

Lastly, when looking at fluorescent objects under UV-A light (the type of radiation most commonly found in natural sunlight), their colors appear much brighter than under normal lighting conditions because there are no other competing colors to absorb the UV energy.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re looking for ways to create a more eye-catching lighting display with black lights, consider adding some of these tips mentioned on how to make black lights more effective blog posts.

We hope this article has been helpful, and thank you for reading! Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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