How to Make Black Light With Led Strip Lights 

Do you want to know how to make black light with LED strip lights? It is not difficult. Many people like using them for parties because they can turn any room into a cool-looking club. 


There are many different ways to go about this, but the easiest way is by buying a blacklight paint kit and a few materials from your local hardware store and following the directions on it. Read this blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to do this easy DIY project.

Summary: Creating a black light effect with LED strip lights can be achieved by using LED strips specifically designed to emit ultraviolet (UV) light. UV LED strip lights, also known as black light LED strips, are available from various manufacturers and online retailers. These strips emit light in the ultraviolet spectrum, causing fluorescent materials to glow in the dark, similar to traditional black lights.

To create the black light effect, purchase UV LED strip lights that match your desired length and specifications. Plan the layout of the LED strips in the space, considering the most effective positioning to illuminate fluorescent objects or materials.

Install the UV LED strips following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring proper connection to a compatible power supply. Once installed, test the setup to ensure the UV LED strips are functioning correctly and providing the desired black light effect. By using UV LED strip lights, you can create a customizable and energy-efficient black light experience in any space.

What Color Is a Blacklight?

Blacklight is essentially a powerful ultraviolet (UV) light that causes many substances to glow or fluorescence when they are illuminated. Thus, the “black” in the name refers to the absence of visible light and the lack of color perception by humans under typical conditions.


On the other hand, most blacklights emit visibly bright light in the blue-violet portion of the visible spectrum, although some emit light that appears in white. This light is not invisible to humans but rather “black” when compared to ordinary daylight or incandescent illumination.

How Does It Work?

Blacklight bulbs absorb most of the visible light spectrum and then re-emit it as high-energy UV, which causes the phosphors to fluorescence. Many common light sources are blacklight-sensitive, including fluorescent and neon lights.

Most ultraviolet or UV emitting dyes and pigments appear black under longwave UVA illumination. This is because the eye’s peak sensitivity is in shorter wavelengths.

It actually does not hold true for shortwave UVB, which has a more significant sensitivity for reds and yellows.

Things You’ll Need To Make Black Light With Led Strip Lights

You will need a few materials to make your blacklight with led strip lights. Here is the list of everything you will need:

  • Blacklight paint kit (blue or purple)
  • Adhesive Tape
  • Led strip lights 
  • Two-part epoxy glue  
  • Power Supply
  • Remote controller

Instructions: How to Make Black Light With Led Strip Lights

Step 1: Prepare to Work with LEDs

Prepare to work with the LEDs by cutting them into appropriate sizes. Make sure you cut them in the right length and width. Cut the led strip lights one after another so that they all have the same length. Make sure you cut exactly 5 meters long led strips.

Step 2: Attach Led Strips To The Frame

Mark a place anywhere on the frame where you want to glue your led strips. You can use nail polish remover for cleaning it and make sure there are no debris on it.

Now, put some tape on either side of your marked place so that you will have something to hold onto when you apply epoxy glue later on.

Step 3: Apply Adhesive

Now, apply the epoxy glue to your marked place. Then, put those led strips on it and press them hard to make sure they are attached well.


Next, apply glue at both top and bottom of the frame so that you attach all the edges firmly. Make sure there is no space between your led strips and the frame so that both things are touching each other.

Step 4: Set the Frame Under The Light And Epoxy It

After you are done with both sides, set the frame under an intense light for twenty minutes or so to cure it. After that, giving it epoxy will be easier and cleaner to handle.

So epoxy both sides of the frame after those twenty minutes. When you are done with the sides, apply glue to the opposite ends of your structure and epoxy them.

Step 5: Connect Frame With The Power Supply And Led Strip

Connect one side of your frame to a power supply by using wires to be more convenient for you when you will need to control it in the future or have it powered on. Now, connect the led strip lights to your power supply by using a wire.

Step 6: Apply Blacklight Paint on The Frame

Now, get help from someone else and turn off the light in your room so that you can apply blacklight paint. You can use a paintbrush to apply the black light paint on your frame and led strips according to your preference.

When you are done with it, turn the lights back on to see how things look and if anything needs fixing up.

Step 7: Hang Your Blacklight

Hang your black light on the place where you want to have it. Then, when you are done with hanging, turn off the lights and see how wonderful it looks.

