How to Sync Monster Led Lights to One Remote

Are you looking for a way to elevate your home décor? Have you been searching for a unique and eye-catching lighting option that will wow even the most discerning of guests? Monster Led lights are one creative solution that can transform any space. They come in various colors, sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for whatever look or feel you’re going for.

How to Sync Monster Led Lights to One Remote

However, controlling each of these separate elements can be confusing – especially if you want them all to sync up with one remote. Don’t worry!

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything about how to sync monster led lights to one remote. No more fussing over different remotes – just beautiful effects that reflect your own personal style. Read on and let us show you how!

What Will You Need?

Before we get started on how to sync monster led lights to one remote, let’s go over what you’ll need:

  • Monster Led Lights of your choice
  • Power supply and adapter for the lights
  • Remote control(s) for each light set
  • One hub with the GPS system installed
  • One remote control to serve as the main controller

Once you have all of these items, you’re ready to get started!

10 Easy Steps on How to Sync Monster Led Lights to One Remote

Step 1. Install the Power Supply:

Begin by attaching the power supply to each of the Monster Led lights. This is how your lights will receive the energy they need to do their job. Don’t forget to attach the adapter, too, if you have one!

Step 2. Attach Adapter:

Securely attach the adapter provided with your monster led lights to the power supply. It’s important that this step is done correctly in order for the setup process to be successful later on. If the adapter isn’t connected properly here, the lights won’t be able to sync up with the remote.

Securely Attach the Adapter

Step 3. Connect Hub:

Install and connect a hub that contains a GPS system into each light set. The hub serves as an intermediary between your separate lights and one remote control, allowing them to communicate effectively when synced up properly. You can easily find the right model online.

Step 4. Set Up Remotes:

Next, pair up each of the separate remotes with one of the Monster Led lights. This will allow you to turn them on and off individually before they all sync together as one. Additionally, make sure to configure how each light will react when triggered from the main remote.

Step 5. Connect Hub and Remotes:

Use the hub to connect all of the separate remotes together, making sure they are linked via a wireless connection. This is how all of your lights will be able to sync up with one remote control at once later on.

Step 6. Test Lights:

Before you go any further, it’s important that you test out each Monster Led light separately using its own remote control just to make sure everything is working as it should be. Once you’ve done this, move on to the next step! Be careful not to turn on all the lights at once or you may overload the system.

Step 7. Find the Location of the Main Remote:

Now, find the location of the main remote control you’ll be using to trigger the lights. It’s best if this is in a central spot within your home, as it will ensure that all of your Monster Led lights can receive the sync signal effectively. Ensure that nothing is blocking the signal between the remote and the lights.

Step 8. Connect Main Remote:

Connect the main remote to the hub and make sure that it is securely linked up with all of your other remotes. This is how they will be able to communicate with one another when triggered from this single source. Be careful not to disconnect any of the other remotes or you could disrupt the connection.

Connect the Main Remote to the Hub

Step 9. Sync Up Lights:

Now it’s time to sync up all of your Monster Led lights! Press and hold down on the button on the main remote for several seconds until all the lights turn on simultaneously. This indicates that they are now linked up to one remote control!

Step 10. Test Out Lights:

And lastly, time to test out how your Monster Led lights have been synced up and how they react when triggered by the main remote. Try turning them on and off separately or together in a sequence for some really cool effects! If everything is working as it should be, you’re done!

By following these simple steps, you will be able to sync up your Monster Led lights to one remote control and enjoy the many benefits this provides. You can now turn on all your lights quickly and easily with just one button! Have fun experimenting with how different effects look. Enjoy!

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Invest in a quality hub that supports all of your Monster Led lights.
  2. Make sure the adapter is connected securely to the power source before you begin the process.
  3. Keep your remote control in a central location so that all lights can receive their signal effectively.
  4. Avoid disconnecting any remotes while linking them up – this could disrupt the connection and cause problems with syncing up later on!
  5. Remember to test out how each light reacts when triggered from the main remote before you’re done setting it up. This will ensure everything is working properly!

Following these steps, you should have a successful setup for syncing monster led lights to one remote! Enjoy experimenting with different lighting patterns and colors to create the perfect atmosphere in your space!

 Create the Perfect Atmosphere in Your Space

5 Things You Should Avoid

1. Do not try to sync the Monster LED lights to multiple remotes. While it is possible, doing so will cause inconsistent lighting and could lead to malfunctions.

2. Do not use any other remotes with the Monster LED light system other than those specified by the manufacturer. Doing so may void any existing warranties or lead to unexpected results.

3. Do not attempt to take apart any components of your Monster LED light system when attempting to sync them together – this can damage both the lights and the remote.

4. Never force two parts of a Monster Led light system together – they should fit easily into place if they are meant to be connected properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging the components and disconnecting leads which could cause electrical shorts and other problems.

5. Don’t forget to double-check that the connection is secure and all components are properly aligned before turning on or using your Monster LED light system. Doing so will ensure that you do not experience any malfunctions or unexpected results due to poor connections or misalignment of parts.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to sync your Monster successfully LED lights to one remote without any issues!

Can You Connect 2 Led Drivers Together?

Yes, you can connect two LED drivers to amplify the current your lights are receiving. This is especially useful for larger installations or when using more powerful bulbs. However, it is important to remember that while this will allow you to use higher wattage bulbs and get more out of your lighting setup, it can also increase the risk of electrical hazards due to a higher current passing through the system.

Therefore, ensure that all connections are secure and properly insulated before attempting such a connection. You should also consult with an electrician if you feel uncertain about how to join two drivers together safely.

Follow these steps and tips, and you’ll be able to sync monster led lights up with one remote without any problems! Doing so will give you the convenience of controlling all your lights with just one press of a button and let you have fun experimenting with how different effects look. Enjoy!

Consult With an Electrician if You Feel Uncertain


Syncing multiple monsters LED lights to one remote may seem complicated, but it can be done. By following these step by step instructions, you will be able to create the perfect lighting system of your dreams. You should always keep in mind the safety precautions while doing something as intricate as this.

That being said, these lights are generally very safe if done correctly, and you can ultimately marvel at how synchronizing monster LED lights ties together a room with an amazing lighting display. All of this will add a unique ambiance and offer endless possibilities for decorating in whatever way best suits your taste. Plus, you’ll save money on electricity because the monster LED lights are extremely energy efficient- bonus!

No matter what your reason is for syncing multiple led lights to one remote, if you follow this guide on how to sync monster led lights to one remote closely and take safety precautions into consideration, you will surely have spectacular results. Thanks for reading!

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