How to Make a Black Light Poster

Do you want to know how to make a black light poster? This article will teach you how. All it takes is some simple supplies like construction paper, white glue, and markers!

There are many ways to make a blacklight poster. One way is by using fluorescent paint, which will emit light when exposed to ultraviolet rays from an external source.


Fluorescent paint can be purchased at any art store and should be applied in layers for best results. If you’re interested in blacklight posters, Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get started. 

Summary: Creating a black light poster is a fun and creative way to design eye-catching artwork that glows under ultraviolet (UV) light, also known as black light. These posters are popular for parties, events, and interior decoration, offering a visually stimulating effect. To make a black light poster, you’ll need a few essential materials, including a blank poster board or canvas, fluorescent or UV-reactive paint, paintbrushes, and a black light source to test the effect as you work. Before starting, it’s a good idea to plan your design concept and color scheme, keeping in mind that fluorescent colors, such as bright pinks, greens, yellows, and oranges, respond best to black light.

Begin by preparing your workspace, laying out your poster board or canvas on a flat surface and ensuring that it’s clean and free of dust or debris. Next, apply the fluorescent or UV-reactive paint to your design using paintbrushes, following your pre-determined concept and color scheme.

Be sure to use bright, vibrant colors that will respond well to black light, creating a strong glowing effect. As you work, periodically test your progress under a black light source to see how the colors and design are responding to the UV light. This will help you make adjustments as needed to achieve the desired effect.

What Is a Black Light Poster?

A blacklight poster is a piece of artwork that glows when placed beneath a black light. The chemicals cause this effect in fluorescent paint, emitting ultraviolet rays when exposed to an external wavelength (UV).

When viewing art under a regular light source, viewers will only see the visible colors painted on construction paper. As long as fluorescent paint is present, blacklight posters will glow when viewed under a black light.

The materials needed to make a blacklight poster are readily available at any arts and crafts or online store.

Bright construction paper or poster board is used as the base, with fluorescent paint for color and an ultraviolet light source to make it glow. This type of artwork works best with multiple layers of paint.

Things You’ll Need To Make a Black Light Poster

Here is a list of the supplies and materials used to make a blacklight poster:

  • Construction paper
  • White glue
  • Fluorescent paints of different colors
  • Markers
  • Aluminum foil (optional)
  • Blacklight

Directions: How to Make a Black Light Poster  

Step One: Gather Materials 

To make a blacklight poster first, you’ll need several pieces of construction paper that have the same color.


You can choose from many colors in-store, but fluorescent colors work best for this project. When shopping for paints, be sure to grab some white glue. Also, pick up a few markers (black works best) and a black light.

Step Two: Cut and Hole Punch Construction Paper

You’ll need to cut several pieces of construction paper into different shapes.

The final size depends on how big you want your blacklight poster to be, but each piece should extend about a foot beyond the edge of the base material (i.e. if you’re using a standard 12 x 18-inch sheet of construction paper, then you should cut each piece to 11 x 17 inches).

Step Three: Glue Construction Paper or Poster Board

If you’re using construction paper, then the next step is to glue each piece onto a single sheet of poster board. Hold the pieces in place and apply white glue on all four sides.

Let it dry for about one minute, and hold it under a stack of heavy books or a heavy object to flatten. A poster board holder is also an excellent option for making sure everything stays flat and smooth.

Step Four: Sketch Out a Black Light Posters Outline

Now that you’ve created a blacklight poster, it’s time to add some color! Dip your paintbrush into the fluorescent paint, and make sure that it is not dripping.

The paint will drip easily, so you should apply it with a light touch to avoid making a mess. Start with one side of the poster, and cover as much space as possible within 10 seconds.

When you’re finished with one stroke, grab another piece of construction paper and repeat the process for all of the remaining surfaces.

It is essential to apply a few coats of paint to achieve the best results, so you should expect to spend some time or more depending on how many layers you want.

Step Five: Use Aluminum Foil To Enhance Your Black Light Poster

The next step is optional, but it can make your blacklight poster look awesome. An easy way to do this is by using aluminum foil, but you can also use a special blacklight poster paint.


