How to Store Net Lights

Have you ever bought net lights for Christmas but weren’t sure how to store them afterward? Whether you’re a seasoned Christmas decorator or just starting out, it’s important to know how to store seasonal items like net lights. Net lights are incredibly versatile and make it easy for anyone to easily create festive displays in no time at all!

How to Store Net Lights

Not only can these nifty little decorations light up your home for the holidays, but they can also be used for parties, weddings, and other celebrations throughout the year. However, when storing them isn’t done properly, they can quickly become tangled.

So if you’re looking for some easy tips on how to store net lights securely so that they don’t get tangled, then this article is just what you need! In this blog post, we’ll walk through exactly how to do it so that way they last from year-to-year.

The Functions of Net Lights

1. Amazing Decoration

Before diving into a few different ways to store net lights, it’s important to understand their main function. Net lights are essentially mini strings of LED or other types of lights that are sold in mesh fabric shapes. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, which makes them incredibly versatile for any decorating occasion! The grids on these meshes allow you to wrap them around items such as trees, shrubs, and bushes to create an amazing light display.

2. Easy Storage

Net lights are also incredibly easy to store! They come in small containers that can be kept in a closet or storage area for future use. In addition, the lights on these nets don’t require any special cords or connections since the entire piece is a single unit. This means that they can be easily taken down and packed away when the holidays are over.

Required Items for Storing Net Lights

Now that we’ve gone over the function of net lights let’s take a look at what you’ll need to store them properly. The following items are essential in order to ensure your net lights stay tangle-free and ready for next year’s display:

  • Mesh storage bag or container
  • Zip ties (optional)
  • Labels (optional)

How to Store Net Lights in 10 Easy Ways

Now that we understand a bit more about net lights, let’s explore some tips on how to store them properly! Doing this correctly will help ensure your net lights last for many years of festive decorations. Here are a few simple steps that you can take when storing your net lights:

1. Wrap the String

Wrap the string of net lights around something circular such as a hula-hoop or empty plastic container. This will help keep them neat and secure for storage. Wrapping the string will also make it easier to hang when you’re ready to decorate with them.

Wrap the String of Net Lights

2. Secure with Zip Ties

Once the net lights are wrapped around something circular, secure them in place using zip ties. This will help keep the strings tangle-free and protect them from any damage that may occur while in storage.

3. Place in Mesh Bag or Container

Once the net lights are properly wrapped and zip-tied, place them in a mesh bag or container for safe storage. A breathable storage container will help keep the lights from retaining moisture, which can cause damage over time.

4. Label the Containers

If you have multiple sets of net lights, labeling the containers can help you easily find what you need when it’s time to decorate. Write down the size and color of the net lights on a label and attach it to the container for easy reference.

5. Keep in a Cool and Dry Place

When storing net lights, make sure they’re kept in a cool and dry place. This will help keep the lights from being damaged by extreme temperatures or moisture. Avoid storing them in attics, basements, and other places with high humidity levels.

6. Place Away from Pets and Children

Net lights should also be stored away from pets and children. The wires can be hazardous if tampered with, so it’s best to store them in an area out of reach.

Net Lights Should Also Be Stored Away

7. Store with Other Christmas Decorations

If you have other decorations, such as wreaths, garlands, and lights, that need to be stored for the season, it’s best to store them all together. This will make it easier to find what you need when it comes time for decorating!

8. Clean Before Storage

Before packing away your net lights, make sure to give them a thorough cleaning. This will help keep the lights in good condition and avoid any damage that may occur as a result of dirt or debris build-up.

9. Check for Damaged Lights

It’s also important to check the strings of net lights for any broken or damaged bulbs before storing them away. Replace any bulbs that are not working before putting your net in storage.

10. Unplug Before Storing

Finally, make sure to unplug the lights from their power source before packing them away for storage. This will help ensure the safety of your decorations and keep them lasting longer!

Following these easy tips on how to store net lights should help keep them in great condition for next year’s holiday decorations. Make sure to check out our other blog posts for more information on how to properly care for and store your Christmas decorations!

8 Maintenance Tips for Storing Net Lights

Net lights are a popular type of outdoor lighting used to decorate gardens, buildings, and more. They provide a unique and colorful aesthetic, but in order for your net lights to maintain their brightness and longevity, it’s important to store them carefully when they’re not being used. Here are 8 tips for how to store net lights:

Unplug Your Net Lights Before Storing
  1. Unplug your net lights before storing them to reduce the risk of electrical fires and shocks. Also, be sure to unplug them from any timers or dimmers. Unplugging your net lights is especially important if they are being stored in a damp location.
  2. Place the net lights in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat. This helps protect the wiring and electrical components of the net lights and makes them last longer.
  3. If you’re storing your net lights in a box, make sure it’s airtight and secure. This will help keep the net lights protected from dust and dirt. Also, make sure there’s plenty of room in the box for the net lights to be laid flat.
  4. If you plan on storing your net lights for a long period of time, wrap them in a blanket or other protective fabric to protect them from dust and dirt. This will also help keep the cords tangle-free.
  5. Hang up your net lights instead of leaving them on the floor. This helps prevent damage to the wiring, as it’s more likely to be stepped on when stored on the ground.
  6. Store your net lights in a waterproof container, such as a plastic storage bin. This helps prevent water damage, which can cause short-circuiting and electrical failure.
  7. When packing away your net lights for storage, use zip ties or twist ties to secure any loose cords and wires so they don’t get tangled.
  8. Once your net lights are stored, keep an eye on them periodically to make sure they are not damaged or overheating due to nearby heat sources.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your net lights stay safe and in good condition for years to come!

Benefits of Using Net Lights

Net lights offer a wide range of benefits, from providing a unique and colorful aesthetic to saving you time and money. Here are some of the advantages that come with using net lights:

  1. Easy to install. Most net lights can be installed in minutes without the need for complicated tools or wiring. This makes them great for DIYers who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on installation.
  2. Low maintenance. Net lights are designed to last for years, with minimal maintenance required. All you need to do is periodically check the connections and cords to make sure they’re secure.
  3. Low cost. Net lights are much cheaper than traditional outdoor lighting solutions, making them a great option for those on a budget.
Net Lights Are Much Cheaper


In summary, it’s important to store net lights properly in order to make sure they remain in good condition and last throughout the season. Storing them in a box or other container that is dark and dry will help keep them free from moisture and dust. Additionally, wrapping each strand of light around a piece of cardboard can help prevent tangles and knots when setting up your display.

For longer-term storage, consider taking them apart so they take up less space and thoroughly cleaning each bulb before putting them away. Properly storing your net lights is the best way to ensure they bring joy to your holiday decor year after year. With these helpful tips on how to store net lights, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning displays with tip-top lighting creations every single season!

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