How to Change Light Bulb in Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

Do you know how to change light Bulb in Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan? It is not as hard as it seems. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of changing a light bulb in the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan.


A Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is a great addition to any home, but it requires occasional maintenance like all appliances.

One such task is changing the light bulb. This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on changing a light bulb in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan. So keep reading this full blog post.

Summary: Changing a light bulb in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan involves a few simple steps. First, ensure that the power to the fan is turned off at the wall switch or circuit breaker to avoid any electrical hazards. Allow the bulb to cool down if it was recently turned on, as it may be hot to touch.

Access the bulb by removing the light cover or shade, which may involve twisting, unscrewing, or releasing clips or latches, depending on the fan model. Consult the user manual if you are unsure of the specific method for your fan. Once the light cover or shade is removed, carefully unscrew the burnt-out bulb by turning it counterclockwise. When selecting a replacement bulb, make sure it is compatible with your fan’s specifications, such as the type, wattage, and base size.

Screw in the new bulb by turning it clockwise until it is securely in place. Avoid over-tightening, as this may damage the bulb or socket. Reattach the light cover or shade by following the reverse process of removal, ensuring it is securely in place.

12 Easy Ways on How to Change Light Bulb in Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan:

1. Use Stair Step Ladder

Well, you can use the ladder to change it. However, if you don’t have one or are too dangerous, you may risk your life trying to change the bulb.

If the ladder is not appropriate for you, read this article and learn another way to change it safely.

2. The Broom Method

Grab a broom and have one of the broom’s ends under your right arm. Then turn the bulb cover counterclockwise with your left hand to remove it.

You can now purchase a replacement CFL or LED light bulb and screw it in place, being careful to avoid touching the glass part of the new bulb as you insert it into its proper place.

3. The Electric Plug Method

Use this method only for CFLs and LEDs because it cannot be used on incandescent light bulbs. Have the plug in your left hand and gently pull the chain to remove the light bulb with your right hand.


Afterward, finish pulling out the chain completely, then insert a new energy-saving CFL or LED bulb in its place.

This method is safer than using a chair, so if you are limited to that, then do not use the chair method because it will be dangerous for you.

You can now purchase a replacement CFL or LED light bulb and screw it in place. Ensure you’re aware of the polarity before inserting it. Don’t touch the glass part of the new bulb as you insert it into its proper place.

5. Remove Canopy Cover

You need to remove the canopy cover first before changing the light bulb. It is easy to remove with a flat blade screwdriver.

The canopy cover is the base of the ceiling fan, and it has been designed so that when you need to change a bulb, you can easily remove the old one by just turning a couple of screws in a clockwise motion with your hand.

6. Pull Down on Light Fixture to Remove bulb

You can pull down on the light fixture to remove it. Turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker and remove items hanging from your ceiling fan, like pendant lights or other decorative fixtures.

The bulbs are usually located in the center of the fan where you will see a metal box with glass windows on each side. Just lift the box and remove the old bulb.

7. Remove Cover Using a String or Wire

You can remove the cover using a string or wire, but you need to ensure it is strong enough because you will be hanging from it if it breaks during your work. You need a flat blade screwdriver to remove the screws that hold it.


8. Using Extension Pole

You can now purchase a replacement CFL or LED light bulb and screw it in place. Ensure you’re aware of the polarity before inserting it. Don’t touch the glass part of the new bulb as you insert it into its proper place.

9. Twist and Pull Old Bulb Out

You can twist and pull the old bulb out. This is a method that many people use to replace light bulbs in their Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

If you have a broken bulb, it will be easier to use your fingers instead of trying to grip the bulb with pliers or other tools because this may end up breaking the bulb anyway.

10. Hold Bulb with a Rag or Masking Tape

You can hold the bulb using a rag or masking tape to remove it from its socket in your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

If you have small hands, this method may be easier for you to use rather than trying to grip the bulb with pliers or other larger tools.

11. Loosen the Blade Holder

You can loosen the blade holder by first removing light bulb covers, which allows you to remove the cover to access the bulbs easily.

There are screws on each side of the ceiling fan’s motor or metal box that needs to be removed using a flat blade screwdriver. Hold the blades steady as you remove the screws. This will help keep the blades from moving when you pull out the old bulb.

12. Installing New Fixtures

You can now press the bulb gently inside the socket, being careful not to touch the glass part.

When replacing your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan’s light bulbs, it is recommended that you use LED lights because more and more stores are selling LED light fixtures these days since they save money in energy consumption.

They last longer than CFLs, and they are not as hot as incandescent bulbs.

Some Helpful Tips and Suggestions:

Here we have some tips on changing light bulbs in harbor breeze ceiling fans.


1. First and most importantly, be safe! Please ensure that the electricity is turned off at the main panel for electrical safety before changing a lightbulb.

2. If your fan still runs when you switch it on after the old bulb has been removed, you may need to tighten the switch outside of the canopy onto which the light fixture attaches.