First, apply the foil in places that you want to glow most intensely, such as highlighting specific details or adding additional fluorescent colors.

After using the foil, wait for it to dry completely before continuing with the painting process.

Step Six: Allow Your Black Light Poster To Dry

Once you’re finished painting, let your black light poster dry for at least one hour so that it is ready to display.

Be sure that the paint on your poster is completely dry, and you can resist the urge to touch it. Once the paint has dried completely, turn on your black light and enjoy the results!

Things to Consider When Making Blacklight Posters and Artwork

1. The more time you spend planning and drawing, the better your final product will be. You want to think about every single aspect of what you are doing, even if it seems irrelevant at first.

2. When thinking about a theme for your artwork, think of things that have nothing to do with the topic. For example, a project on rain forests may have a background of giraffes, elephants, and trees to add color.

3. Start with the outline first, and then fill in the colors. Make sure that your lines are thick and steady enough for you not to get frustrated.


Doing this will also help prevent any mistakes or streaks on the paper when you’re coloring it in.

4. Find the appropriate colors you need for your poster. If you’re using a blacklight, the colors should be bright and intense. You can use poster board, paint markers, or even sharpies to color in your dreams.

5. When drawing your picture, make sure that everything blends well together. You want to avoid having any unneeded lines sticking out when you are done coloring in your poster or artwork.

6. Before adding the final details to your artwork, look over it and ask yourself if anything seems out of place. Ensure that every detail is placed where it should be, and nothing looks blurry or too spread apart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Black Light Posters Made of?

Black light posters are typically made out of a plastic or paper material that is translucent and can produce a black image when exposed to ultraviolet light. This type of poster is often used in nightclubs, bars, and other venues where a dark and lively atmosphere is desired.

Can You Print Black Light Posters?

Yes, you can print black light posters with the Lightspeed API. The Lightspeed API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Lightspeed with other applications and websites. This means that you can easily create black light posters using the Lightspeed platform.

To create a black light poster, first make sure you have a copy of the Lightspeed software installed on your computer. Next, open the Lightspeed interface and select “Posters.” From here, you can select the “Black Light” category and choose the type of poster you want to create. You can also select the size and format of the poster, and add any text or images you want. Once you have completed your specifications, click “Create” to generate your black light poster.

You can download your created black light poster by clicking “Download” on the “Posters” screen. You can also share your black light posters online by uploading them to a website or blog using the “Share” button. Enjoy your beautiful black light posters!

Do You Need a Blacklight for Blacklight Posters?

The use of a blacklight for blacklight posters will depend on the particular project and audience that you are targeting. However, in general, a blacklight can be used to illuminate artwork or photographs to create an eerie, spooky effect. This effect can be especially effective when used in conjunction with dark themes and horror movies. If you are planning to use a blacklight for blacklight posters, it is important to research the different types and brands of blacklights available and select one that is appropriate for your project and audience. Additionally, it is important to understand the safety guidelines related to using blacklights – always use caution when working with this type of equipment and keep all children away from the area where the blacklight is being used.

What is the Best Blacklight for Blacklight Posters?

Different people have different opinions about which blacklight is the best for blacklight posters. However, some popular blacklights used for blacklight posters include the UV-A and UV-B blacklights. These types of blacklights emit short-wavelength light, which is more visible than long-wavelength light. Because of this, UV-A and UV-B blacklights are typically more effective at displaying subtle details in blacklight posters.

Final Thoughts

In this blog post, we’ve covered the basics of making a blacklight poster. We hope you have found these tips helpful and are inspired to try them out in your creative endeavors.

If you want more information about how to make a black light poster, or if you need help with any other aspect of your creativity, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. Hi I used to create the art for commercially printed black light posters. Think Alfred from mad magazine might be one of mine. If it is flocked it is mine.

    Worked on my own and other peoples art to turn them into printable work.
    Basically did it the same as you are suggesting for the first rough to show to a client. Then went back and did the art for color separations to be run on large screen presses. That was a very long time ago, had lots of fun.

    • Hi Jennie,

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