How to Use Net Lights

Net lights are a great way to add extra sparkle and festive cheer to any holiday celebration. They’re incredibly versatile, easy to use, and require minimal effort. But what exactly are net lights? How do you set them up correctly, so they look their best? 

How to Use Net Lights

Our guide will show you everything you need to know about using net lights, from choosing the right style for your space, setting them up safely, and making sure they last through the season in perfect condition.

Read on to learn all these tips and tricks. Follow these steps on how to use net lights, and you’ll be able to create an eye-catching holiday display using net lights with ease. Let’s start getting into the holiday spirit!

What are Net Lights?

Net lights are decorative outdoor lighting that consists of several small light bulbs strung together in a net-like pattern. They can be used to add extra sparkle and ambiance to any landscape, patio, or yard area. Net lights are usually made from durable plastic or metal and come in multiple sizes, colors, and styles. You can find net lights in a variety of shapes, including stars, circles, and even spirals.

Choosing the Right Net Lights for Your Space

The first step in using net lights is choosing the right style and size for your outdoor space. Consider how much coverage you need and look at a variety of options to find one that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that net lights come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, so there’s sure to be an option that suits your needs.

Required Tools for Setting Up Net Lights

Once you’ve chosen the ideal net lights for your space, it’s time to gather the proper tools and materials. You’ll need

  • A pair of scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Gloves
  • A ladder (for taller spaces)
  • Cable ties

10 Steps on How to Use Net Lights

Step 1: Determine How Many Lights You Need

Before you start setting up your net lights, make sure you have enough strands to cover the area. Measure the perimeter of the space and purchase an appropriate number of light strands. The right number of strands will depend on the size and shape of your space.

Appropriate Number of Light Strands

Step 2: Unpack Your Lights

Before you start setting them up, unpack all of your net lights to make sure they’re in good condition. If any bulbs are broken, replace them with new ones before proceeding. UNpacked your lights carefully and made sure to keep the instructions for reference.

Step 3: Hang Your Lights

Once you’ve unpacked all the net lights, it’s time to start hanging them up! Depending on the size and shape of your space, you can hang the lights from trees or poles or even attach them directly to walls or fences.

Step 4: Connect Multiple Strands of Lights

Once you’ve hung all the individual strands, it’s time to connect them together. You can use cable ties or an electrical connector to join multiple strands together. Make sure that the connection is secure and properly insulated before plugging in the lights.

Step 5: Position the Lights

Now it’s time to position your lights for optimal viewing. Place them in an attractive pattern that will enhance the beauty of your space. You can also create a unique look by alternating colors or adding decorative accents like garland or ribbon.

Step 6: Connect the Lights to an Electrical Source

The next step is to connect the net lights to an electrical source. Plug them into a grounded outlet or extension cord and make sure that the connection is secure.

Step 7: Turn on Your Lights

Once the lights are connected, you’re ready to turn them on! Flip the switch and watch as your space is transformed into a festive holiday wonderland. Turning on your lights is an exciting moment and one that will bring a smile to your face.

 Turning on Your Lights is an Exciting Moment

Step 8: Make Adjustments

Now it’s time to make any necessary adjustments to your lights. You may need to rearrange the strands or reposition them for better coverage. You can also add additional strands if you need more coverage.

Step 9: Test Your Lights

Before you declare your project complete, make sure to test the lights. Make sure that all the bulbs are working and that the connection is secure. Otherwise, you may end up in a dangerous electrical situation.

Step 10: Enjoy Your Lights!

Once you’ve tested your lights and made any necessary adjustments, it’s time to enjoy them! Gather with friends and family in your beautifully lit space and enjoy the beauty of your net lights.

By following these simple steps, you can create an impressive display with your net lights. With a little patience and some creative thinking, you’ll be able to transform any space into a festive holiday wonderland.

8 Safety Measures to Take

1. Before installing net lights, ensure that the lights are suitable for outdoor use. If the lights are not waterproof, they should be used indoors.

2. Use insulated staples or hooks to attach the net lights to your house or other structure. Make sure that the staples and hooks are firmly attached and do not come loose with wind or movement.

3. Check all light cords for frays and exposed wiring before plugging them in. Replace any cords that show signs of wear and tear. The exposed wire may cause a fire hazard. Checking is important, especially if you have old sets of net lights.

4. Connect no more than three strands of net lights together at one time. If you need additional light, purchase an extension cord with multiple outlets to plug in the net lights.

5. Anchor the cords securely in place to prevent them from becoming a tripping hazard or being pulled out accidentally by pets or children.

6. When plugging in the net lights, use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to prevent electric shock in case of an overload or short circuit.

7. Replace any bulbs that are not working before you turn on the net lights to ensure that there is no chance of an electrical fire starting.

8. Always turn off the lights before unplugging them. Make sure that all cords are stored away in a cool, dry place when not in use. This will help to prolong the life of the net lights and reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Following these safety measures can help you ensure that your net lights are used safely and securely. Enjoy a festive and safe holiday season with your net lights!

Net Lights Are Used Safely and Securely

5 Maintenance Tips for Your Net Lights

1. Inspect the lights routinely. Check them for loose connections, frayed cords, exposed wires, and any signs of wear and tear. If you find any issues, replace or repair them before using the lights again.

2. Clean your net lights regularly to remove dust and dirt that may have built up over time. This will ensure that the bulbs are free of any obstructions that may reduce the brightness. Dirt is the main cause of early failure.

3. Re-wrap the lights when packing them away for storage to prevent tangles and kinks in the cords, which may cause damage over time. Keep them away from sources of heat and moisture to prevent deterioration.

4. Check each bulb before turning on the lights to make sure that they are all functioning properly. Replace any bulbs that are not working or flickering with new ones.

5. Tighten up any loose connections as well as replace any worn-out cords or clamps for safety reasons. This will ensure that the lights remain firmly in place and are not a tripping hazard.

By taking the time to regularly maintain your net lights, you can enjoy their beauty for a long time.

Regularly Maintain Your Net Lights

Cost of Installing Net Lights

The cost of installing net lights will vary depending on the size of the area that you are lighting, how many strands of lights you are using, and what type of lights they are. Generally, a standard set of net lights costs somewhere in the range of $20 to $100, but can be more or less depending on quality and quantity.

If you are looking for a more intricate set of lights with extra features or effects, the cost can be higher. Installing net lights yourself will save you money, but if you do not feel comfortable doing this, then it is best to hire a professional who has experience in light installation. Professional installation generally costs anywhere from $150 to $500, depending on the size of the area and the lights used.


Net lights are an easy way to add decoration to any space. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. With a little creativity, you can use net lights to transform your home or office into a festive holiday wonderland.

Follow these guidelines on how to use net lights to ensure that you are using net lights safely and efficiently. Make sure to inspect them regularly for wear and tear, clean them often, and store them away properly when not in use. With the proper care, your net lights will last for years to come!

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