You are now ready to use your blacklight paint at parties to create a nice environment or just for everyday use. Enjoy your newly created blacklight with led strip lights.

The above instructions will help you make the best black light for your parties and other special occasions. So, go ahead and start making one now. They’re fun to make, and they look great when done right!

Some Creative Ideas to Make Black Light With Led Strip Lights

  1. Create an illusion of a starry night sky by hanging LED strip lights from the ceiling.
  2. Use LED strip lights to illuminate artwork, sculptures, and other objects around the room for a soft glow.
  3. Create a futuristic accent wall using black and multicolor LED strips to make it stand out even more.
  4. Hang strips of LED lights along furniture such as cabinets or bookcases to give the place an extra edge of mystique and elegance.
  5. Add some personality to your hallway by running multicolor LED strip lights down the walls or ceilings.
  6. Use multicolored LEDs behind your TV or monitor to create stunning backlighting effects while watching movies or playing video games.

What Are The Use of Black lights?

1. Blacklight is used to check the validity of U.S. currency, both paper dollar bills and Federal Reserve Notes.

If a bill or note contains a security stripe, it will fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

2. We also see the use of blacklights in concert with specially designed glasses that block visible wavelengths while permitting the eye to see ultraviolet light.

Also, some nightclubs and dance parties use blacklights in combination with colored gels to produce a unique “blacklight” effect on the dancer’s body paint or outfits.

3. Black lights can be used in aquarium tanks. It is essential for pet store employees to check for disease among fish and measure the level of ammonia in the water.


Ammonia is a compound that can cause severe illness or even death to fish, and black lights are used to determine the presence of this substance by testing for its fluorescent properties.

4. A black light is also used in forensics to detect body fluids like blood and semen on clothing, collected as evidence at a crime scene.

5. Black Light is also widely used to check for counterfeit currency or fake passports.

6. Another widespread use is checking fluorescent tubes, which are used for many purposes, including inspection of the effectiveness of air filters, sterilizers and detecting ultra-violet leaks in oil pipelines.

7. Black lights are sometimes used by stage magicians to assist in the glowing effect of their props. These include billiard balls, bottles, and other props made from fluorescent materials.

Thus we see that this one thing can have several uses depending on the application.

Are Blacklights Energy-Efficient?

A blacklight is a great way to get the kind of glow you want no matter what time of year it is, but if you’re looking for an energy-efficient alternative that’s just as cheap as a standard bulb and far more effective at painting the walls with UV, look into using some led strip lights.


When you need to make your party the hottest thing in town, these lights are great for making sure that everyone is dancing.

The lighting at a club typically comes from blacklights or some other special UV light, but since they use specialized bulbs, it can be hard to recreate the same effect at home.

It doesn’t have to be like that, though. You can always buy some good quality black lights from online stores like Amazon, which glow in the dark enough, having less energy consumption.


You can achieve blacklight effects by using LED strip lights with ultraviolet filters. For example, Ultraviolet LEDs are made to emit a particular wavelength of UV-A radiation that is invisible to the naked eye but produces an eerie glow under a blacklight.

And when you want some color in your life, you’ll have it. Just change out the filter on your led strips for whichever color suits you best!

In this article, we’ve discussed how to make black light with led strip lights.

We hope that our tips will help you feel confident about your next DIY project, and the great thing is, it can change the atmosphere for you in the future. So now go out there and get some excellent lighting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

LEDs are considered to be safer than traditional lighting as they do not emit harmful radiation.

However, there is no definite answer to whether or how much it affects the eyes as the duration and intensity of exposure also play a role in determining its effect on human eyes.

As most of us know, black lights are part of a particular type of bulb that gives off ultra-violet light that we don’t usually see on a regular basis.

This light is what makes white clothes glow under a black light. These lights are typically sold in the lighting department at big box stores, and they don’t last very long.

They also don’t make black lights that are too high of a wattage, so they typically won’t cost much in the long term. But, it is also true they don’t boost the UV output over what you can get from a brighter bulb itself.

So, in other words, you probably shouldn’t buy a black light if you want a brighter light in your room. Instead, there’s a better way to get your glow on by buying an energy-efficient led light bulb!

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