This is important because if this switch isn’t securely fastened, the fan may continue to run even after the bulb has been replaced.

3. Some ceiling fans will have a chain that needs to be attached or removed for the light fixture to work properly, so ensure you know where the chain goes before switching it back on.

4. If your fan is in a room with dimmer switches, turn off the switch before changing the lightbulb.

5. If there are any glass parts (i.e., the glass globe or bell) on your ceiling fan, make sure these will not be dropped when you replace the light bulb; if they drop and shatter, it will be messy and potentially dangerous.

6. Purchase the same wattage light bulb originally used in your ceiling fan if possible; i.e., if you are using a 60-watt bulb, purchase another 60-watt bulb for replacement.

7. Make sure you handle the old bulb carefully before disposing of. Glass is fragile and can easily break if dropped or mishandled.

Also, be careful not to cut yourself when handling a light bulb with a broken glass globe, as this glass is sharp and dangerous.

Few Things to Consider When Choosing Light Bulb for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

1. Type of Bulb

Incandescent light bulbs often used in home lighting are not recommended. CFL or compact fluorescent lights are suggested instead for ceiling fans. They last much longer than incandescent lights and save much energy.


2. The Number of Bulbs Connected to the Ceiling Fan’s Circuit

It is wise to check the ceiling fan manual before adding any new lighting fixture. You might need an electrician if you are unsure what kind of lights work best with your fan.

If you want to add more light bulbs, make sure that they do not exceed the maximum wattage of the wiring circuit connected to your ceiling fan.

3. The Type of Fixture

Different ceiling fans have different fixtures and therefore require different light bulbs from each other. Make sure that if you are changing a bulb, it must be compatible with your particular fixture, or it will not fit.

4. Ease of Installation

Some new CFLs are screw-in compatible with ceiling fan fixtures, so replacing your old incandescent bulbs is simple.

If buying a new light bulb that you have never seen before, look at its packaging or ask for more information in the store about installation methods, compatibility, etc.

5. The Lighting Level

It is important to get the right type of light bulb for your ceiling fan to provide you with enough or just the right kind of lighting in a room. The color and type of light emitted from a bulb depend on the bulb’s color temperature.

Lighting levels are measured in lumens, and if you have dimmer switches in your house, it is advisable to buy LED or CFL bulbs with low wattages (i.e., less than 60 watts) since they do not produce glare but rather provide a warm glow of light.

6. Efficient Energy Rating

The higher the energy-efficient rating, the more it costs to run. LED bulbs are very energy efficient and last longer than other light bulbs. They also provide good lighting without creating too much heat.


Safety Precautions When Changing a Light Bulb

  1. Make sure that the power source is off by turning off the breaker in your home’s circuit breaker box.
  2. Use the correct wattage for your fixture.
  3. Wear protective gloves when replacing halogen bulbs and avoid skin contact as these bulbs get very hot.
  4. When handling broken glass bulbs or bases, be sure to use caution.
  5. Do not dispose of used lightbulbs; bring them to designated recycling centers or drop them off at any local hardware store for safe disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove the Light Cover on a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan?

If you have a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, you may need to remove the light cover in order to change the lightbulbs. The cover is held on by two screws and can be easily removed. Before you remove the cover, be sure to disconnect the electrical connection at the base of the light fixture.

Can You Change the Led Light on a Harbor Breeze Fan?

Yes, it is possible to change the light on a Harbor Breeze fan. To do so, you will need to unscrew the light bulb and replace it with a different type of bulb. Be sure to use a bulb that is approved for use in a Harbor Breeze fan – some types of bulbs are not compatible and may damage the fan or cause other problems. Once you have replaced the light bulb, screw the light back onto the fan and reattach the wires.

What Kind of Light Bulb Does a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Use?

A Harbor Breeze ceiling fan uses a light bulb that is typically used in indoor lamps and ceiling fans. These bulbs are designed to provide a high level of brightness and are often Energy Star qualified. They also have a long life span, so you will not need to replace them frequently.

Do Ceiling Fans Need Special Light Bulbs?

Ceiling fans need standard light bulbs, just like any other light fixture. However, because ceiling fans move a lot of air, they can create more dust and dirt than other types of lights, which may require a higher-wattage bulb to achieve the same level of illumination. Additionally, ceiling fans can generate more heat than other types of lights, which may necessitate the use of a hotter bulb to achieve the desired brightness.


Replacing a light bulb in a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is not as difficult as one might think. It can be done in just a few simple steps.

First, make sure the power to the fan is turned off at the breaker box. Second, remove the globe or shade from the fixture. Third, unscrew and remove the old light bulb.

Fourth, screw in a new light bulb and replace the globe or shade. Finally, turn on the power to the fan and check to make sure the light bulb is lit.

We hope this blog post was helpful to give you some guidelines on how to change light bulb in harbor breeze ceiling fan. If you have any questions or want to know more, then feel free to comment below!

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